Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

tor, torch, tore, torme, torn, torp, torque, torr, torre, tort, torte

corey, corrie, corry, cory, coury, dorey, dori, dorie, dorrie, dory, forie, forrey, forry, gorey, gori, gory, haury, hoary, hori, jory, kaori, korey, korry, kory, laurey, lauri, laurie, laury, lawrie, lawry, lorey, lori, lorie, lorrie, lorry, lory, lowrie, mauri, maurie, maury, morey, mori, morrie, morry, mory, mowrey, mowry, norrie, norry, ori, ory, rorie, rory, shorey, sorey, storey, storie, story, talkie, talky, tallie, tarry, tawdry, tawney, teary, teri, terri, terrie, terry, tirey, torah, tories, tories', torley, tormey, torney, toro, torpey, torray, torti, toru, turi, turri, torey, tori, torie, torrey, torry, towry

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