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Definitions of of:
  • verb:   (usually in modal perfect constructions) Eye dialect spelling of have or ’ve, chiefly in depictions of colloquial speech.
  • noun:   Initialism of Old French. [The French language as spoken or written from the 9th to the early 14th century.]
  • noun:   Initialism of Old Frisian. [a West Germanic language spoken on parts of the North Sea coast of modern Netherlands and Germany until the 16th century]
  • noun:   (Internet) Abbreviation of OnlyFans.
  • noun:   (Roman Catholicism) Initialism of Ordinary Form. [(Roman Catholicism) The version of the Roman Rite introduced after the Second Vatican Council, usually celebrated in the vernacular.]
  • noun:   (baseball) Abbreviation of outfield. [(baseball, softball) The region of the field between the infield and the outer fence.]
  • noun:   (baseball) Abbreviation of outfielder. [(cricket, baseball) A player that plays in the outfield, which is the outer portion of the field.]

(Definitions from Wiktionary)

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