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., academic degree, accelerated, act of god, acute, adamant, adamantine, adrift, adult education, advanceda, advice, afters, allegiance, alternate, ambivalent, amiss, amphibious demonstration, antipasto, appetiser, appetizer, associate, associate degree, athletic training, auditor, automatic pilot, autopilot, avulsion, awry, backtrack, barred, barrel roll, barricaded, basic, battle, bechance, befall, belt, bend, biology class, blind alley, blockaded, bring around, bring round, bunker, by hook or by crook, call, carry on, casually, causalgia, centrism, centrist, channelise, channelize, chart, chemistry class, childbirth-preparation class, circle, circuit, circuitous, class period, clocking, coast, cocktail, coil, cold feet, collateral damage, collision course, come, commitment, complication, conduct, confirmation, conflict, corkscrew, correspondence course, counsel, counseling, counselling, coursework, course credit, course of action, course of study, course session, coventry, cover, crash course, crash program, crash programme, credit, crisis, current, curricular, curriculum, damp-proof course, damp course, daoism, deadly, deal, dedication, deflect, deflection, deflexion, degree, degree program, depart, dessert, destiny, deviate, deviation, devious, differentiated, digress, digression, dinner plate, diploma, direct, direction, directness, dissuasion, divagate, divagation, diversify, diversion, divert, dodge, double back, down, drag, drag in, drift, driftage, early, eliminate, embroil, emergent evolution, engagement, english class, enrollee, entrance exam, entrance examination, entremots, en passant, err, errant, erratic, everyday, extension course, extrajudicial, failing, fairway, fate, federal job safety law, fertilize, fight, fish fry, flection, flexion, flip, flip-flop, flow, follow, force majeure, give, go, golf, golf course, golf game, golf hole, golf links, grade point, graduate nurse, green, greenskeeper, guidance, guide, guideline, gyrate, happen, hazard, head, headed, head sea, higher national diploma, hnd, hole, home study, honorable, important person, indication, indirect, indirectness, induction, industrial arts, inevitable accident, inexorable, inflection, influential person, initiation, initiator, instigator, interchange, intermediate host, intransigent, introductory, in due course, in passing, james harvey robinson, landmark, lap, layover, leg, life, lifesaving, life cycle, links, lit, living, loyalty, malignant hypertension, maneuver, manoeuver, manoeuvre, meander, mean sun, medical prognosis, memory, middle-of-the-road, miniature golf, moderatism, move, mundane, nail, narration, narrative, navigational system, navigator, neuralgia, neuralgy, obligatedp, oblique, occupational safety and health act, onward, orientation, orientation course, pace car, pall, par, path, personage, persuade, persuasiveness, physics class, planetary, planning, plate, point, policy, practicum, prerequisite, prescient, presentism, preventative, preventive, procedure, proceed, process, prognosis, program, programme, propaedeutic, propaedeutics, prophylactic, prospect, pud, pudding, putting green, quotidian, racecourse, racetrack, raceway, reciprocally, recital, recitation, reclaim, reclamation, recommendation, rectify, reform, reformation, refresher, refresher course, regenerate, remedial, retrorocket, road map, robinson, robot pilot, rough, round, roundabout, routine, row of bricks, rudder, ruinous, same, sand trap, satisfice, seaward, section man, self-determination, self-limited, seminar, sheepskin, shop, shop class, sidetrack, side dish, slalom, southerly, speedskater, speed skater, speed skating, spiral, spiritual being, stage, staisfise, starter, starting gate, starting stalls, steeplechase, steer, steering, steps, stolid, stop, stopover, story, straggle, straight, straightness, straightway, stray, stream, strength, strike out, study, suggested, supernatural being, swath, sweep, sweep up, sweet, swerve, switch, syllabus, tack, tale, tangle, taoism, tee, teeing ground, tennessee, tennessee river, thread, trace, track, trained, trained nurse, trap, travel along, trigger, turn, turning, turning point, turn away, turn back, unavoidable casualty, unchanging, unremarkable, up and down, vis major, wander, wandering, warning of war, warpath, wash out, watershed, way, way of life, weave, weenie roast, wend, wherein, wiener roast, wild, wind, workaday, workmen's compensation, workshop, yardage, yarn, yaw, zigzag

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