Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

bait, bate, beit, cate, chait, date, face, faced, fade, fail, faile, fain, faint, faith, fake, faked, fame, fane, fat, fates, faught, fay's, fayed, fayme, fayne, faze, fe's, feat, feet, feign, feint, feit, fett, fette, fight, fit, fite, fitt, foot, foote, fought, fout, foyt, frate, freight, gait, gate, haight, hait, hate, kate, late, leight, mate, nate, pait, pate, phase, phut, rait, raitt, rate, sate, tait, taite, taitt, tate, wait, waite, waitt, wayt, weight, fait, feight, fete


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