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., ablative, ablative case, abney level, accelerator, accelerometer, accordion, actinometer, alidad, alidade, altazimuth, altimeter, alto, american organ, analyser, analyzer, andres segovia, arm, artificial horizon, asdic, assignment, atmometer, atom smasher, audiometer, autofocus, bagpipe, balalaika, ballistocardiograph, banjo, baritone, baritone horn, barometer, barrel organ, bassoon, bass horn, beating-reed instrument, bell, bifilar, binocular, binoculars, blow, blunt, bolometer, bones, boot, bow, bowed, bowing, brass, brasslike, brassy, bronchoscope, bronchoscopic, bubble chamber, bugle, bulb, buret, burette, calibrate, calibration, caliper, calipers, calliope, calliper, callipers, calorimeter, cangue, cardiograph, case, cash equivalent, castanets, cauterant, cautery, cd, celesta, cello, certificate of deposit, chair, chime, choir, chord, chordophone, chronoscope, cither, cithern, citole, cittern, clappers, clarinet, clarion, clavichord, clavier, cleave, clinometer, codicil, collimate, colorimeter, compass, concertina, console, consort, contrabassoon, contrafagotto, cornet, cor anglais, counter tube, craniometer, cross hair, cross wire, cryocautery, cryoscope, cucking stool, curet, curette, cut, cutting, cymbal, cymograph, dashboard, deadly, death chair, death chamber, declinometer, deed of trust, deflection, deflexion, delicate, densimeter, densitometer, depth finder, derivative, derivative instrument, dermatome, design, dialysis machine, dialyzer, diathermy machine, dilater, dilator, dip circle, dividers, dosemeter, dosimeter, double bassoon, double tongue, drafting instrument, draw back, drum, ducking stool, dulcimer, dynamometer, echo sounder, electric chair, electrocardiograph, electrodynamometer, electroencephalograph, electromyograph, electronic instrument, electroscope, embouchure, endoscope, english horn, ergometer, esophagoscope, etude, eudiometer, euphonium, evaporometer, execution, execution of instrument, extractor, eyeglasses, fiberscope, fiddle, field, field glasses, field of view, fingerboard, fingering, finger cymbals, finger hole, flagpole, flight indicator, floater, fluegelhorn, flugelhorn, flute, forgery, forte-piano, fraud in the factum, fraud in the inducement, free-reed instrument, french horn, fret, futures contract, gage, gallous, gallows, gallows-tree, gallows tree, garotte, garrote, garrotte, gash, gas chamber, gauge, gibbet, gittern, glasses, glockenspiel, goad, gong, gore, graduate, graticule, gravimeter, gravity meter, grind organ, guillotine, guitar, gyro horizon, haematocrit, haemostat, half step, hampton, hand-hewn, hand organ, harmonica, harmonium, harp, hautbois, hautboy, hematocrit, hemostat, hewn, hit, hodoscope, horn, hot seat, hurdy gurdy, hydrometer, hygrometer, idiot light, incised, inclinometer, indication, instrumentalist, instrumental music, instrument of execution, instrument of punishment, instrument of torture, instrument panel, integrator, interferometer, intonation, ionization chamber, ionization tube, iou, iron boot, iron collar, iron heel, iron maiden, jew's harp, jeweler's glass, kazoo, keen, keratoscope, kettle, kettledrum, keyboardist, keyed, kicksorter, klavier, knife, knifelike, knife thrust, koto, kundt's tube, kymograph, lancinate, lancinating, laryngoscope, lethal, light microscope, limb, lionel hampton, locate, log, lute, magnifier, mandolin, maraca, marimba, measure, measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring rod, measuring stick, measuring system, medical instrument, membranophone, meter reading, microtome, microwave radar, mouthpiece, mouth bow, mouth harp, mouth organ, municipal note, musician, mute, naked, naked eye, navigational instrument, needle, nephoscope, oboe, ocarina, octant, oesophagoscope, opera glasses, ophthalmoscope, optical instrument, orchestral bells, organ, organon, otoscope, oximeter, paddle, pandean pipe, panel, panel light, panpipe, part, particle accelerator, pedal, pedometer, peg, pelvimeter, percussion, percussion instrument, percussive instrument, periscope, photocoagulator, photometer, piano, pianoforte, piano accordion, piano keyboard, pick, pierce, piercing, piezometer, pillory, pipe, pipes, pipet, pipette, pipe organ, pitot-static tube, pitot tube, planetarium, plane table, planimeter, play, player, playing, plectron, plectrum, plethysmograph, plotter, plucked, pluviometer, poke, polygraph, post horn, potentiometer, pound, power of attorney, prism spectroscope, probate, probe, prod, projector, protractor, psaltery, pull back, pulse height analyzer, quadrant, rack, radar, radiolocation, radio detection and ranging, rain gage, rain gauge, rain stick, rangefinder, range finder, range pole, ranging pole, reading, red notice, reed, reedy, reed organ, reed stop, refractometer, reticle, reticule, retract, retractor, rhinoscope, rive, sackbut, samisen, scale, scat, scat singing, scientific instrument, sclerometer, scribe, second, sector, segovia, seismograph, semitone, sensitometer, severable contract, sextant, shamisen, sight, silverpoint, single-reed instrument, single-reed woodwind, sitar, situate, slash, slide rule, slipstick, snare, solo, sonar, sonograph, sonometer, soundboard, soundbox, sounding board, sousaphone, spark chamber, spark counter, specs, spectacles, spectroscope, speculum, spherometer, spirograph, spirometer, split, squeeze box, stab, stabbing, stake, stamp, standardisation, standardization, static tube, steam organ, steel drum, stethoscope, stick, stocks, stopping, street organ, stringed instrument, strobe, strobe light, stroboscope, strum, surgical instrument, surveying instrument, surveyor's instrument, surveyor's level, sweet potato, switch, synchroniser, synchronizer, synchronoscope, synchroscope, synthesiser, synthesizer, syringe, syrinx, t-scope, tabor pipe, tach, tachistoscope, tachometer, tam-tam, tape, tapeline, tape measure, telemeter, temperament, tenor, tensiometer, theodolite, thermograph, thermometer, thrum, thrust, thumbscrew, thump, timekeeper, timepiece, timpani, tintometer, toccata, tonometer, torsion balance, tracer, transcribe, transit, transit declinometer, transverse flute, treasury bond, trepan, trephine, triangle, triple-tongue, trombone, trump, trumpet, trust deed, tuba, tuning, twang, tweedle, tympan, tympani, tympanum, udometer, unaided, ungainly, valve, variometer, venturi tube, vibes, vibraharp, vibraphone, viola, violin, violoncello, viscometer, viscosimeter, voice, voicing, voluntary, weapon, weapon system, weighing machine, wheel, wheezy, whip, wind, wind instrument, wood, woodwind, woodwind instrument, xylophone, zero, zither, zithern

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