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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

blade did, blade hit, blade it, blake it, bled it, blurred it, blurt it, blur but, braid it, brake it, brake up, bray did, bread did, bread it, break-up, break it, break up, brebach, bred it, clay cup, clay cut, clay did, clay dug, clerk it, clerk up, credit, dread it, glaikit, graded, grade dic, grade did, grade it, grade up, gray book, gray cub, gray did, gray duck, greg hitt, grey book, grey cup, grey did, grey duck, klepac, plaited, plated, plate id, playbook, played did, played it, played up, play big, play book, play did, play kick, play tic, play tug, prated, prayed it, pray did, prey did, trade did, trade it, trade up, tread it, trepid, trey did

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