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Definitions of perf:
  • adjective:   (philately) Abbreviation of perforated. When followed by a number, eg, perf 14, this indicates the number of perforations per two centimetres.
  • adjective:   (grammar) Abbreviation of perfective. [(grammar) Of, or relative to, the perfect tense or perfective aspect.]
  • adjective:   (colloquial) Clipping of perfect. [Fitting its definition precisely.]
  • noun:   (informal) Clipping of performance. [The act of performing; carrying into execution or action; execution; achievement; accomplishment; representation by action.]
  • noun:   (informal) Clipping of perforation. (of postage stamps or photographic film) [The act of perforating or the state of being perforated.]
  • verb:   (informal) Clipping of perforate. [(transitive) To pierce; to penetrate.]

(Definitions from Wiktionary)

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