Words and phrases that rhyme with pocket comb:   (408 results)

1 syllable:
-chrome, -drome, -stome, -tome, bloem, blohm, blome, boehm, boehme, bohme, brome, choam, chrom-, chrome, combe, croem, crome, dohme, dome, drome, foam, frome, gloam, glome, gno/me, gnome, holm, home, khoum, kolm, krome, lhomme, loam, noam, nome, oehme, ohm, phloem, proem, prome, rhome, roam, roehm, rohm, rolm, rome, schaum, show-me, sloam, sohm, stome, stroam, strohm, strome, thome, tome

2 syllables:
afoam, ahome, airdrome, arome, at-home, atome, beachcomb, begohm, bichrome, biome, caulome, cydrome, defoam, dishhome, distome, down-home, dystome, ehome, endome, exome, fayoum, genome, ghuloum, glaucome, goldome, guillaume, gunstome, hardhome, ifoam, in-home, ithome, jacome, janome, jerome, jerrome, kinome, lagom, lancome, leptome, loukoum, mccolm, mccomb, megohm, microhm, mitome, nichrome, nitrome, noisome, phyllome, prodrome, protome, radome, rehome, rest-home, rhabdome, rhizome, santhome, sarcome, scotome, seadrome, seaholm, shalom, siloam, sindrome, sinthome, skydome, socome, sundome, sundrome, syndrom, syndrome, take-home, tenome, townhome, trichome, trichrome, tymcom-x, vendome, yugyeom, zymome

3 syllables:
abinoam, acrodrome, acrosome, aerodrom, aerodrome, ahinoam, ai-khanoum, allosome, ambisome, amphinome, amphistome, antifoam, antinome, aposome, apotome, arthrotome, astrodome, autodrome, autosome, auxochrome, avshalom, baenosome, bio-dome, biochrome, bioptome, biostrome, brachycome, brachydome, bronchotome, brontozoum, bryozoum, carcinome, cardamome, catacomb, catacombe, catadrome, centrosome, cholochrome, chromosome, cibachrome, cirsotome, clinodome, cobalt-chrome, condylome, connectome, cosmodrome, costotome, cryptochrome, curry-comb, currycomb, cyclostome, cystotome, cytochrome, cytosome, cytostome, daunoxome, dermatome, desmosome, diplosome, double-dome, douglas-home, echochrome, eduroam, ektachrome, endochrome, endosome, endostome, episome, epistome, eurynome, exostome, fargodome, ferrichrome, ferrochrome, fluorochrome, framatome, gelredome, geodome, geofoam, gigaohm, gizmodrome, gnathostome, gonosome, haemachrome, haemochrome, hallidome, harmotome, harvest-home, hemachrome, hemochrome, hippodrome, histotome, holostome, honeycomb, hydrosome, hypostome, ilfochrome, indihome, interdome, isodrome, keratome, kodachrome, lampadrome, leucotome, lincicome, lipochrome, liposome, lithodome, lithotome, loxodrome, lysosome, macrodome, macrotome, mammotome, meatotome, mecachrome, meerschaum, megaohm, megastome, menopome, merosome, mesosome, metastome, metrochrome, metrodome, metronome, metrotome, microfoam, microtome, milliohm, minatome, mitosome, monochrom, monochrome, monosome, monostome, motordrome, motorhome, my-otome, myochrome, myotome, nephrostome, nephrotome, neurotome, nvhome, openfoam, orthodome, osmazome, otozoum, palindrome, pan-genome, pentastome, peridrome, peristome, phagosome, photochrome, photodrome, phragmosome, phycochrome, phyllostome, phytochrome, pinosome, plasmosome, pneumostome, polychrome, polyfoam, polynom, polystome, proteome, protophloem, protostome, pseudophloem, pyrosome, rachitome, rhinopome, rhizostome, ribosome, sarcosome, schistosome, sclerotome, semidome, shiodome, silverdome, somatome, spherosome, stay-at-home, stenostome, stichochrome, styrofoam, superdome, tenotome, thunderdome, tichodrome, toxidrome, transcriptome, trophosome, tumblehome, ubiome, urochrome, urosome, velodrome, vistadome, x-chromosome, xxy-syndrome

4 syllables:
25b-nbome, 25i-nbome, abishalom, actinostome, adrenochrome, adventuredome, alamodome, amniotome, cephalotome, chondriosome, chromatosome, craniotome, deuterostome, dictyosome, elaiosome, electrotome, enterotome, epigenome, euchromosome, fistulatome, heliochrome, hematochrome, herniotome, informosome, interactome, karyomitome, kinetosome, laryngotome, mercurachrome, mercurochrome, metabolome, metallochrome, nucleosome, opisthodome, osteotome, paramitome, pharyngotome, plagiostome, proteosome, rachiotome, siphonostome, spliceosome, stereochrome, synaptosome, syringotome, teleostome, tonsillotome, tonsilotome, tracheotome, trypanosome, urethrotome, uvulatome, valvulotome, videodrome, y-chromosome, yurikamome

5 syllables:
autophagosome, cytolysosome, hemidesmosome, isochromosome, jehovah-shalom, microkeratome, minichromosome, phagolysosome, polyribosome, ultramicrotome

6 syllables:

7 syllables:

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