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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

bade, bayed, cade, dade, fade, fayed, gade, hade, haid, heyd, heyde, jade, kade, lade, laid, mabe, mace, mad, madd, mae's, maes, maid's, maids, mail, maile, mailed, maille, maim, maimed, main, maine, mais, maize, make, male, mame, mane, maned, mase, mate, mathe, maud, maude, mave, may's, mayes, mayle, mayme, mayne, mayr, mays, mays', mayse, maze, mead, meade, med, meyn, mid, moad, mod, mode, moede, mood, mowed, mud, mudd, paid, raid, rayed, schade, shade, they'd, wade, waid, waide, weighed, zaid, made, mayde

arrayed, mader, madey, mady, maida, maidie, maier, maio, mayda, mayday, mayeaux, mayer, mayher, mayo, mayor, meda, meyo

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