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., 8vo, act, adar sheni, aden, advanced, age-old, alchemy, ali, allochronic, always, ancient, anciently, ancients, angelus, antique, around-the-clock, arthur, asynchronism, asynchrony, attic, augustan, auld langsyne, authority, barley, barrel knot, batting average, beauty quark, bernard hinault, biblical, blood knot, bodacious, boeotian, bog, bottom quark, brasier, brazier, broadway, broad interpretation, caledonia, call, calmly, calochortus nuttallii, cambria, camelina sativa, canis familiaris, cannonball, cannon ball, canonical hour, carolean, caroline, cassius clay, cassius marcellus clay, cataphasia, celt, changeless, charm quark, checkered daffodil, classical, clipper, clipper ship, competition, complexion, composed, conduct, conformable, consolation, corn, correlation table, counter, crest, cube root, cucumber, cucumber vine, cucumis sativus, cymru, cyperus papyrus, day-and-night, db, decibel, depend, desynchronisation, desynchronise, desynchronization, desynchronize, desynchronizing, discourteous, distance, dog, domestic dog, down quark, e'er, earlier, eddy merckx, edition, egyptian paper reed, egyptian paper rush, eightvo, elusiveness, equinox, equus caballus, ever, exponent, f. d. roosevelt, factory whistle, fdr, fielding average, fixed-income, force, foregone, forward-looking, fourfold, franklin delano roosevelt, franklin roosevelt, french knot, frequently, fringe, fritillaria meleagris, gantlet, gas constant, gladstone, go, gold of pleasure, good samaritan, great white way, guinea-hen flower, hastinapura, help, herpestes ichneumon, hinault, historical, horse, ichneumon, index, indian corn, infrequently, innovative, interim overhaul, invoke, irregular, item, iteration, jacobean, jerkin, judicial activism, kelt, kepler's second law, king arthur, kirpan, koine, langsyne, latter-day, law of areas, law of equal areas, lead time, leper lily, lingua franca, looping, loyalist, magnitude, magus, maize, man-at-arms, market town, mastodon, mastodont, maundy, meal, mental, merckx, migrator, modern, modern era, monitoring, muadhdhin, muazzin, muezzin, muhammad ali, napoleonic wars, navigator, new, noble, nonstop, norman mattoon thomas, norman thomas, now, nowadays, numerous, octavo, oft, often, oftentimes, ofttimes, old, old-world, old times, order of magnitude, page, paint, palaeogeography, palaeopathology, paleogeography, paleopathology, pantaloon, paper plant, paper rush, papyrus, philharmonic, philistia, power, prehistoric, prehistorical, president franklin roosevelt, president roosevelt, pulmonary reserve, pulse timing circuit, purge, puseyism, put, quadruple, quiet, raise, ration, ray robinson, recent, recommit, red dwarf, red dwarf star, regular, regular payment, rehabilitate, relocatable program, removed, reorder, repaint, repeater, reshoot, rest energy, review, riddle, riotous, rite of passage, robinson, roosevelt, root, round-the-clock, round shot, routine, rubicon, rush hour, saccharin, salaah, salaat, salah, salat, samaritan, schedule, scheduled, schooner, score, scrofulous, sego lily, serial, serial publication, series, serve, sevenfold, shofar, shophar, snake's head fritillary, solace, solacement, solstice, space, specified, spot check, squark, stalinist, stalwart, stay together, stick together, strange quark, succorer, succourer, sugar ray robinson, tabulator, take, tamil, tenfold, the good old days, thomas, threefold, threescore, thrice, time, timecard, timer, timetable, time and a half, time note, time series, today, top quark, tractarian, tractarianism, translunar, translunary, transmigrate, treble, treble damages, trilobite, trine immersion, triple, tritium, troublous, truth quark, trying, twice, unalterable, uncaused, ungenerous, universal gas constant, unpeaceful, unpredictable, unsettled, untroubled, uppity, up quark, varlet, veadar, vicissitude, wales, walker smith, war criminal, wash, whig, whistle-stop tour, wiesbaden, william ewart gladstone, william gladstone, work, yeoman, zea mays

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