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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

creak, creek, feick, fleek, freaked, freaks, freaky, frean, freas, frease, frech, freck, frede, free, freed, freeh, freeh's, freel, freen, freer, frees, freese, freet, freeze, freia, freid, freije, freis, freise, frese, frick, fricke, friede, friel, friese, friess, friesz, frieze, friis, frock, greek, reeck, reek, reick, rieck, riecke, riek, rieke, shriek, wreak, fleagh, fleak, fleed, fleek, fleet, fleig, flete, flicc, flick, flip, flipp, flit, flitt, frede, freed, freek, freep, freet, freid, frick, fricke, fried, friede, frigg, fripp, fritt, phreak, schlich, schlick, schliep, schlitt, schrick, schritt, shmidt, shriek, sleat, sleek, sleep, sleet, slich, slick, slid, slip, slipp, slit, sllic, threap, threatt, three-d, threep, threet, threpe, thrid, thrip, vlieg, vliet, vrede

See freak used in context: 100+ rhymes, several books and articles.

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