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Words and phrases that rhyme with lope:   (438 results)

1 syllable:
-scope, -trope, chope, clope, cope, crope, dope, groep, grope, hope, hopeh, j-hope, knope, koep, koepp, koeppe, kope, kscope, mope, nope, pope, prope, rope, schoepe, schoepf, schoepp, scope, scrope, shope, slope, snoep, soap, sope, stoep, stope, stowp, strope, swope, tope, trope

2 syllables:
agrope, argiope, arrope, ascope, aslope, bar soap, bath soap, bellrope, boltrope, breastrope, canope, commscope, downslope, dragrope, elope, eythrope, face soap, fairhope, foldscope, footrope, freeotp, g.o.p, galope, glass-rope, glide slope, green soap, gsoep, guy rope, hagop, headrope, highscope, jump-rope, jump rope, malope, manrope, merope, metope, myope, n.o.p, nightscope, o-scope, outlope, pneoscope, ridge rope, sandsoap, skip rope, soft-soap, softsoap, soft soap, stauroscope, sterope, t-scope, t.o.p, tightrope, top-rope, towrope, unrope, upslope, worldscope, zoetrope

3 syllables:
aeroscope, agretope, allotope, allotrope, altiscope, amblyope, anoscope, antelope, anti-pope, antilope, antitrope, antroscope, apocope, arthroscope, astroscope, auriscope, auroscope, baroscope, bioscope, biotope, bluescope, borescope, bronchoscope, caliope, cantalope, cantaloup, cantaloupe, cantelope, celoscope, chromascope, chromatrope, chromotrope, chronoscope, chronotope, clinoscope, coloscope, colposcope, coniscope, conoscope, cryoscope, culdoscope, cycloscope, cymoscope, cystoscope, debuscope, diacope, diascope, dichroscope, docu-soap, docusoap, echoscope, emmetrope, endoscope, engiscope, envelope, epitope, epitrope, escalope, ethiop, ethiope, fetoscope, fiberscope, fibrescope, fluoroscope, foetoscope, forlorn hope, funduscope, gasoscope, gastroscope, graphiscope, graphoscope, gyroscope, haemoscope, haloscope, haploscope, hemitrope, hodoscope, horoscope, hydroscope, hydrotrope, hygroscope, hyperope, hypnoscope, inotrope, interlope, interscope, invert soap, iriscope, isentrope, isotope, izotope, jackalope, kinescope, koniscope, kymoscope, lactoscope, laparoscope, laserscope, leather soap, leucoscope, liquid soap, lithoscope, logiscope, lycanthrope, lychnoscope, manoscope, marketscope, meatoscope, megascope, metroscope, microscope, mirrorscope, misanthrope, monoscope, monotrope, mutoscope, myoscope, nasoscope, necroscope, nephoscope, nephroscope, niloscope, nyctalope, orthoscope, otoscope, pantascope, paratope, partenope, parthenope, pelviscope, pericope, periscope, phacoscope, phakoscope, phalarope, phantascope, phonoscope, photoscope, platetrope, polyscope, polytope, presbyope, proctoscope, protanope, pseudoscope, pyroscope, radarscope, rectoscope, reotrope, rheoscope, rheotrope, rhinoscope, ridgerope, riflescope, rising slope, rope-a-dope, rotascope, rotoscope, s.o.p, saddle soap, scleroscope, scotoscope, seismoscope, sematrope, shaving soap, skiascope, skipping-rope, skipping rope, sniperscope, snooperscope, somascope, spectroscope, sphygmoscope, spiroscope, stanford-le-hope, statoscope, stethescope, stethoscope, stroboscope, synanthrope, synchroscope, tachyscope, techniscope, teinoscope, telescope, thaumatrope, thermoscope, the new pope, the young pope, toilet soap, toposcope, towing rope, tritanope, v.s.o.p, vectorscope, veriscope, vibroscope, vitascope, volumescope, zograscope, zymoscope

4 syllables:
aethrioscope, alethoscope, amblyoscope, amnioscope, anemoscope, angioscope, anisotrope, anorthoscope, azeotrope, cape of good hope, cardioscope, chromatoscope, cinemascope, colonoscope, cyclonoscope, deuteranope, dichroiscope, dipleidoscope, ebullioscope, electroscope, enorthotrope, futuroscope, galactoscope, galvanoscope, goat-antelope, goat antelope, gonadotrope, gonioscope, haematoscope, hagioscope, helioscope, heliotrope, hypermetrope, hysteroscope, iconoscope, idiotope, kaleidoscope, keratoscope, kinetoscope, larungoscope, laryngoscope, light microscope, melanoscope, myrioscope, odontoscope, opeidoscope, ophthalmoscope, ophthalmotrope, opthalmoscope, oscilloscope, osteocope, otheoscope, ozonoscope, panendoscope, pay envelope, phantasmascope, pharyngoscope, phoneidoscope, phonendoscope, phosphoroscope, pithecanthrope, pluvioscope, polariscope, polemoscope, praxinoscope, radioscope, resectoscope, retinoscope, roentgenoscope, schmidt telescope, scintillascope, scintilloscope, sideroscope, sigmoidoscope, spinthariscope, stereoscope, stomatoscope, synchronoscope, tachistoscope, telengiscope, therianthrope, thoracoscope, trichinoscope, urethroscope, videoscope

5 syllables:
aerobioscope, anaglyphoscope, anamorphoscope, anomaloscope, biomicroscope, ceraunoscope, compound microscope, continental slope, diaphanoscope, epidiascope, esophagoscope, floral envelope, harnessed antelope, megalethoscope, meteoroscope, microspectroscope, oesophagoscope, parallelotope, periodoscope, phenakistiscope, phenakistoscope, phototelescope, pronghorn antelope, sable antelope, simple microscope, solar telescope, telegraphoscope, telelectroscope, telespectroscope, ultramicroscope, window envelope, zoopraxiscope

6 syllables:
electron microscope, garden heliotrope, hubble space telescope, james webb space telescope, mediastinoscope, optical telescope, radio-telescope, radioisotope, radio telescope, reflecting telescope, spectrohelioscope, stereomonoscope, telepolariscope, telestereoscope, winter heliotrope

7 syllables:
american antelope, galilean telescope, gregorian telescope, newtonian telescope

8 syllables:
astronomical telescope

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (25 results)

1 syllable:
globe, lobe, robe, probe, strobe

2 syllables:
space probe, saprobe, enrobe, disrobe, aerobe, earlobe, night-robe

3 syllables:
frontal lobe, anglophobe, francophobe, judge's robe, katharobe, lounging robe

4 syllables:
celestial globe, temporal lobe, hepatic lobe

5 syllables:
parietal lobe, occipital lobe, academic robe

7 syllables:
ecclesiastical robe

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