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., abc, abc's, abcs, abecedarian, abrupt, abstract, academic department, accepted, active, active voice, aesthetic, afield, airing, alcoholize, allegory, alphabet, analyse, analyze, anticlimax, apostolic, apostolical, appointed, appointive, aptp, arbitrable, arbitrary, area, argument, aside, assuming, autoclave, a level, bacterise, bacterize, bamboozle, bathos, be, beat, beat up, benficiate, bioassay, blackguard, blameless, bleeder, blind spot, blister, bone of contention, bookable, breadth, bright, callable, canvas, canvass, catabolise, catabolize, categorem, categorematic, categoreme, censor, censored, chancy, changeable, changeless, chew over, circumscribed, clause, clear-cut, collectable, collectible, come in for, come to grips, command, commons, common land, commutable, conditionally, confirmed, conquerable, contemplate, contend, contest, control, conversion, copula, copulative, course of lectures, court-martial, decimal system of classification, dewey decimal classification, dewey decimal system, diagnose, digress, digression, disconnected, dismissible, disputed, dissemination, divagate, divagation, diversely, dossier, drift, dust bowl, dutiable, elected, elective, embark, emotional person, enchiridion, enter, episode, esthetic, estimated tax, europeanise, europeanize, examine, excogitate, excruciate, excursus, exempt, fall of man, fanatic, fattening, fermion, feudatory, field press censorship, firm, first principle, first rudiment, fit, floodplain, flood plain, fluctuation, fluid, flukey, fluky, fluoridate, fluoridise, fluoridize, follow, foot soldier, foreclose, free fall, free list, free ofp, gas, get to grips, grace, ground, guided, gunmetal, guy, haemophile, haemophiliac, handbook, head, heavily traveled, hemophile, hemophiliac, hoax, holistic medicine, home reserve, iconography, idea, idyll, iffy, ignite, illustration, immediate constituent, immortal, immutable, implicit, impugnable, imputrescible, inalienable, incommutable, inculpable, incur, incurrence, independent, inherently, insecurity, intemperate, interlocutory injunction, intermittence, intermittency, interpretation, involuntary, irrelevant, irreproachable, jansenism, jargon, jest at, jocular, journal, judgement in rem, judgment in rem, king oedipus, labored, larrup, laugh at, learn, lecture, lecturing, liablep, light, limited, linear programming, linking verb, list price, literary argument, literature, luridness, macgregor, magnetosphere, major, make fun, many-sided, mastery, meditate, meditation, melancholiac, melancholic, melodic theme, menstruation, minor premise, minor premiss, minor term, monograph, monomaniacal, moody, mortal, mull, mull over, muse, musical theme, national guard, natural order, nerve entrapment, net estate, nominative, nominative case, nonarbitrable, nonarbitrary, nonexempt, nontaxable, nonvoluntary, not absolutely, noun, noun phrase, now, number, oath, oedipus, oedipus rex, omnibus, open, overview, o level, paddle, pamphlet, panel discussion, papal, paralytic, paralyzed, parenthesis, passive, passive voice, payable, penal, penetratingly, perishable, play a joke on, poke fun, ponder, pontifical, positive, pre-emption, precedent, predicate, preemption, privileged, probation, process, professionalize, progressive tax, propagandise, propagandize, provision, provisory, psychoanalyse, psychoanalyze, public-service corporation, public exposure, public utility, puddle, pull someone's leg, punishable, question, questionable, read, reciprocal pronoun, redirect examination, reexamination, reflect, refract, regiment, relativistic, relevant, repayable, repugn, restricted, rib, ridicule, roast, robert macgregor, rob roy, rudiment, ruled, ruminate, run, saddled, scald, search, secondary censorship, seismal, seismic, semiabstract, sensationalism, sentential, sequence, service, shock, skyjack, smattering, social phobia, somalia, sophistication, south china sea, spank, specialised, specialized, speculate, speculation, splintery, spreading, stable, stalemate, steady, stellite, stray, study, subject case, subordinate, subsidiary, subsumption, summary, superior, supernatural, swearing, syncategorematic, taboo, take, taxable, teargas, technical, technological, temperamental, temporary injunction, tenured, text, thematic, theme, think over, tidal zone, topic, torment, torture, tract, transform, transition, translate, treat, trilogy, u. s. code, ultracentrifuge, unappealable, unarbitrary, uncensored, uncertain, unchangeable, unclassified, unconditionally, undecided, underling, undetermined, undeviating, undisputed, unforfeitable, unguided, unhampered, unimpeachable, united states code, unmerited, unregulated, unresolved, unrestrained, unrestricted, unsettled, unstable, unsteady, unthematic, unvoluntary, unwitting, utility, vade mecum, variability, variable, variableness, variance, vary, vex, vicissitude, vitriol, voice, voluminous, vulcanise, vulcanize, wander, wavering, whip, won, work, work over, yahoo, zoning board

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