Words that almost rhyme with avowry:   (237 results)

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2 syllables:
aerie, airy, bari, barre, barrie, barry, berry, bleary, blurry, briery, burry, bury, carey, carrey, carrie, carry, cary, chary, cheery, cherry, clary, corey, corrie, curie, curry, dairy, dearie, deary, diary, dory, dreary, eerie, erie, eyrie, faerie, faery, fairy, ferry, flurry, furry, fury, gari, garry, gary, gauri, gerry, gharry, glary, glory, gory, hairy, harry, hoary, hurry, jerry, jury, kary, kauri, kaury, kerrey, kerry, korry, larry, laurie, leary, leery, lori, lorry, lory, lowrie, mari, marri, marry, mary, maury, merry, murray, neary, parry, perry, prairie, quarry, query, sari, saury, scarey, scary, scurry, shari, sherri, sherrie, sherry, slurry, sorry, starry, storey, story, surrey, tarry, teary, terry, theory, torie, tory, vary, veery, very, wary, weary, wherry, wiry, worry, yuri

3 syllables:
bladdery, salary, gallery, factory, shadberry, battery, flattery, chandlery, raspberry, blackberry, granary, hagberry, chancery, waggery, brasserie, alary, sangaree, calvary, jaggery, mastery, calgary, tannery, hackberry, daiquiri, cranberry, salisbury, hatchery, quackery, waxberry, cannery, jamboree, calorie, algerie, aweary, barbieri, bihari, calory, canary, car-ferry, cassiri, centare, chokecherry, contrary, denary, enquiry, equerry, expiry, glengarry, harare, hegari, helleri, inquiry, kashmiri, khesari, knobkerrie, knobkerry, mccurry, miscarry, mismarry, missouri, muscari, nagari, o'leary, ollari, piscary, qatari, remarry, safari, saimiri, savoury, seigneury, signory, star-glory, unwary, unweary, vainglory, venturi, verdure, walbiri, warlpiri, world-weary

4 syllables:
menagerie, phylactery, coralberry, catenary, satisfactory, olfactory, refractory, saddlery, actuary, beriberi, calamari, calamary, charcuterie, charivari, clerestory, counterbore, dhaulagiri, fujimori, guallatiri, harakiri, harikari, intermarry, inventory, kalahari, lamasery, lavaliere, mapinguari, marqueterie, molinari, multistorey, overweary, prehistory, presbytery, promontory, uakari

5 syllables:
calefactory, kilocalorie, manufactory, caravansary, certiorari, devanagari

6 syllables:
dissatisfactory, unsatisfactory

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