Words and phrases that rhyme with control:   (796 results)

1 syllable:
b-roll, boal, boehl, boell, bohl, bole, boll, bowl, bowle, buol, chole, coal, coale, cole, colle, croll, dhole, doell, dole, drole, droll, f-hole, foal, foale, fohl, ghole, goal, goehl, gohl, groel, groll, hoel, hoell, hoelle, hohl, hole, k-hole, knoell, knole, knoll, koehl, koelle, kohl, kol, kole, lt col, moelle, mohl, mole, noale, noell, nohl, nole, noll, nolle, ohl, ol', ole, pfohl, poehl, pohl, pole, poll, proehl, prole, proll, quoll, roehl, roell, roelle, rohl, rol, role, roll, rolle, schaul, schol, scholle, schroll, scole, scroll, seoul, shoal, shole, skoal, skole, snowl, sohl, sole, soul, sowle, sp vol, stohl, stol, stole, stoll, strohl, strole, stroll, thoele, thole, toal, toelle, tole, toll, troll, voell, whole, wholl, woehl, wohl

2 syllables:
ab-soul, abrol, aihole, airhole, air hole, amcole, anole, arsole, ashmole, ass-hole, atole, atoll, bagnole, bankroll, bargepole, barge pole, bead-roll, beadroll, bean-pole, beanpole, bedroll, bedsole, bemol, black-hole, blackhole, black hole, blockhole, blogroll, blowhole, bluepoll, boerboel, bolt-hole, bolthole, borecole, borehole, braciole, braunkohl, bricole, brown coal, bumhole, bung-hole, bunghole, butthole, cajole, cake-hole, cakehole, cardol, cat-hole, catchpole, cathole, chabrol, charcoal, chuckhole, church roll, citole, claypole, clickhole, clodpole, clodpoll, clotpoll, coal-hole, coalhole, comptrol, condole, console, control-x, controle, cornhole, coupole, craphole, creephole, creol, day-coal, dead soul, death-roll, deed poll, devaul, dipol, dipole, doghole, downhole, drill hole, drumroll, drum roll, duck-mole, dustbowl, dust bowl, earhole, ear hole, ecbole, ecole, egg roll, embowl, enroll, enscroll, ensoul, erroll, escroll, extol, extoll, eyehole, fasciole, femke bol, field goal, filgoal, finntroll, finn cole, fishbowl, flagpole, forepole, formol, foxhole, fox hole, fredstole, funk hole, gambol, glycol, gogol, gondole, grathwohl, gray sole, gunkhole, half-sole, half sole, hand-hole, hand-roll, hard coal, hard roll, harpole, hawsehole, heart-whole, heatwole, hellhole, hewhole, hop pole, humbrol, idole, imp-pole, in-goal, indole, inroll, inscroll, isole, j. cole, jackroll, jawohl, jehoel, jehol, kajol, karole, keyhole, kilnhole, kneehole, knothole, lance stroll, lodgepole, logroll, loophole, lughole, ma'amoul, madole, mainbol, man-hole, manhole, maybole, maypole, mccole, mccoll, mcdole, medrol, mendole, metol, midsole, mohole, monggol, mousehole, mouth hole, mudhole, musrole, nail hole, nardole, nick kroll, nicole, nicolle, nitrol, no-goal, north pole, nosehole, obole, obwohl, ongole, opole, osmole, outpoll, outsole, pagnol, pajole, parol, parole, patrol, patrole, payroll, peehole, peephole, pesthole, phenetole, pi-hole, pie-hole, piehole, pimproll, pinhole, pinole, pipe bowl, pistole, pit-hole, pitchpole, plimsole, plughole, poophole, pop-soul, porthole, posole, posthole, post hole, pot-hole, pothole, procoele, punchbowl, punch bowl, punggol, punsch-roll, pyrrole, quintole, range pole, rathole, redpole, redpoll, red cole, red poll, rent-roll, reroll, resole, rickroll, ridgepole, ripoll, rissol, rissole, rock-n-roll, rocknroll, rosebowl, rougeole, sand sole, screech-owl, seacoal, sea coal, sea cole, shot hole, sight-hole, sighthole, sink-hole, sinkhole, sithole, skatole, ski pole, slipsole, slop bowl, smoke hole, snap roll, soft coal, soft roll, sotol, soundhole, sound hole, soup bowl, south pole, sowohl, spongiole, spring roll, spyhole, stackpole, stamboul, steamroll, steam coal, stokehole, subgoal, sweet roll, systole, tadpole, taphole, through-hole, thumbhole, tirol, top-hole, touch-hole, touchhole, toyol, traphole, trapsoul, triole, unroll, unwhole, uproll, uwe boll, vent-hole, venthole, vesoul, viole, vitol, wacoal, walpole, wampole, washbowl, wellhole, woodhole, wood coal, zandmole, zeppole

3 syllables:
1-propanol, abenol, acetol, agricole, airconsole, alepole, amitrole, amphibole, anadrol, anatol, anatole, anethole, anisole, antipole, aperol, arvicole, asystole, as a whole, azarole, barber's pole, barrel roll, battlebowl, bestiole, birthcontrol, blastocoele, blue-eyed soul, blumenkohl, bore-hole, borneol, brewer's mole, bullet hole, buttonhole, button hole, calcicole, camisole, campagnol, caprifole, capriole, caracole, carambole, cariole, carmagnole, carriole, casserole, cencoroll, centriole, cineol, cineole, clycerole, coffee roll, coloroll, corey stoll, counter-roll, counterpole, creosol, crescent roll, crokinole, croquignole, cubby-hole, cubbyhole, danazol, dariole, david soul, decontrol, denehole, diazole, dienestrol, disenroll, doom patrol, dyscontrol, ebersole, english sole, epibole, escarole, espagnol, espagnole, espanol, espanole, europol, eversole, farandole, fiesole, finger-roll, finger bowl, finger hole, fire-control, firepole, fishing pole, foliole, freeroll, fumarole, fumerole, gary cole, girandole, girasole, gloriole, glory hole, glycerol, glycerole, golden mole, gopher hole, heart and soul, hetton-le-hole, hexadrol, hidey-hole, hidy-hole, humicole, hydrozoal, hypobole, indazol, innersole, interpol, iprindole, jellyroll, kaiser roll, kasserolle, kilomole, lawrence stroll, lemon sole, lignicole, limicole, maryknoll, marysole, mesocoele, metazoal, metrazol, metropol, metropole, micromole, miglitol, millimole, minor role, mixing bowl, monopol, monopole, moomintroll, multipole, muscimol, muster roll, nanomole, neo-soul, neurocoele, nikopol, nimorazole, nucleol, nucleole, omeprazole, onahole, onion roll, on the whole, optocoele, oriol, oriole, ostiole, otoyol, oversoul, ozone hole, parembole, pass-parole, paw patrol, peristole, petiole, pick-and-roll, picomole, pigeon-hole, pigeonhole, polyol, pratincole, presystole, primerole, prosocoele, pseudocoele, pyrazole, quadripole, quadrupole, quinazol, quinestrol, rabbit hole, ranging pole, rantipole, retro-soul, rhabdocoele, rigmarole, riluzole, rocambole, rock'n'roll, rock-and-roll, rockihnroll, rock and roll, rokambole, rudderhole, salad bowl, santalol, sausage-roll, sausage roll, saxicole, schizocoele, self-control, seminole, septimole, sertindole, shore patrol, simferopol, sozopol, squaterole, stilbestrol, sturmpistole, sugar bowl, superbowl, swallow hole, swimming hole, t.s.o.l., teaze-hole, technitrol, technopole, ternopol, terricole, tetrazole, timo boll, title role, toilet bowl, toilet roll, toluole, totem pole, touch-in-goal, triazole, tubicole, turiole, typhlosole, urceole, vanderpoel, variole, virazole, volkspistole, waterhole, water hole, whac-a-mole, whack-a-mole

4 syllables:
actinozoal, anastrozole, anthracite coal, apsidiole, arboricole, arenabowl, arteriole, ascaridole, bibliopole, body and soul, border patrol, brexpiprazole, cavernicole, cefamandole, celestial pole, cereal bowl, cinnamon roll, cinnamoroll, content-control, damage-control, dicoumarol, dicumarol, enterocoele, esomeprazole, eucalyptole, eurocontrol, extrasystole, fillet of sole, hamburger roll, hemisystole, huliaipole, imidazol, isosafrole, lansoprazole, latebricole, levamisole, magnetic pole, metamizole, midway atoll, milliosmole, myelocoele, natalie cole, negative pole, nissan patrol, ovariole, paludicole, pantoprazole, parasystole, parker house roll, perisystole, phytosterol, piacevole, positive pole, procentriole, profiterole, rabeprazole, remote-control, rigamarole, robert walpole, ropinirole, sevastopol, sitosterol, summer of soul, syringocoele, telecontrol, telegraph pole, telephone pole, tetrapyrrole, thalamocoele, toad-in-the-hole, tubulicole, vienna roll, watering hole

5 syllables:
acylglycerol, aleksandropol, alexandropol, aripiprazole, benzotriazole, bituminous coal, bullock's oriole, chicken casserole, dexlansoprazole, electric dipole, european sole, golden oriole, heavydirtysoul, hockley-in-the-hole, magnetic dipole, marsupial mole, maximumrocknroll, metarteriole, new world oriole, northern oriole, north celestial pole, old world oriole, orchard oriole, quality-control, sir robert walpole, south celestial pole, theatrical role

6 syllables:
acenocoumarol, activated charcoal, aminotriazole, baltimore oriole, beta-sitosterol, desoxypipradrol, diacylglycerol, diethylstilbestrol, domenico de sole, ethohexadiol, hydroxyanisole, list of wars by death toll, magnetic monopole, pentylenetetrazol, pentylenetetrazole, public opinion poll, semiologioal, supermassive black hole, triacylglycerol

7 syllables:
american oriole, decksandrumsandrockandroll, monoacylglycerol, negative magnetic pole, phosphatidylglycerol, positive magnetic pole

8 syllables:
hexafluoro-2-propanol, hydroxybenzotriazole, kola superdeep borehole, pentamethylenetetrazol

9 syllables:

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