Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

brace, brae, braer, braid, braille, brain, braise, brake, brame, brase, braved, braver, braves, braves', bray, brayer, break, brey, breyer, crave, grave, rave, {brace, -grave, blaese, blais, blaise, blaize, blase, blayze, blaze, blesh, bless, blesse, blurs, brace, braes, braies, braise, braith, braize, brase, brays, braze, breath, bress, bresse, breth, claes, claeys, clase, clave, clayes, clays, clef, crace, crase, crave, cray's, crays, craze, creath, creche, cref, cresh, cress, drace, drave, drays, dresch, dress, dreys, glace, glase, glave, glaze, gless, gleys, grace, grafe, graisse, graith, graphe, grave, gray's, grays, graze, greff, gresh, gress, greth, grey's, greys, klase, klesch, kless, kress, kresse, place, plaice, plaise, plase, play's, plays, plesh, pless, pleth, praise, prase, prays, pres, press, press', presse, preys, trace, trais, trave, trays, treff, tresch, tress, tresse, treyf, treys, xrays, {brace

See brave used in context: 100+ rhymes, 112 Shakespeare works, several books and articles.

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