Words and phrases whose definition contains close:   (426 results)

., aboard, about, acer saccharinum, acer saccharum, adhere, adjacent, adjourn, adpressed, affiliated, affinity, alertness, alpha geminorum, alter ego, altogether, american pit bull terrier, american staffordshire terrier, amharic, anagallis arvensis, anatomical sphincter, anti-imperialist international brigade, appose, apposition, appressed, approach, approximate, approximately, approximation, around, assault, assembly language, association, asthenopia, attached, attentive, at close range, at handp, balaclava, balaclava helmet, bang, beat, bendy tree, birch, black willow, blue jean, bonding, boon, bootboys, bosom, boxwood, break up, breechblock, breech closer, brother, buddy, buddy-buddy, bunched, bunchy, bung, burr oak, bur oak, cadence, california yew, cali cartel, casework, castor, catarrhine, cheek by jowl, chum, chummy, cleave, cling, cloche, close-cropped, close-hauled, close-knit, close-seta, closely, closeness, closeup, close at handp, close setp, close support, close to, close togetherp, close to the wind, close up, closure, clustered, coatee, cohere, collapse, collocation, come close, commensal, complaisant, conclude, confine, conjunct, connected, contact, contiguous, cooperatively, cork, cork up, corset, cortinarius mutabilis, cover plate, crony, cross-examination, cross one's eyes, crouch, crouched, crouching, cuddle, daisy cutter, dangerously, dear, denim, dionaea muscipula, disquietingly, doo-wop, door, doorway, doublet, drink, drink in, duster, embrace, enclose, ethiopian language, eugenia dicrana, exaugural, eyestrain, face to face, fail, familiarity, famulus, female bonding, fine-tootha, fine-tootheda, fine-toothed comb, fine-tooth comb, flat-hat, for good measure, fraternal, gather, genus gomphrena, genus thujopsis, germaneness, germanep, girdle, gnetales, going-out-of-business sale, gomphrena, good, grade crossing, grapple, grappling, gravity-assist, ground effect, grudgingly, hand-to-hand, hand-to-hand struggle, hand and glove, hand in glove, hand to hand, harakat ul-jihad-i-islami, hard, harkat-ul-jihad-e-islami, head-to-head, hedgehop, heed, heedful, heedfulness, hold, hold in, homogeneous, huddled, huji, hunkered, hunkered down, hygrophorus russula, icarus, immediate, immediately, imminent, impending, implication, in-fighting, independence, inshore, intensive care, intimacy, intimate, intimately, isolated, japanese red army, jaw, jaws, jean, jersey, jra, just about, juxtaposition, kauri, keep away, kinship, knock-kneed, lagophthalmos, law of closure, level crossing, liberty cap, linebacker, line backer, listen, lock in, looker, luff, madeira cake, madeira sponge, madrasa, male bonding, maple, marginal, marriage, mind, mindfulness, mishpachah, mishpocha, more or less, morning glory, mossy-cup oak, mossycup oak, mountain tent, musculus temporalis, nakedwood, near, near-death experience, nearby, nearly, neck and neck, nepotism, nest, nestle, nestled, newmarket, new criticism, nip and tuck, note, observant, observe, obturator, okinawa, okinawa campaign, old world monkey, order gnetales, organic, or so, overhand, oversew, oversewn, pacific yew, pair creation, pair formation, pair production, pal, patent ductus arteriosus, phaethon, phalanx, photo finish, pitched battle, pit bull terrier, play, plug, point, point-blank, pollux, polo-neck, polo-neck collar, polysyndeton, poor man's weatherglass, popular struggle front, portia tree, propinquity, proximate, proximity, psf, ptolemy i, purple-staining cortinarius, purse-string operation, purse string, quercus coccinea, quercus macrocarpa, recess, recount, redolent, red pimpernel, related, renaissance, resolution, resolving power, restrain, ring vaccination, rock maple, room access, rosette, roughly, salix nigra, sandalwood, sandalwood tree, santalum album, scarlet oak, scarlet pimpernel, scattered, schizoid, scuffle, seal, seal in, seaside mahoe, second, secure, senecio doublasii, sequestered, session cookie, shaved, shaven, shearwater, shibah, shirodkar's operation, shiva, shivah, short covering, shoulder-to-shoulder, shutter, sidekick, silver maple, skinheads, ski cap, slam, slat, snap, snuggle, snuggled, socially connected, socratic irony, some, spectator, sphincter, sphincter muscle, spile, squat, squinch, squint, staffordshire terrier, stays, stick, stocking, stocking cap, stopper, stopple, stop up, store, storehouse, stray, strip mine, sugar maple, surveillance, surveillance system, swamp willow, sympathy, t-shirt, tailgate, take note, taxus brevifolia, tee shirt, temporalis, temporalis muscle, temporal muscle, tenor, texas tortoise, thespesia populnea, thickp, thickset, third, thoughtful, threadleaf groundsel, threshold, thujopsis, tight, tight end, toboggan cap, toe-to-toe, trip wire, true sandalwood, tuck, turkish boxwood, turtleneck, turtleneck collar, tussle, unrelaxed, vaginismus, valvular incompetence, venus's flytrap, venus's flytraps, verge, viewer, vigilance, walk-toa, walkinga, watcher, watchfulness, weatherliness, weatherly, well-connected, western yew, wet suit, wilton, wilton carpet, witness, wrestle, wrestling, year-end, zip, zipper, zip up

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