Words and phrases whose definition contains studies:   (300 results)

., adjudicator, alfred binet, alfred charles kinsey, alfred kroeber, alfred louis kroeber, allergology, analyst, anatomic, anatomical, anesthesiology, angiology, anthropological, anthropology, appleton, archaeologist, archaeology, archeologist, archeology, arts, art history, associate, associate degree, astrodynamics, astronomer, astronomy, astrophysicist, atomic physics, baccalaureate, bachelor's degree, bacteriologist, bacteriology, band, baron karl wilhelm von humboldt, baron richard von krafft-ebing, baron wilhelm von humboldt, beaumont, behind, benjamin peirce, binet, bioethics, biological science, biologist, biology, biomedicine, biometrics, biometry, biotechnology, birder, bird watcher, body plethysmograph, botany, bug-hunter, bugologist, bugology, burt, chemoimmunology, child psychology, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive neuroscientist, communications, communication theory, computer science, computing, contract law, corporation law, cosmogeny, cosmogony, cosmologist, cosmology, course credit, course of study, credit, credit analyst, cryobiology, cryogenics, cryogeny, crystallography, curriculum, cyril burt, cyril lodowic burt, cytogenetics, cytologist, cytology, david hubel, demographer, demographist, demography, developmental anatomy, developmental psychology, differential psychology, ecologist, edward appleton, ee, electrical engineering, embryology, english, entomologist, entomology, entrance exam, entrance examination, epidemiologic, epidemiological, epidemiologist, ethnologist, ethologist, ethology, femtochemistry, finance, financial analyst, focus, fossilology, franklin, frazer, frisch, fritz albert lipmann, gastroenterology, gell-mann, general, genetics, genetic marker, genetic psychology, genetic science, genomics, geodesy, geomorphology, gilbert, glottochronological, goodall, graduate, graduatea, graduate student, grad student, grammar, group dynamics, harmonic, herpetologist, hess, heyerdahl, high-energy physics, high energy physics, histology, historian, historiographer, hubel, humanism, humanist, humanistic, humanistic discipline, humanities, human ecology, humboldt, hydrology, ichthyologist, ichthyology, iconology, immerse, immunochemistry, immunology, interdisciplinary, international relations and security network, in vivo, iodine-125, isn, james edward meade, james george frazer, jane goodall, jean piaget, john hope franklin, karl von frisch, karl wernicke, kendrew, kinesiology, kinsey, krafft-ebing, kroeber, lexicology, liberal arts, life scientist, lipmann, lowell, macroeconomics, magnetics, magnetism, mammalogy, matrimonial law, meade, medical scientist, memory, meteorologist, microbiology, microeconomics, mineralogy, molecular biologist, molecular biology, morphology, murray gell-mann, mycology, myology, nephology, neurolinguist, neurolinguistics, neurophysiology, nuclear physics, nucleonics, oceanographer, onomastics, optics, ornithologist, ornithology, otto heinrich warburg, palaeodendrology, palaeoecology, palaeontology, paleodendrology, paleoecology, paleontology, parapsychologist, particle physics, patent law, pathology, peirce, penologist, percival lowell, petrology, pharmacogenetics, phytology, piaget, planaria, planarian, pomology, population scientist, postgraduate, primatology, problem solving, program, programme, proteomics, protozoological, protozoologist, protozoology, psephologist, psephology, psycholinguist, psycholinguistics, pteridology, quantitative, radiobiology, radio astronomy, rheology, richard henry tawney, richard von krafft-ebing, ring, robert robinson, robinson, rocketry, round out, securities analyst, seismologist, seismology, sir edward victor appleton, sir james george frazer, sir john cowdery kendrew, sir robert robinson, social anthropologist, social psychology, social science, sociobiologist, sociobiology, sociolinguist, sociological, sociologist, solid-state physics, stargazer, syllabus, syntax, tawney, thanatology, thor hyerdahl, tonegawa susumu, toponomy, toponymy, toxicologist, undisturbed, uranologist, uranology, urge, virology, volcanology, vulcanology, walter hess, walter rudolf hess, warburg, weber, wernicke, wilhelm eduard weber, william beaumont, william gilbert, zoological science, zoology

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