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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to jerboa:   (154 results)

Often used in the same context:
hyrax, griffon vulture, coati, guenon, kingbird, insectivore, tufted puffin, binturong, wolf spider, proboscis monkey, vervet monkey, caracara, gray jay, spotted hyena, whiptail, panthera pardus, lechwe, colobus monkey, brown creeper, striped hyena, legless lizard, bushbuck, mandrill, duiker, hawk moth, mynah, honey buzzard, canis lupus, skink, elephant shrew, guanacos, ovenbird, sparrow hawk, komodo dragon, garter snake, tadpole shrimp, auklet, horned lizard, vesper sparrow, hoary marmot, wart hog, auk, trogon, phalaropes, oriole, ibexes, babirusa, junco, arctic fox, bullfinches, caracal, spiny anteater, muntjac, bearded vulture, godwit, shrike, canid, crocodilian, sphinx moth, slender loris, titmouse, pipit, vulpes, theropod dinosaur, bufo, summer tanager, avians, lizard, tanager, saddleback, barnacle goose, dromedary, indri, bettong, honeyeater, bushbaby, gaboon viper, bulbuls, komodo, turnstones, myna, ptarmigans, whimbrel, hognose snake, furless, redwing, bee eater, gall wasp, willet, cebus, iguanodon, moray, rufus, cassowary, nile crocodile, addax, indigo snake, baleen whale, diamondback, wagtail, mammal, purple gallinule, antelopes, gazelle, geese, goose, grasshopper, acacia, antelope, bat, breed, camels, deer, fry, gazelles, gelding, gull, hares, heron, herons, ibis, leopard, albino, inbred, kangaroo, marsupial, outbred, pouched, adrenalectomized, anaesthetized, anesthetized, athymic, brindled, caged, castrated, commensal, dayold, def, deficient, diabetic, donor, drowned

More specific:
jaculus jaculus, typical jerboa

Appears in the definition of:
bettongia, conilurus, genus bettongia, genus conilurus, genus notomys, jaculus jaculus, notomys

More general:
gnawer, gnawing animal, rodent

Also try:
— Adjectives for jerboa: toed, egyptian, little, great, arabian, elegant, lesser, small, young, large, timid, more...

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