Definitions of bogger:
  • noun:   Someone associated with or who works in a bog.
  • noun:   (Australia, slang) A man who catches nippers (snapping prawns).
  • noun:   (originally UK, derogatory) Synonym of Boglander: an Irishman, now (Ireland, derogatory) a yokel, an Irishman from the countryside or (sometimes) from anywhere other than Dublin and the Pale.
  • noun:   (Newfoundland, Labrador) A dare, a task that children challenge each other to complete.
  • noun:   (Australia, Western Australia, slang) Someone who works to shovel ore or waste rock underground.
  • noun:   A machine which shovels up and carries ore and/or rock in an underground mine
  • noun:   (Australia, slang) A lavatory: a room for urination and defecation.
  • noun:   (Northern England, derogatory, slang) Someone of the goth, skate, punk, or emo subculture.
  • noun:   Pronunciation spelling of bugger. Used particularly as an epithet or term of camaraderie or endearment. [(obsolete) A heretic.]

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