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Common multi-word phrases that nearly rhyme with regular:

3 syllables:
aaron burr,
air cover,
air duster,
air hunger,
air scrubber,
air under,
bear hunter,
beckoned her,
belgians were,
bell number,
bench under,
bent under,
ben butler,
ben hunter,
blessed mother,
cell culture,
cell number,
cell structure,
centum per,
chemists were,
cheryl praeger,
clair obscur,
dead brother,
dead color,
dead mother,
dead rubber,
deaf culture,
deaths occur,
death under,
dense cover,
dresses were,
ec number,
edge cover,
edge runner,
ed lover,
egg cluster,
ended her,
engines were,
entstehung der,
era were,
fair number,
fell under,
fences were,
flesh color,
flesh colour,
french cruller,
french culture,
french sculptor,
fresh butter,
get other,
get under,
grenzen der,
hair color,
hair colour,
head buster,
head crusher,
head humper,
head hunter,
head under,
held under,
helmets were,
help other,
hex number,
jeff zucker,
jet cutter,
kept under,
knödel number,
lead color,
leben der,
left under,
left upper,
leg cutter,
leg ulcer,
leg upper,
lehrbuch der,
lends color,
lends colour,
lend color,
lend colour,
lent color,
lessons were,
let other,
levels were,
level were,
lex luthor,
medals were,
mell supper,
melt butter,
mel hunter,
memoire sur,
mentioned her,
mentioned were,
mention her,
men prefer,
men under,
metals were,
methods were,
method were,
m number,
neben der,
net culture,
next number,
next summer,
para ser,
parents were,
peasants were,
pellets were,
pell number,
pensions were,
present her,
present were,
quellen zur,
questioned her,
questions were,
question her,
question were,
rebels were,
red color,
red colour,
red duster,
red rubber,
red runner,
red thunder,
reg butler,
rested her,
rhett butler,
said monsieur,
said mother,
said under,
seconds per,
second per,
sections were,
section were,
segments were,
self color,
self colour,
self cover,
self culture,
self number,
self sucker,
sessions per,
sessions were,
set number,
seven per,
seven were,
several were,
sexes were,
shared culture,
shell structure,
slept under,
spectra were,
square number,
stellung der,
step brother,
step mother,
stress buster,
stretch runner,
swept under,
s number,
tariffs were,
temples were,
tenants were,
tensions were,
ten other,
texans were,
text color,
their brother,
their color,
their colour,
their culture,
their hunger,
their mother,
their number,
their other,
their plunder,
their structure,
their summer,
their supper,
their upper,
their younger,
them other,
them under,
then cover,
then other,
then under,
there other,
there under,
threaded her,
thread cutter,
threatened her,
vessels were,
weapons were,
wear rubber,
wegen der,
welcomed her,
welcome her,
welles sumner,
well under,
went under,
when mother,
when other,
when under,
where other,
wreck cover,
yet other,
aged mother,
aged under,
agents were,
ages were,
age structure,
ancients were,
angels were,
asians were,
asia were,
ate supper,
bases were,
base cluster,
base jumper,
base number,
bates number,
blade runner,
blake number,
blame culture,
brain buster,
brain structure,
brain truster,
brake rubber,
breaks cover,
cables were,
cake number,
came under,
canaan fir,
cane cutter,
cases per,
cases were,
case number,
case under,
chafed under,
chain structure,
changed color,
changed colour,
changes were,
change color,
change colour,
change under,
claimants were,
claims under,
claim under,
cradled her,
craigs brother,
craig tucker,
data were,
days under,
day under,
eighth wonder,
eight other,
faces were,
face cover,
face hugger,
flame color,
framed under,
frame structure,
game hunter,
gauges were,
gave color,
gave colour,
gay culture,
grain structure,
gray color,
gray number,
gray plover,
great hunger,
great hunter,
great lover,
great number,
grey colour,
grey plover,
hated her,
hate monger,
hay cutter,
hey brother,
h number,
james bulger,
james butler,
james glover,
james rucker,
james sumner,
james ussher,
jane tucker,
jay cutler,
j number,
kate tucker,
lake butler,
lake malar,
late comer,
late summer,
late supper,
laymen were,
lay brother,
lay rubber,
lay under,
made other,
made under,
mail cover,
main structure,
make other,
male lover,
masons were,
may confer,
may cover,
may occur,
may prefer,
may refer,
may rupture,
may suffer,
may wonder,
named color,
names refer,
name under,
nations were,
nation were,
pages per,
pages were,
paid under,
patients were,
patrons were,
payments per,
payments were,
payment per,
phases were,
placed under,
places her,
places were,
place under,
praises her,
quail hunter,
races were,
racial slur,
rain gutter,
raises her,
rates under,
rate structure,
rate under,
rave culture,
rayleigh number,
raymond burr,
ray structure,
re cover,
re occur,
sailed under,
sail under,
same buffer,
same cluster,
same color,
same colour,
same culture,
same number,
same structure,
same under,
shade number,
shade under,
shake culture,
shaped structure,
shea butter,
skate sucker,
slate color,
slave culture,
slave mother,
spaces were,
space under,
spray cover,
stables were,
stages were,
stage mother,
statements were,
states under,
state structure,
state under,
stations were,
straightened her,
straighten her,
tables were,
table were,
tail gunner,
tail rudder,
taken her,
takes cover,
take cover,
take other,
tales runner,
they cover,
they occur,
they prefer,
they refer,
they suffer,
they wonder,
trade under,
vases were,
wages per,
wages were,
wage structure,
waved umber,
wave clutter,
wayne wonder,
way other,
way under,
weyl spinor,
whale hunter,
whale sucker

4 syllables:
affected her,
affect other,
against hunger,
against other,
again under,
amendments were,
amen brother,
appellants were,
assessed under,
assessments were,
attendants were,
attentions were,
collections were,
commenced under,
concessions were,
confessions were,
connections were,
contestants were,
conventions were,
convention were,
corrections were,
correct number,
credentials were,
defendants were,
defenses were,
develop her,
dimensions were,
directed her,
directions were,
direction were,
effects occur,
effect under,
elections were,
election were,
eleven per,
embarrass her,
enveloped her,
events occur,
event cover,
exceptions were,
except under,
exempt under,
expected her,
expenses per,
expenses were,
expresses her,
expressions were,
express color,
extended her,
himself under,
immense number,
impressions were,
infect other,
injections were,
inspections were,
intentions were,
inventions were,
investments were,
investment per,
itself under,
lieutenants were,
objections were,
offended her,
offense under,
perfect number,
possessions were,
prepared under,
presented her,
processions were,
protected her,
rebellions were,
refreshments were,
regressions were,
resembled her,
resented her,
subject under,
successes were,
suggestions were,
suspensions were,
themselves under,
tibetans were,
unless other,
unwed mother,
utensils were,
arranged under,
arrangements were,
assailants were,
australians were,
awaited her,
awakened her,
awaken her,
away under,
blockade runner,
brigade under,
cafe culture,
campaign cover,
complaint under,
contain other,
detailed structure,
detained under,
domain structure,
donations were,
enabled her,
enable her,
engagements were,
equations were,
estate under,
exchanges were,
foundations were,
locations were,
maintained under,
obtained under,
persuaded her,
plantations were,
reagents were,
reclaimed rubber,
relations were,
remained under,
remains under,
remain under,
replacements were,
translations were,
vibrations per

5 syllables:
apprehensions were,
gabriele munter,
independence were,
independents were,
interventions were,
martorells ulcer,
romanesque sculpture,
accusations were,
allegations were,
allocations were,
alterations were,
applications were,
calculations were,
celebrations were,
computations were,
concentrations were,
congregations were,
consultations were,
conversations were,
corporations were,
corporation were,
correlations were,
decorations were,
delegations were,
demonstrations were,
dibucaine number,
education were,
entertainments were,
excavations were,
expectations were,
explanations were,
galilei number,
generation were,
illustrations were,
implications were,
information were,
innovations were,
installations were,
invitations were,
legislation were,
limitations were,
nominations were,
obligations were,
observations sur,
observations were,
occupations were,
operations per,
operations were,
operation were,
populations were,
population per,
population were,
preparations were,
proclamations were,
publications were,
regulations were,
reputations were,
revelations were,
separations were,
simulations were,
situations were,
situation were,
variations were

6 syllables:
jeremy wariner,
superintendents were,
accommodations were,
administrations were,
administration were,
associations were,
association were,
communications were,
communication were,
considerations sur,
considerations were,
deliberations were,
denominations were,
determinations were,
disintegrations per,
examinations were,
fortifications were,
investigations were,
investigation were,
modifications were,
negotiations were,
organisations were,
organisation der,
organizations were,
organization were,
qualifications were,
recommendations were

7 syllables:
identifications were

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