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Common multi-word phrases that nearly rhyme with embrue:

2 syllables:
been due,
been few,
been through,
been to,
been too,
been true,
been two,
beer to,
bid to,
bid you,
big blue,
big new,
big q,
big sioux,
big to,
big two,
bills to,
bill through,
bill to,
bin cue,
bitch who,
bits to,
bit to,
bit too,
bridge to,
bridge view,
brings to,
brings you,
bring new,
bring you,
build new,
build to,
built through,
built to,
built two,
cheer you,
chih fu,
chill through,
chin chou,
chin to,
chips to,
cleared through,
cleared to,
clear blue,
clear through,
clear to,
clear view,
clear who,
click through,
click to,
click view,
clings to,
clipped to,
clip to,
dear to,
did to,
did too,
did two,
dig through,
dim view,
dish to,
disk to,
dit que,
drift through,
drift to,
drilled through,
drill through,
drinks to,
drinks too,
drink to,
drink too,
ears to,
feared to,
fears to,
fear to,
fear you,
fid q,
fifth to,
filled to,
fill you,
films to,
film crew,
film to,
fish queue,
fish to,
fits to,
fitz hugh,
fit to,
fit you,
fixed do,
fixed to,
fix you,
flicked through,
flicks through,
flick through,
flipped through,
flips through,
flip through,
geared to,
gear to,
gifts to,
gift to,
gives to,
gives two,
gives you,
give due,
give new,
give to,
give too,
give two,
give you,
glimpsed through,
grid to,
guilt to,
hicks yew,
hills to,
hill to,
him through,
him to,
him too,
him two,
him who,
him you,
hints to,
hint to,
hips to,
hissed through,
his blue,
his crew,
his cue,
his due,
his few,
his new,
his shoe,
his to,
his too,
his true,
his two,
his view,
his who,
hitched to,
hits you,
hit you,
hsin chu,
hymns to,
hymn to,
ill to,
im blue,
inch to,
ing to,
ink to,
in few,
in soo,
in to,
in two,
is blue,
is due,
is new,
is through,
is to,
is too,
is true,
is two,
is who,
is you,
itched to,
itc tru,
its blue,
its crew,
its cue,
its due,
its few,
its new,
its true,
its two,
its view,
its you,
it blew,
it drew,
it due,
it flew,
it grew,
it knew,
it new,
it threw,
it through,
it to,
it too,
it true,
it two,
it who,
it you,
jim to,
jin woo,
kick to,
kids to,
kids who,
kid to,
kid who,
killed two,
killed you,
kill you,
kings blue,
kings to,
kings who,
king drew,
king to,
king who,
kin to,
kiss to,
kiss you,
kris wu,
lift to,
limbs to,
limb to,
linked through,
linked to,
links to,
link to,
linq to,
lips to,
lip to,
lists to,
list to,
lives through,
lives to,
mid to,
milk to,
mills to,
mill to,
min kyu,
min to,
missed you,
miss lou,
miss you,
mixed to,
mix to,
myth to,
near new,
near to,
near you,
peered through,
peers to,
peers who,
peer through,
picked through,
picks through,
pick through,
pick you,
pierced through,
pierce through,
pigs to,
pig flu,
pills to,
pink to,
pinned to,
pin to,
pitch cue,
pitch to,
pitch woo,
pit crew,
prince to,
prince who,
print queue,
print through,
print to,
quick to,
rear view,
rib true,
rich blue,
rich to,
ridge to,
rings to,
rings true,
ring to,
ring true,
ripped through,
rip through,
risks to,
risk to,
sb iu,
scripts to,
script to,
shifts to,
shift to,
shiht tzu,
shin shu,
shipped through,
shipped to,
ships to,
ship cu,
ship du,
ship to,
shrift to,
shrink to,
sick to,
sieves through,
sift through,
since few,
since new,
since to,
since two,
since you,
sing to,
sinks to,
sink to,
sins to,
sin que,
sin to,
sits through,
sit through,
sixth to,
six new,
six to,
six two,
skills through,
skills to,
skills you,
skill to,
skimmed through,
skim through,
skin to,
skip through,
skip to,
slid through,
slid to,
slipped through,
slipped to,
slips through,
slip through,
slip to,
smith to,
sphere to,
split new,
split to,
springs to,
spring to,
steer you,
sticks to,
stick through,
still to,
still too,
still true,
still two,
still you,
strings to,
string to,
stripped to,
strips to,
strip to,
swift to,
swim through,
swim to,
swing through,
swing to,
switched to,
switch through,
switch to,
thick to,
things through,
things to,
things too,
things you,
thing to,
thing you,
thinks to,
thinks you,
think through,
think to,
think too,
think you,
thin blue,
thin to,
this new,
this through,
this to,
this too,
this true,
this two,
this view,
this you,
thrilled to,
thrill to,
till you,
til you,
tips to,
tip to,
tip you,
tis to,
tis true,
tricks to,
trick to,
trimmed to,
trips through,
trips to,
trip through,
trip to,
twins who,
twin screw,
twist to,
which drew,
which few,
which grew,
which new,
which threw,
which through,
which to,
which too,
which two,
which you,
whigs who,
whipped through,
whiz through,
width to,
willed to,
wills to,
will do,
will shew,
will to,
will view,
will you,
winds blew,
winds through,
winds to,
wings to,
wing to,
wins through,
win through,
wished to,
wish to,
wish you,
witchs brew,
witch who,
with blue,
with dew,
with due,
with few,
with glue,
with new,
with through,
with to,
with too,
with true,
with two,
with who,
with you,
wit to,
wrist to,
xin zhou,
years due,
years through,
years to,
years too,
years who,
years you,
year through,
year to,
year two,
year you,
yin fu,
zip through

3 syllables:
addicts who,
addict who,
adhered to,
adheres to,
adhere to,
admits to,
admit to,
admit you,
affixed to,
akin to,
appeared to,
appears to,
appear to,
appear too,
assist you,
begins to,
begin to,
beijing to,
berlin blue,
berlin to,
brazil to,
career to,
commit to,
conflicts to,
convinced to,
convinced you,
convince you,
depicts two,
equipped to,
exists to,
exist to,
forbid you,
forgive you,
frontier to,
fulfilled through,
majin boo,
omit to,
permits to,
permit to,
permit you,
persists through,
persist through,
prefixed to,
premier chou,
premier lieu,
premier zhou,
severe to,
submits to,
submit to,
therein to,
tobins q,
transmit to,
unclear to,
unfit to,
until new,
until two,
until you,
within new,
within to,
within two,
within you

4 syllables:
disappeared through,
financiers who,
pioneers who,
volunteered to,
volunteers to,
volunteers who,
volunteer to

5 syllables:
kamoya kimeu,
novosibirsk zoo,
ramin karimloo

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