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Definitions of anthocarp:
  • noun:   (botany) Lower part of a perianth containing the fruit, the upper part having dropped away, well seen in plants of the family Nyctaginaceae.
  • noun:   (botany) In the Nyctaginaceae, individual apetalous flowers have a tubular, petaloid calyx that resembles a sympetalous corolla. The lower portion of the calyx tightly enwraps the one-seeded achene and is persistent around the fruit as an anthocarp. The calyx base plus the enclosed seed-bearing achene is the unit of dispersal.
  • noun:   (botany) A collective, composite or aggregated fruit formed from an entire inflorescence, as in the sorosis of a pineapple or the syconus of a fig.
  • noun:   (botany) A fruit resulting from many flowers, such as the pineapple; a fruit of which the perianth or the torus forms part.
  • noun:   (botany) A composite false fruit, consisting of the actual fruit and the perianth.
  • noun:   (botany) A fruit formed by the union of the floral organs or part of them, with the fruit itself, as in Nyctagineae; also applied to fruits with accessories, sometimes termed pseudocarps, as the strawberry and pineapple.

(Definitions from Wiktionary)

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