Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

blabbing, blacken, blacking, blagging, blatting, blobbing, blocking, blotting, bracken, brackin, bragging, brakpan, braton, bratten, brattin, bratton, brocken, clacking, cladding, clapping, clocking, clogging, clopping, clotting, crabbing, cracking, cragun, craping, crapping, craton, crocking, croghan, cropping, croton, drabbing, dragan, dragging, dragon, drop-in, dropping, glacken, glackin, gladden, gladding, gladen, globin, gloppen, grabbing, graben, gradin, gratin, grattan, gratton, groben, grokking, groton, platen, platin, platten, platting, plodding, plopping, plotting, prodding, propping, tracking, trapping, trodden, trogon, trotten, trotting

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