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Words and phrases that rhyme with splenic:   (352 results)

2 syllables:
-genic, benak, benecke, beneke, benic, bennick, brennecke, deneke, denike, dennoch, fenech, fennec, fennek, fennic, genic, henneke, hennick, henoch, jaenicke, krenek, krenik, penick, pennick, pennock, phenic, phrenic, renick, rennick, senac, sphenic, sthenic, vennick, when nick, zenick, c nic, enoch, enock, greenock, ina oc, scenic, sri nic, teennick, teen nick, wienecke, wieneke, zenik

3 syllables:
asplenic, asthenic, authentic, behenic, congenic, domenic, dysgenic, ethenic, eugenic, galenic, gerenuk, hellenic, karenic, komenic, mnemenic, myasthenic, naphthenic, parthenic, phocenic, ruthenic, sirenic, subphrenic, syngenic, syntenic, transgenic, trigenic, zoogenic, albinic, alphenic, auxenic, corbenic, delphinic, edenic, euphenic, haptenic, hyenic, hygienic, irenic, kachinic, proteinic, prutenic, selenic

4 syllables:
acrogenic, aerogenic, agnogenic, algogenic, allergenic, allogenic, amasthenic, amphisbaenic, androgenic, anogenic, antigenic, anxiogenic, atmogenic, authigenic, autogenic, biligenic, biogenic, bronchogenic, cacogenic, calisthenic, callisthenic, carpogenic, catogenic, chromogenic, clastogenic, clonogenic, collagenic, cosmogenic, crinogenic, cryogenic, cryptogenic, cytogenic, demogenic, demosthenic, diogenic, diphygenic, diplogenic, echogenic, ectrogenic, ecumenic, endogenic, ergogenic, erogenic, estrogenic, ethnogenic, exogenic, extragenic, florigenic, gastrogenic, gastrophrenic, gastrosplenic, gelogenic, glucogenic, glycogenic, goitrogenic, hebephrenic, homogenic, hydrogenic, hypersthenic, hypnogenic, hypogenic, hyposthenic, intergenic, intragenic, isogenic, ketogenic, knismogenic, lactogenic, linolenic, lipogenic, lymphogenic, lysogenic, megasthenic, metagenic, metasthenic, michelle jenneke, microsthenic, mitogenic, monogenic, morphogenic, multigenic, myogenic, necrogenic, nephrogenic, neurasthenic, neurogenic, nosogenic, oecumenic, oestrogenic, oncogenic, ontogenic, orogenic, orthogenic, otogenic, oxygenic, pan-hellenic, panhellenic, pantothenic, paragenic, pathogenic, pedogenic, peptogenic, perisplenic, phagedenic, philhellenic, phlogogenic, photogenic, phylogenic, phytogenic, plasmagenic, pleurogenic, polygenic, protogenic, psychasthenic, psychogenic, pyogenic, pyrogenic, pythogenic, renogenic, rhizogenic, saprogenic, saracenic, schizophrenic, sporogenic, telegenic, thermogenic, thrombogenic, thyrogenic, toxigenic, typhogenic, xanthogenic, xenogenic, zymogenic, ethylenic, gasolinic, inosinic, kynurenic, leucopenic, leukopenic, muscarinic, naphthalenic, neotenic, neutropenic, nicotinic, nonylenic, olivinic, oxyphenic, pyroxenic, pythocenic, thiophenic, unhygienic

5 syllables:
abiogenic, acidogenic, adaptogenic, adipogenic, aesthesiogenic, amylogenic, angiogenic, anisosthenic, anthropogenic, arrhythmogenic, atherogenic, audiogenic, bronchiogenic, calorigenic, cancerigenic, cancerogenic, carcinogenic, cardiogenic, cariogenic, comedogenic, criminogenic, crystallogenic, cyanogenic, deuterogenic, eclamptogenic, electrogenic, electrophrenic, embryogenic, emetogenic, entheogenic, epeirogenic, erotogenic, erythrogenic, fibrinogenic, gametogenic, gynecogenic, haematogenic, hematogenic, hepatogenic, heterogenic, hysterogenic, iatrogenic, icterogenic, immunogenic, jocelyn gourvennec, keratogenic, kinetogenic, leukemogenic, mediagenic, metallogenic, methanogenic, musculophrenic, myelogenic, neo-hellenic, non-allergenic, nonallergenic, nonpathogenic, obesogenic, odontogenic, oligophrenic, orexigenic, organogenic, osteogenic, parthenogenic, phanerogenic, phosphorogenic, physiogenic, progestogenic, pyretogenic, rachitogenic, radiogenic, reflexogenic, sociogenic, somatogenic, spermatogenic, steroidogenic, teratogenic, terebilenic, toxicogenic, tumorigenic, ulcerogenic, undecylenic, vitellogenic, volcanogenic, acetylenic, geoselenic, paraselenic

6 syllables:
acnegenic, agglutinogenic, anorexigenic, antiallergenic, bacteriogenic, cocarcinogenic, cytopathogenic, diabetogenic, epileptogenic, esthesiogenic, hallucinogenic, hypo-allergenic, hypoallergenic, indo-saracenic, isoantigenic, noncomedogenic, pancreatogenic, antimuscarinic, isonicotinic, thrombocytopenic

7 syllables:
antiangiogenic, anticarcinogenic, encephalitogenic, enteropathogenic, enterotoxigenic, pericardiophrenic

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (17 results)

2 syllables:
hemic, chemic, haemic

3 syllables:
endemic, systemic, polemic, pandemic, alchemic, anemic, anaemic, blastemic, uremic

4 syllables:
azotemic, academic, epistemic, epidemic, sarcolemmic

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