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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to compounds:   (276 results)

Often used in the same context:
molecules, peptides, glycolipids, heterocyclic, porphyrins, moieties, bile acid, formulations, glycoside, alkaloids, enzymes, pyrimidines, terpenes, cannabinoid, carbonyls, proteins, benzimidazole, quinoline, isothiocyanate, amides, analogs, conjugates, mecamylamine, proteases, agonists, taxol, chemicals, peroxidase, solubility, ubiquinone, saponins, cytotoxin, triphosphate, luteolin, disulfide, pyrophosphate, isomers, siloxanes, anticancer, betulin, polysaccharides, receptors, mixtures, naturally occurring, clioquinol, proteinase, antimycin, actinide, racemate, aluminum hydroxide, zeolites, limonene, halides, nicotinic, antibodies, hesperidin, xylan, thiourea, borane, ferrocene, acetylcholinesterase, liposomes, lipids, piperine, polyphenol, antisense, polymers, organophosphorus, divalent, pectins, indoles, diol, hydrides, inhibitors, thiols, bilayers, catechin, antitumour, residues, adducts, estrogenic, substances, chemistries, isoprene, elastase, hydroxide, azadirachtin, adsorbents, oxidizing agent, gingerol, cysteine, phospholipid, salicylates, cyclization, glycyrrhizin, superoxide anion, therapeutics, peroxides, sensitizers, purine, xanthine, fullerenes, compound, amines, analytes, aldehydes, chlorides, hydrocarbons, metabolites, monomers, derivatives, organics, contaminants, impurities, ketones, ligands, oxides

Appears in the definition of:
., acetamide, acetone body, acetylate, acid, acid anhydrides, acid halide, acyl anhydrides, acyl halide, alcohol, aldehyde, alkali, aminic, amino, aminoalkanoic acid, aminoplast, amino acid, amino plastic, amino resin, ammonium carbonate, anhydride, antiknock, argentic, argentous, aromatic compound, aromatic hydrocarbon, arsenic, arsenious, as, atomic number 11, atomic number 33, atomic number 6, atomic number 66, atomic number 67, autophytic, autotrophic, baryta, base, benzene, benzine, benzol, benzoquinone, biochemistry, bitter principle, blistering agent, bosomed, breasted, calcium-cyanamide, carbon, carbon tetrahalide, caustic soda, chloramine, chloramine-t, chlorination, chlorobenzene, chrome yellow, citric acid cycle, coal tar, combining form, conjugate, conjugated, cyanamide, cyanide, cytophotometer, cytophotometry, de-iodination, decalcify, dichloroethyl sulfide, dorothy hodgkin, dorothy mary crowfoot hodgkin, double decomposition, double decomposition reaction, double replacement reaction, dy, dysprosium, enantiomer, enantiomorph, ethanamide, ether, family thiobacteriaceae, fat metabolism, glycoside, halocarbon, haloform, heterotrophic, ho, hodgkin, holmium, hydrocyanic acid, hydrolysis, hydroxyl, hydroxyl group, hydroxyl radical, imide, inorganic, inorganically, inorganic chemistry, iodination, isothiocyanate, ketone, ketone body, krebs citric acid cycle, krebs cycle, macromolecular, mao, metathesis, molybdenite, monoamine oxidase, mustard agent, mustard gas, na, nitrification, nitril, nitrile, nitrobacterium, organic, organically, organic chemistry, organophosphate nerve agent, ozonide, peptone, phenol, phospholipid, photosynthesis, phylum pyrrophyta, polyunsaturated, polyvinyl resin, proenzyme, protein, prussic acid, pyrimidine, pyrrophyta, quinone, robert burns woodward, saturated, silicide, siloxane, sodium, sodium hydroxide, steroid, sulfa, sulfa drug, sulfonamide, sulfur mustard, sulpha, synthesis, thence, thiobacteriaceae, thyroid hormone, triazine, tricarboxylic acid cycle, unstable, vinyl polymer, vinyl resin, water of crystallisation, water of crystallization, water of hydration, woodward, zymogen

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