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bombings, assaults, blasts, suicide bombing, terror, raids, incursions, assassinations, incidents, massacres, onslaughts, atrocity, ambushes, offensives, kidnappings, threats, shootings, invasions, rampages, strikes, outrages, hijacking, bombers, bloodshed, violence, carnage, terrorists, explosions, attackers, reprisals, murders, clashes, extremists, intrusions, provocations, outbreaks, bombardment, bomb blast, defacements, suicide, airstrike, aggressions, counterstrike, militants, skirmishes, smears, killing, plotters, uss cole, robberies, retaliation, deaths, rapes, insurgent, hijackers, crackdown, pogrom, bloodbath, executions, barrages, crimes, slashings, confrontations, outbursts, fedayeen, protests, heists, savagery, uprisings, crashes, firebomb, hostilities, brutalities, psyop, casualties, prosecutions, hoaxes, siege, sabotage, insurgency, tirades, tragedies, slurs, mortaring, riots, lebanese hizballah, intifadah, disasters, qaida, counterattack, infiltration, depredations, insults, counterterrorism, civilians, clampdown, counteroffensive, guerrilla, defacers, arrests, sobig, purges, attack, counterattacks, bombardments, mutinies, revolts, reverses, assault, defeats

Appears in the definition of:
absence, abu nidal organization, ace inhibitor, acheta assimilis, adams-stokes syndrome, aggressor, aksa martyrs brigades, al-aksa martyrs brigades, angina, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, ano, arab revolutionary brigades, assailant, assaulter, atrioventricular block, attack, attacker, backbiter, backhanded, biodefence, biodefense, biological defence, biological defense, black september, blistering agent, blocadren, bootboys, bunker mentality, chemical defence, chemical defense, chlorthalidone, chukaku-ha, citrus whitefly, clopidogrel bisulfate, combust, ctenocephalides canis, defamer, deforest, demurrer, dialeurodes citri, dichloroethyl sulfide, dog flea, egtk, enalapril, fatah-rc, fatah revolutionary council, field cricket, flnc, francois rabelais, genital herpes, harassment, heart block, herpes genitalis, homeland security, hygroton, iz al-din al-qassam battalions, jabat al-tahrir al-filistiniyyah, john wilkes, libeler, lilith, lisinopril, maligner, marauder, martyrs of al-aqsa, mek, mko, molestation, mujahidin-e khalq organization, mustard agent, mustard gas, national liberation front of corsica, nifedipine, office of homeland security, orange group, ov, palestine liberation front, panic disorder, paroxysmal, people's mujahidin of iran, periodontal disease, periodontitis, petit mal epilepsy, pflp-gc, pine spittlebug, piranha, plavix, plf, popular front for the liberation of palestine-general command, popular struggle front, pravachol, pravastatin, predator, prinivil, procardia, prociphilus tessellatus, psf, puccinia graminis, qassam brigades, rabelais, redoubled, red hand defenders, reflex epilepsy, revolutionary organization of socialist muslims, revolutionary people's liberation front, revolutionary people's liberation party, revolutionary united front, rhd, ruf, salah al-din battalions, saprolegnia ferax, simvastatin, skinheads, slanderer, slave-maker, slave-making ant, sleeper nest, spider mite, stash house, status epilepticus, stokes-adams syndrome, sulfur mustard, suspect, tetranychid, thalidone, timolol, torpedo boat, traducer, tupac katari guerrilla army, vasotec, vilifier, vulture, wheat rust, white fungus, wilding, wilkes, woolly alder aphid, zestril, zocor

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— Adjectives for attacks: terrorist, such, acute, severe, violent, personal, several, recurrent, frequent, further, counter, more...

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