Words and phrases that rhyme with avowry:   (20 results)

2 syllables:
chowry, cowrie, cowry, dowry, gowrie, haori, houri, howry, khouri, khoury, koury, loughrey, loughry, louri, lourie, lowrey, lowry, maori

3 syllables:
fakhoury, kyle lowry

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (382 results)

2 syllables:
aerie, airy, bari, barre, barrie, barry, berry, bleary, blurry, briery, burry, bury, carey, carrey, carrie, carry, cary, chary, cheery, cherry, clary, corey, corrie, curie, curry, dairy, dearie, deary, diary, dory, dreary, eerie, erie, eyrie, faerie, faery, fairy, ferry, flurry, furry, fury, gari, garry, gary, gauri, gerry, gharry, glary, glory, gory, hairy, harry, hoary, hurry, jerry, jury, kary, kauri, kaury, kerrey, kerry, korry, larry, laurie, leary, leery, lori, lorry, lory, lowrie, mari, marri, marry, mary, maury, merry, murray, neary, parry, perry, prairie, quarry, query, sari, saury, scarey, scary, scurry, shari, sherri, sherrie, sherry, slurry, sorry, starry, storey, story, surrey, tarry, teary, terry, theory, torie, tory, vary, veery, very, wary, weary, wherry, wiry, worry, yuri

3 syllables:
bladdery, salary, gallery, factory, shadberry, battery, flattery, chandlery, raspberry, blackberry, granary, hagberry, chancery, waggery, brasserie, alary, sangaree, calvary, jaggery, mastery, calgary, tannery, hackberry, daiquiri, cranberry, salisbury, hatchery, quackery, waxberry, cannery, jamboree, calorie, algerie, aweary, a very, bad fairy, barbieri, bihari, bing cherry, bird cherry, black cherry, blood berry, blue story, bohr theory, calory, canary, car-ferry, cassiri, centare, chokecherry, contrary, denary, enquiry, equerry, expiry, game theory, germ theory, glengarry, good story, grand jury, ground cherry, group theory, hail mary, harare, heart cherry, hegari, helleri, inquiry, in theory, john dory, kashmiri, khesari, knobkerrie, knobkerry, lake erie, lamb curry, lead story, life story, love story, make merry, male berry, mccurry, miscarry, mismarry, missouri, muscari, nagari, news story, o'leary, old glory, ollari, pin cherry, piscary, qatari, remarry, rum cherry, safari, saimiri, sand cherry, savoury, seigneury, set theory, short story, signory, snow flurry, sob story, star-glory, sweet cherry, unwary, unweary, vainglory, venturi, verdure, walbiri, warlpiri, wave theory, wheat berry, wild cherry, wild clary, world-weary

4 syllables:
menagerie, phylactery, dry battery, press gallery, b battery, coralberry, catenary, black raspberry, satisfactory, art gallery, olfactory, refractory, gram calorie, small calorie, large calorie, saddlery, actuary, beriberi, bladder cherry, bloody mary, buckthorn berry, calamari, calamary, charcuterie, charivari, christmas berry, clerestory, coffee berry, counterbore, dhaulagiri, dirty story, fairy story, fireman's carry, fujimori, fuji cherry, funny story, guallatiri, harakiri, harikari, honey berry, intermarry, inventory, kalahari, lamasery, laurel cherry, lavaliere, mapinguari, marqueterie, mata hari, meadow clary, molinari, morning glory, multistorey, norfolk wherry, overweary, petit jury, petty jury, pigeon berry, prairie berry, prehistory, presbytery, promontory, pudding berry, quantum theory, rosebud cherry, salmon berry, silver berry, sour cherry, special jury, tom and jerry, uakari, virgin mary, winter cherry, yellow berry

5 syllables:
mountain cranberry, shooting gallery, peanut gallery, calefactory, solar battery, kilocalorie, storage battery, court of chancery, manufactory, caravansary, adventure story, atomic theory, barbados cherry, beach morning glory, blue ribbon jury, certiorari, common bird cherry, common canary, detective story, devanagari, downy ground cherry, evergreen cherry, flowering cherry, indian cherry, jamaican cherry, james matthew barrie, japanese cherry, juniper berry, kinetic theory, line of inquiry, little missouri, memento mori, mountain blue berry, mystery story, purple ground cherry, sapphire berry, shaggy dog story, surinam cherry, western sand cherry

6 syllables:
dissatisfactory, assault and battery, unsatisfactory, kilogram calorie, assumption of mary, catalina cherry, chicken cacciatore, common morning glory, economic theory, information theory, jerusalem cherry, maraschino cherry, mexican black cherry, new zealand wine berry, oriental cherry, political theory, rocky mountains cherry, scientific theory, sir james matthew barrie, west indian cherry

7 syllables:
articulated lorry, capital of missouri, european bird cherry, japanese morning glory, madeira winter cherry, oriental bush cherry, philosophical theory, probability theory, relativity theory, solemnity of mary, winter flowering cherry

8 syllables:
japanese flowering cherry

9 syllables:
special relativity theory

10 syllables:
general relativity theory

11 syllables:
imperial japanese morning glory

12 syllables:
right to speedy and public trial by jury

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