Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

baatz, baetz, baits, bates, bates', bats, batts, batz, bautz, beats, beck's, becks, beets, beitz, belt's, belts, beltz, bence, bentz, bertz, bess, besse, best's, bet, betsey, betsy, bett, betta, bette, better, betti, bettis, bettor, betty, bietz, bites, bits, bitz, boat's, boats, boots, bootz, botts, botz, bouts, bretts, bretz, burts, but's, buts, butts, butz, bytes, debt's, debts, fettes, fetz, gets, getts, getz, goetz, hetz, jet's, jets, jets', jett's, ketz, let's, lets, letts, letz, met's, mets, mets', metts, metz, nets, netz, pet's, pets, petz, retz, sets, vets, wetz, bet's, betts, betz, babes, baits, bakes, bates, bates', beck's, becks, beds, beggs, begs, berg's, bergs, bergues, berkes, berks, berts, bertz, bet's, betts, betz, bird's, birds, birds', birkes, birks, burbs, burges, burghs, burgs, burke's, burkes, burks, burps, burts, byrd's, cades, caiques, cake's, cakes, capes, cates, curbs, curds, curt's, curtes, curts, daids, date's, dates, deads, debs, debt's, debts, dec's, decks, decss, depth, derbs, derks, dex, dircks, dirkes, dirks, dirkse, dirt's, dirts, gabes, gades, gaits, gapes, gates, gates', gates's, gertz, gets, getts, getz, ghegs, girds, girts, goetz, gurps, gurts, gurtz, kate's, kates, katze, kecks, keds, kegs, kerbs, kertz, ketz, kirk's, kirks, kirts, kurds, kurtz, p.d.q, paids, papes, pates, pechs, peck's, pecks, peggs, pegs, peixe, percs, perks, perps, perqs, pet's, pets, petz, tabes, taigs, takes, tape's, tapes, tate's, tates, tebbs, tech's, techs, teck's, ted's, terpes, terps, terts, tex, tirks, turds, turks, turps

See bets used in context: 93 rhymes, several books and articles.

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