Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

baboo, babu, bach who, back who, bad do, bad due, bad who, baht to, baku, battu, batt to, bat to, bat too, bat who, bought to, bought too, bought two, cad who, cap who, catt to, cat to, cat too, cat two, cat who, caught to, caught too, caught two, caught who, cod who, cot to, dad do, dad who, dat to, da do, da doo, da du, da due, da to, dock who, doc who, dodd who, dot to, gatt to, gat to, ga to, god do, god due, god who, gott to, got to, got too, got two, got who, kat to, ka to, ka tu, kot to, pack who, pah to, pat to, pat who, pa do, pa to, potoo, pot to, pot too, pot two, taboo, taku, tatou, tattoo, tatu, tat to, ta do, ta to, ta tu, todd who, tot ou, tot to, tot who

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