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Words and phrases whose definition contains until:   (460 results)

., 1 chronicles, 2 chronicles, 401-k, 401-k plan, achmad sukarno, adult tooth, aegisthus, after, afterward, airdrop, airing cupboard, alfred dreyfus, alma-ata, almaty, alphonse capone, alytes obstetricans, al capone, anatoli karpov, anatoli yevgenevich karpov, anatoxin, angola, antichrist, arab republic of egypt, araujia sericofera, artisan's lien, ash-bin, ashbin, ashcan, ash bin, attest, austria, automatic, automatic firearm, automatic pistol, baader meinhof gang, backbend, back circle, bacteriophage, bahrain, bahrein, bellyband, bentwood, blamelessly, boil, boil down, bond, bond certificate, boodle, brown, brussels biscuit, calais, caliphate, cambodia, cameroon, cameroun, canned hunt, capital of peru, capitulation, capone, captivity, caretaker, carnal knowledge, caveat, chad, chemical terrorism, chemnitz, chiang chung-cheng, chiang kai-shek, chicago, chicken, chin, chin-up, chin up, church mode, civil union, clamp, claret, classical conditioning, class gasteromycetes, class gastromycetes, claudius ptolemaeus, clog, coition, coitus, combustion, communist party of kampuchea, concentrate, congress, copulation, corbel arch, cronus, cruel plant, cryonics, cumulative preferred, cumulative preferred stock, cyclone cellar, death, decoct, decrepitate, delay, delayer, desensitisation procedure, desensitisation technique, desensitization procedure, desensitization technique, done, double blind, doubting thomas, down, dracunculiasis, dreyfus, dustbin, dutch auction, dwindling, east india company, eat, ecclesiastical mode, echo, ecological succession, egypt, elisabethville, el caudillo, enigmatic, eve, evening, eventide, extra innings, family sciadopityaceae, feudatory, fill, fill up, finishing coat, fire, firm omelet, flooding, flying dutchman, francisco franco, franco, francoise-athenais de rochechouart, frittata, frizzle, galen, gallbladder, garbage can, gasteromycetes, gastromycetes, genus sequoia, genus sequoiadendron, george iii, get, gilbert islands, going to jerusalem, gregorian mode, gresham's law, guinea worm, guinea worm disease, gulf war, guomindang, hack, hack on, hadean, hadean aeon, hadean eon, hadean time, hanging, hard-baked, hard-boiled, hard-boiled egg, haycock, hedjaz, hejaz, hijaz, hold, holding pattern, holdup, hole card, home-fried potatoes, home fries, hound, ho chi minh, ii chronicles, immersion, implosion therapy, inca, incan, inka, intercourse, interlocutory injunction, iran, iran-iraq war, islamic republic of iran, iteration, i chronicles, james, jesse james, john major, john r. major, john roy major, julia evelina smith, kaiser, kampuchea, kananga, kaposi's sarcoma, karl-marx stadt, karpov, keyboard buffer, khmer rouge, kingdom of cambodia, kr, kuomintang, lactation, lager, lager beer, lancelot, last, latchkey child, latency period, latency phase, latency stage, lateran palace, lie, lie-abed, lie down, life, lifeless, life imprisonment, lima, live, lockout, long beach, loop, looping, lost-and-found, lubumbashi, luluabourg, lustrous, lydia, major, mandate, mandatory, marquise de montespan, marriage, matrimony, medellin cartel, medieval mode, medium, michigan, midnight, midwife toad, miranda rule, moghul, mogul, montespan, morning, musical chairs, myoglobin, najd, nejd, neoplatonism, newmarket, nguyen tat thanh, nightly, noodge, norman architecture, norse mythology, northern rhodesia, northumbria, north vietnam, obstetrical toad, oesterreich, old frisian, old icelandic, omelet, omelette, osmosis, ottoman empire, palaeolithic, paleolithic, paleolithic age, party of democratic kampuchea, peloponnese, peloponnesian peninsula, peloponnesus, penelope, pengo, peonage, peri, permanent tooth, persia, phage, phanerozoic, phanerozoic aeon, phanerozoic eon, pile, plasma, porridge, poste restante, pouter, pouter pigeon, precambrian, precambrian aeon, precambrian eon, precambrian period, print buffer, priscoan, priscoan aeon, priscoan eon, procrastinate, prometheus, proto-norse, ptolemy, pull-up, pyramiding, raddled, reduce, refocus, rehnquist, relation, relaxation, relaxation method, repletion, replication, republic of angola, republic of austria, republic of cameroon, republic of chad, republic of zambia, requisition, rest, ribosome, richard coeur de lion, richard i, richard the lion-hearted, richard the lionheart, roman republic, round, run down, rusk, russian orthodox church, safety squeeze, safety squeeze play, saint thomas, saipan, samson, saxon, scarface, sciadopityaceae, see through, seleucus, seleucus i, seleucus i nicator, sequestration, sequoiadendron, sexual congress, sexual intercourse, sexual relation, sex act, shirr, shogun, show-stopper, showstopper, sir lancelot, sir william wallace, sit-down, sit-down strike, sitka, sleeper, slide, slugabed, smith, snarl-up, sober, south vietnam, split, spousal relationship, st. thomas, state of bahrain, stay, stocker, stopper, stops, storage ring, stored, storm cellar, strappado, submergence, submerging, submersion, succession, sugar candy, sukarno, surfeit, systematic desensitisation, systematic desensitization, taffy, tapering, tapering off, tara, tchad, temporary injunction, third trimester, thirty years' war, thomas, thomas the doubting apostle, thrash, titan, titration, tontine, tornado cellar, toxoid, traffic jam, trash barrel, trash bin, trash can, trial-and-error, trial and error, triphammer, troll, turkish empire, turnpike, tuvalu, twice-baked bread, ultimate frisbee, umbilical vesicle, uneasy, union, united arab republic, unweaned, valiantly, very low density lipoprotein, vesicula umbilicus, vitelline sac, vldl, wallace, war, warehouseman's lien, warm up, wastebin, wedlock, weimar, well-done, western empire, western roman empire, west berlin, whipped cream, white heat, william hubbs rehnquist, william rehnquist, withhold, work, working group, working party, worn-out, yearling, yolk sac, zambia, zomba, zona pellucida, zwieback

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