Two days left to enter our vaccine poetry contest!

Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

baetz, beats, beets, beitz, bietz, cheats, dates, dats, datz, deak's, dease, deater, debt's, debts, deeter, deutz, dieter, dios, dios', dirt's, dots, dotts, doubts, eats, feats, gaetz, heat's, heats, keats, keatts, keitz, leitz, lietz, meats, meets, meitz, neitz, paetz, peat's, peet's, peets, peetz, peitz, pete's, pietz, raetz, reetz, rietz, scheets, scheetz, seat's, seats, sheats, sheets, sheetz, teats, teets, tietz, viets, weitz, yeatts, zeitz, zietz, deats, deetz, deitz, dietz, baetz, beads, beaks, beats, beeks, beeps, beets, beitz, bibbs, bibs, bid's, bids, bietz, biggs, bigs, bits, bitts, bitz, bix, btobs, cfids, deak's, deats, debes, deeds, deeks, deeps, deetz, deitz, dekes, dibbs, dibs, dibts, dick's, dickes, dicks, dietz, digges, diggs, digs, dips, dix, d csce, gaetz, geeks, gets, gibb's, gibbs, gigs, guids, hb egf, keats, keatts, keeks, keeps, keitz, kicks, kid's, kidds, kids, kids', kippes, kipps, kits, kitts, kitz, kyd's, paetz, pdksh, peakes, peakes', peaks, peaks', peat's, peats, pedes, peeks, peeps, peet's, peets, peetz, peitz, pekes, pete's, picks, pietz, pig's, pigs, piigs, pips, piques, pits, pitt's, pitts, pitz, pix, teaks, teats, teets, tibbs, ticks, tics, tiegs, tietz, tietze, tigges, tiggs, tipps, tips, tits

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