Words and phrases that rhyme with goof-off:   (542 results)

1 syllable:
boff, cloff, coffe, coif, cough, croff, doff, feoff, goff, goffe, gough, graaf, groff, haaf, hauf, hauff, hof, hoff, joffe, kloffe, knauf, knauff, knoff, knopf, koff, lauf, ma fh, mof, ncaaf, nroff, off, poff, prof., pskov, pss sof, quaff, quoif, raphe, roff, roffe, scafe, schaaf, schoff, schroff, scoff, shoff, shroff, skoff, snoff, staaf, stauff, stoff, taaffe, taufe, toff, troff, trough, waffe

2 syllables:
afsof, aikoff, asaf, ashraf, backoff, back off, bake-off, baraff, bear off, bedaff, beg off, beloff, bind off, bite off, blast-off, blastoff, blast off, block off, blow-off, blow off, bogof, bohnhoff, boil-off, bound off, break-off, break off, bring off, brockhoff, brush-off, brushoff, brush off, bump off, burn off, buy off, buzz off, call off, cap off, cart off, cast-off, castoff, cast off, cebaf, centaf, charge-off, checkoff, check off, chip off, choke off, chop off, christophe, clear off, click off, clock off, close off, come off, cook-off, cool off, count off, cream off, cross off, cut-off, cutoff, cut off, dance-off, dash off, day off, die-off, die off, dodaf, dolloff, dope off, dosaaf, doze off, draw off, drift off, drive-off, drive off, drop-off, dropoff, drop off, duboff, dust-off, ease off, eavestrough, eckhoff, eickhoff, face-off, faceoff, face off, fall-off, falloff, fall off, far-off, fend off, fight off, first off, flake off, fling off, flow off, fob off, foist off, freeze off, friedhoff, fruehauf, fuckoff, geldof, get off, give off, go off, gprof, hand-off, handoff, hands-off, hard-off, haul off, head off, herauf, hold off, holzstoff, imhoff, in-off, infeoff, inhofe, jackoff, jack off, jerk-off, jerk off, jump-off, jumpoff, jump off, karkov, keep off, khrushchev, kick-off, kickoff, kick off, kill off, kiss-off, knock-off, knockoff, knock off, kohlhoff, krushchev, kunststoff, lagnaf, laid-off, laugh off, lay-off, layoff, lay off, lead-off, leadoff, lead off, leave off, left-off, lenhoff, let-off, let off, lift-off, liftoff, lift off, lihaaf, linhof, lip off, live off, log-off, log off, loose off, lopped off, lop off, luftwaffe, luzhkov, madoff, mansaf, markoff, markov, mark off, mcgoff, melt off, mid-off, minkoff, mobssl-uaf, mouth off, mus'haf, musaf, najaf, nasaf, nataf, neuhoff, nip off, nod off, nordoff, oglaf, olthoff, on-off, one-off, pair off, palm off, pan off, pass off, pay-off, payoff, pay off, peel off, pentrough, pick-off, pickoff, pick off, pilaf, piss off, play-off, playoff, popoff, pop off, potthoff, pull-off, pull off, put-off, puthoff, putoff, put off, rake-off, rake off, rakoff, reel off, ride off, rinse off, rip-off, ripoff, rip off, roar off, rockoff, rocof, roll-off, rolloff, roll off, rope off, round-off, round off, rub-off, ruboff, rub off, rudolf, run-off, runoff, run off, rush off, rykoff, saathoff, sadaf, sadoff, satloff, sawed-off, sawn-off, scare off, schoenhof, screen off, seal off, sell-off, selloff, sell off, send-off, send off, set-off, setaf, set off, shade off, shake off, shernoff, shicoff, shoo off, shove off, show-off, show off, shut-off, shutoff, shut off, sign-off, sign off, skim off, slack off, sleep off, slip off, snap off, sneak off, snip off, sound off, spark off, spiel off, spin-off, spinoff, spin off, split-off, sponge off, square off, stand-off, standoff, start-off, stave off, steinhoff, step-off, stop-off, strike off, swear off, sweat off, sweep off, switch off, tail-off, take-off, takeoff, take off, tap-off, tarnoff, tawaf, tear-off, tear off, teeoff, tee off, tell off, throw-off, throw off, tick off, time off, tip-off, tipoff, tip off, titov, top off, toss off, touch off, trade-off, tradeoff, turn-off, turnoff, turn off, uphoff, walk-off, walkoff, walk off, ward off, wash-off, wave-off, wave off, wear off, well-off, wemhoff, westhoff, whisk off, wiglaf, wind off, wipe off, write-off, write off, yaakov, yakov

3 syllables:
alan schaaf, asoiaf, auction off, averof, bauernhof, bbiaf, benninghoff, better-off, breaking off, brinckerhoff, brinkerhoff, bugger off, bulgakov, bully-off, bully off, cargonoff, carry off, cerenkov, chebrikov, cherenkov, closing off, coco gauff, cooling-off, cordon off, curtain off, cutting off, damping-off, damping off, drawing off, evanoff, even off, falling-off, falling off, federoff, finish off, firing off, frighten off, goofing off, gorbachev, gorchakov, have it off, hoelterhoff, jacking off, jean-christophe, jerking off, khlebnikov, kneading-trough, kolokoff, leading off, lermontov, level off, lubinov, maslyukov, masyaf, mazeltov, metacafe, metchnikoff, metchnikov, molotov, musharraf, nabokov, neogaf, on and off, osterhoff, panzerwaffe, partner off, patricof, pension off, pissed-off, polish off, poznikov, raffle off, rattle off, ribicoff, roll-on/roll-off, romanoff, romanov, rybakov, saratov, sauerstoff, selikoff, sending-off, shepseskaf, siphon off, slacken off, sloping trough, spirit off, stroganoff, take time off, taking-off, taper off, tartikoff, tegethoff, telling-off, theosoph, ticked-off, ticking-off, tiger shroff, trigger off, usaaf, vanderhoff, vanderschaaf, wasserstoff, westerhoff, whooping cough, wunderwaffe, zuganov

4 syllables:
baryshnikov, beef stroganoff, cecilienhof, heterotroph, kafelnikov, kalashnikov, katee sackhoff, partitioned off, partition off, raskolnikov, separate off, shoot one's mouth off, tapering off, volksgerichtshof

5 syllables:
escape from tarkov, rinat akhmetov

6 syllables:
chemoheterotroph, ferris bueller's day off, kliment kolesnikov, nahverteidigungswaffe, photoheterotroph, the great british bake off

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2 syllables:
goof off

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