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Words and phrases that almost rhyme with aggregate:   (243 results)

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3 syllables:
abdicate, cantillate, animate, jansenist, atavist, activate, candidate, akvavit, canescent, patinate, allocate, affricate, bassinet, adamant, palpitant, navigate, anapest, panelist, aquatint, fractionate, capsulate, catenate, agonist, validate, laminate, malfeasant, vaccinate, lapidate, antiquate, granulate, graduate, chalcocite, accumbent, catechist, agitate, castigate, aqueduct, abstinent, strangulate, abrogate, cantonment, battlefront, flatulent, annalist, animist, acclimate, analyst, masticate, bafflement, latinist, adjutant, amulet, manuscript, palpitate, antedate, adulate, masochist, rabbinate, amputate, tabulate, catapult, magistrate, cabinet, vacillate, vanadate, classicist, aliment, shamanist, astrogate, pragmatist, abnegate, manganate, battlement, calibrate, approbate, vacuolate, halibut, capitate, annulment, staminate, acaudate, adequate, fantasist, maculate, accident, anapaest, vacillant, annulate, maledict, flagellant, annotate, calculate, catalyst, salivate, ambulant, cancellate, fabulist, canonist, candlenut, paginate, flagellate, aggravate, abetment, crapulent, caliphate, passionate, fabricate, sphacelate, acetate, fascinate, alchemist, manumit, bandelet, activist, management, wagon-lit, advocate, calvinist, calamint, sacrament, aliquant, ambulate, annulet, have-not, lapidist, sagittate, adumbrate, bantamweight, jactitate, spatulate, tagasaste, travelgate, applemint, aquavit, snaffle bit

4 syllables:
eradicate, reactionist, compassionate, philatelist, encapsulate, reactivate, invaginate, coagulate, protagonist, triacetate, dilapidate, philanthropist, evangelist, abandonment, nationalist, inanimate, intransigent, congratulate, zooflagellate, postgraduate, exanimate, line management, abstractionist, tobacconist, inadequate, extrapolate, somnambulist, confabulate, emancipate, syllabicate, concatenate, palatinate, reanimate, perambulate, entanglement, assassinate, somnambulate, evacuant, decapitate, extravagant, triangulate, anatomist, procrastinate, inhabitant, permanganate, amalgamate, naturalist, miscalculate, antagonist, lead acetate, capacitate, recalculate, campanulate, contaminate, contaminant, judge advocate, desalinate, algebraist, dismantlement, file cabinet, romanticist, tool cabinet, us cabinet, absquatulate, delapidate, job candidate, noncandidate, reallocate, analogist

5 syllables:
psychoanalyst, anticatalyst, mineralogist, devil's advocate, filing cabinet, televangelist, dinoflagellate, biocatalyst, decontaminate, ethyl acetate, undergraduate, antiflatulent, british cabinet, china cabinet, circumambulate, decoagulant, disentanglement, fatal accident, holy sacrament, market analyst, superannuate, uncompassionate, oxalacetate, plantlike flagellate, tintinnabulate, sadomasochist

6 syllables:
cerebral aqueduct, oxaloacetate, cellulose acetate, anticoagulant, archidiaconate, atlantic halibut, industry analyst, medicine cabinet, pacific halibut

7 syllables:
polyvinyl acetate, intelligence analyst, united states cabinet

8 syllables:
inevitable accident

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