Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

baim, bame, came, dame, fame, fayme, game, kaim, lame, maim, mame, mayme, name, rhame, same, sejm, shame, taher, tail, tait, taite, taitt, take, tale, tam, tamed, tamer, tames, tamm, tape, tate, tays, team, teem, temme, teo, term, thom, tim, time, timm, timme, tom, tomb, tome, 'gain, -caine, -derm, baim, bain, baine, bame, bane, bayne, bearn, behm, behn, behne, beigne, beinn, bem, ben, benn, benne, berm, berme, bern, berne, birne, boehm, boehme, burn, burn-in, burne, byrne, cain, caine, came, cane, cayne, chem, dain, daine, dame, damme, dane, dayne, dearn, dehm, dehn, dehne, deign, demme, den, deng, denn, denne, derm-, dern, derne, deurne, dirne, durn, gain, game, gayne, gerne, ghain, guienne, kaim, kain, kaine, kane, kaneh, kayne, kearn, kehm, kehn, kehne, kem, ken, kenn, kenne, kern, kerne, khem, kirn, p.r.n, paign, pain, paine, pane, payne, pen, peng, penh, penn, penne, taine, temme, ten, teng, tenn, tenne, term, terme, terne, teyne, turn, turn-in, turne

See tame used in context: 100+ rhymes, 32 Shakespeare works, several books and articles.

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