Words and phrases whose definition contains glass:   (306 results)

., alcohol-in-glass thermometer, alcohol thermometer, anneal, annoying, arsenic, arsenic trioxide, arsenous anhydride, arsenous oxide, beaker, beer glass, beer mat, bell glass, bell jar, berlin, blebbed, blebby, blow, blown, boric acid, bottle, bottle collection, brandy glass, brandy snifter, brittle, bubble, bugle, bulb, bulletproof, bumper, buret, burette, case, cash bar, cast, chimney, china cabinet, china closet, chip, chromatography column, clink, coaster, cobalt bloom, cold frame, collotype, collotype printing, column, contact, contact lens, content, control tower, cover glass, cover slip, crack, crash, crown glass, crown lens, crystal, crystal ball, cup, cut, cut glass, cytologic smear, cytosmear, dasymeter, decal, decalcomania, dielectric, display case, double-glaze, double glazing, draw, drinking glass, drip mat, dry mustard, electric-discharge lamp, electric-light bulb, electric light, electron tube, empty, enamel, erythrite, eskalith, eudiometer, evacuated, fiberglass, fiberoptics, fiber optics, fibreglass, fibreoptics, fibre optics, flinders, flint glass, flowers of zinc, foliate, foliation, frost, frosted, frosty, full, gas-discharge lamp, genus ophisaurus, glass-cutter, glassblower, glassed, glassful, glasshouse, glassless, glassmaker, glassware, glasswork, glassworker, glassworks, glasswort, glassy, glass cutter, glass eye, glass fiber, glass fibre, glass in, glass over, glass wool, glaze, glazed, glazer, glaze over, glazier, goblet, graduate, greenhouse, grisaille, ground, ground glass, hiccup, highball, highball glass, hotbed, hurricane lamp, hurricane lantern, hyaline, hyaloid, incandescent lamp, insulator, jalousie, jeweler's loupe, jigger, kaleidoscope, knock, laminated glass, lamp chimney, leaded, lead glass, lechatelierite, light, lightbulb, light bulb, liqueur glass, lithane, lithium carbonate, lithonate, louis comfort tiffany, loupe, louvered window, ludwig mies van der rohe, madeira cake, madeira sponge, magnifying glass, marble, marbles, mason jar, mercury-in-glass thermometer, mercury thermometer, microscope slide, mies van der rohe, milky, milk glass, minium, mosaic, mournfully, nonconductor, normalize, nursery, obsidian, opal glass, ophisaurus, optical crown, optical fiber, optical fibre, optical flint, optical glass, optical prism, orthoboric acid, pane, pane of glass, parfait glass, peepshow, philosopher's wool, photogelatin process, photographic plate, pier table, pipet, pipette, pitchstone, plate, plate glass, pliant, polymethyl methacrylate, pony, potassium carbonate, powdered mustard, prism, propagator, pumice, pumice stone, putty, pyrex, quarterlight, quartz, quartz glass, quartz lamp, raree-show, red lead, refill, rhinestone, rummer, safety glass, salicornia europaea, sal soda, samphire, satire, schooner, seidel, shatter, shattered, shatterproof glass, sheet glass, shot glass, showcase, slashed, slide, sliver, smear, snifter, soda, soda ash, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, sodium sulfate, sodium sulphate, soft glass, solarium, solar house, soluble glass, splinter, stained-glass window, stained glass, storm lamp, storm lantern, strike hard, subaqueous, sunroom, sun lounge, sun parlor, sun parlour, sun porch, swosh, tachylite, tank furnace, taped, temper, tessellated, tessera, test tube, thermionic tube, thermionic vacuum tube, thermionic valve, tiffany, tiffany glass, tornado lantern, tube, tumbler, unannealed, unfrosted, unglazed, vacuum tube, vase, venetian, vitreous, vitreous silica, vitrify, void, volcanic, volcanic glass, washing soda, watch glass, waterford, water glass, window, window glass, windscreen, windshield, wind bells, wind chimes, wineglass, wire glass, zinc oxide

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