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., abramis brama, abscissa, absolute value, account, accuracy, acid value, admixture, advance, ad val, ad valorem, aesthetics, affluent, allowance, allowance account, alloy, amortisation, amortization, anisotropy, appraisal, appraise, appraiser, appreciate, appreciation, apprise, apprize, argument, aridity, art object, asserted, assess, assessment, assets, asymptote, attenuate, at a premium, average, axiology, bagatelle, balance of trade, barrenness, bastardise, bastardize, bawbee, belletristic, betterment, blue-chip stock, blue chip, book value, boondoggle, buckthorn family, busywork, cadaster, cadastre, capital, capitalisation, capitalise, capitalization, capitalize, capital account, capital stock, censoring, censorship, cent, centime, chaffy, climb, coarse, cochlearia officinalis, collapse, common, common scurvy grass, commute, confucianism, conspire, constant, constant of proportionality, convertible, correct, correlation, correlational statistics, cost, costliness, council tax, crotchet, damn, darn, dearness, debase, debased, debaser, decline, deflate, degraded, degrader, demisemiquaver, demonetise, demonetize, demythologize, dependent variable, depreciate, depreciating, depreciation, depreciation rate, depreciative, depreciatory, derivative, derivative instrument, derived, descriptive adjective, detractive, devaluate, devaluation, devalue, devalued, deviation, disastrously, distribution law, double indemnity, down, downgrade, dramatically, drop, earnest, eighth note, enhanced, equal, equality, equity, equity credit line, equivalent, erotica, esthetics, estimate, estimation, european bream, euthynnus pelamis, evaluate, evaluation, evidentiary, evisceration, exalted, exchange, exchangeable, extrapolate, extrapolation, extremum, face value, factor of proportionality, falderal, falling, family rhamnaceae, financial loss, fixed, flash-frozen, fluff, flush, folderol, frills, frippery, frivolity, frozen, fruitlessness, gilt-edged, gimcrackery, gimcracks, giving, gnp, go up, grade, grade point, grand larceny, grand theft, gresham's law, gross national product, half-life, halfa, half life, half note, half rest, hemidemisemiquaver, high-flown, high-minded, historical document, historical paper, historical record, home equity credit, home equity loan, home loan, homology, hoot, hurt, idealistic, idempotent, important, improvement, incommensurable, inconvertible, index, index number, indicant, indicator, inestimable, inflate, inflationary spiral, initialise, initialize, insubstantial, intangible, interpolate, interpolation, invaluableness, inventory, invisible balance, isarithm, isogram, isopleth, isotropy, jejune, jejuneness, jejunity, junk food, keepsake, khyber pass, kite, land tax, lapidary, lesser, level, like, limit, limit point, literature, loaded, lofty, looted, lysiloma sabicu, majority operation, major suit, make-work, market capitalisation, market capitalization, material breach, maximization, meana, meaningfulness, meaninglessness, measure, median, mediana, median value, mediocrity, medium of exchange, meme, mensural, mess of pottage, metric, metric function, military intelligence, minim, minor suit, modala, modal value, mode, modulus, moment, monetary standard, monetary system, monetary value, monetise, monetize, moneyed, monotone, monotonic, muhlenbergia schreberi, museum, mystique, national income, negociate, neutrality, nimblewill, nimble will, no-par-value stock, no-par stock, noble-minded, nominal, nominal value, nonequivalent, nonsense, notional, nugatory, numeric, numerical, objet d'art, of import, ordinate, ornamental, oscillation, overbid, overcall, overcapitalise, overcapitalize, overestimate, overpriced, overvaluation, overvalue, pair, partial breach, par value, peak, penny, period piece, permissive waste, petit larceny, petty larceny, piece, pillaged, plundered, plus, point of accumulation, porn, porno, pornography, positional notation, positional representation system, pragmatism, preciousness, predictive, predictor variable, prefer, premium, price, pricelessness, primary, private, production, prognostic, prognosticative, property tax, pyramid, qualifying adjective, quarter note, quarter rest, quarter stock, quaver, quick-frozen, radius of curvature, raising, ransacked, rarefied, rarified, ratable, rate, rate of depreciation, rating, rationalisation, rationalization, real, recalculation, red cent, regression, regression toward the mean, relic, revalue, rhamnaceae, ripple, rise, rising, rubbishy, sabicu, sacrifice, same, scale value, scanner, scrabble, scrip, scurvy grass, second-rater, secondary, second moment, security review, sell short, semibreve, semiprecious, semiquaver, shinplaster, shucks, significant digit, significant figure, simple regression, sinking spell, sixteenth note, sixty-fourth note, skipjack, skipjack tuna, slump, smut, souvenir, spade casino, special assessment, spoliation, spot, standard, stationary stochastic process, statistical regression, stock, stopper, subjectivism, subordinate, superiority complex, superordinate, symmetry, synthetic, synthetical, tangible, tax assessment, tax base, term insurance, thirty-second note, threshold function, threshold operation, tie, tier, tinker's dam, tinker's damn, token, token money, toll, tongue-fish, tonguefish, trade balance, trade gap, transpose, trashy, trumpery, truth, unappreciated, unassuming, unconvertible, underestimate, underestimation, underevaluation, underrating, underreckoning, undervaluation, undervalue, unearned increment, unequal, unexchangeable, unidimensional, unpredictive, unsung, unvalued, unworthiness, unworthy, up, upgrade, utilitarian, valuable, valuableness, valuate, valuation, valuation account, valuation reserve, valuator, value-added, valued, valueless, valuelessness, variance, vibration, visible balance, waste, weakened, wealth, wealthy, wear and tear, weighted, whole note, wild card, worst, worth, worthful, worthiness, worthless, worthp, worthwhileness, worthy, write-down, write-off, write down, write off, zero, zero-coupon security, zeroa, zero coupon bond

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