Words and phrases whose definition contains children:   (617 results)

., a. a. milne, abandonment, abel, abomination, abound, abusively, acquire, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia, adenomyosarcoma, admirably, adolesce, adopt, adoptive, advantageously, affectionate, afford, airily, alan alexander milne, alcott, alfred binet, allergic, altered, amain, ambivalent, amuse, appeal, appellative, appropriate, approval, arouse, ask, attend, attentiveness, attractive nuisance, atypical, atypical pneumonia, ayah, babar, baby-sitter, babysitter, babysitting, baby sitting, baby tooth, badness, baffled, barelegged, bargain-priced, barrenness, bastardization, baum, bed, bed-wetting, beget, behave, benjamin spock, binet, biological, birth control, birth prevention, blackberry, blindman's bluff, blindman's buff, bloated, bob, bogeyman, booger, boogeyman, bopeep, bosin's disease, bound, boundless, bright, bring forth, bring up, bubble gum dermatitis, bubbly, bugaboo, bugbear, bunch, bundling, bunk, burnett, bus, c. s. lewis, cain, caller, cambric tea, camp, cared-for, carelessly, carl orff, carousel, carroll, carrousel, categorize, cat and mouse, cat and rat, celiac disease, center, charge, charles dodgson, charles lutwidge dodgson, child, child's game, child's play, childcare, child abuse, child care, child pornography, child psychology, child support, child welfare agency, child welfare service, cholera infantum, chorus, circus, clap, clean, climbing frame, clive staples lewis, coast, coloring book, commend, compactly, compliant, composite school, comprehensive school, confirm, congregation, conjugal family, conserve, contact, control, convalescent, copy, court of domestic relations, creche, credulously, crossing guard, croup, crunch, custody battle, custody case, customarily, dabble, dance, dandle board, dawson's encephalitis, day camp, day care center, day nursery, deciduous tooth, dependent, desert, deserted, deservingness, develop, development, developmental psychology, de la mare, dickey-bird, dickeybird, dicky-bird, dickybird, dink, direct, disavow, discipline, disobedient, doctor, dodgson, doll's house, dollhouse, domestic relations court, dr. seuss, duty, earshot, eczema herpeticum, elementary school, embryoma of the kidney, embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, embryonal rhabdosarcoma, empty-bellied, empty nester, engender, enterobiasis, enterobius vermicularis, exanthema subitum, exception, exceptionala, experimentalism, explosion, exposure, extol, fairytale, fairy story, fairy tale, familial, family, family court, family planning, family unit, fascination, father, father christmas, feed, ferule, fictional animal, fiercely, fireman, first language, fluoridize, fondly, fool, forsaken, fortunate, foster, foster care, foundling hospital, frances eliza hodgson burnett, frances hodgson burnett, frank baum, friedreich's ataxia, frolic, furlough, furthest, game room, gee-gee, geisel, generate, genetic counseling, genetic psychology, get, grade school, grahame, grammar school, greenstick fracture, growing pains, hand-schuller-christian disease, heartily, heed, heedlessness, herd, herediatry spinal ataxia, herod, herod the great, herpangia, holy innocents' day, home-school, hopper, hotly, house, housefather, hunker, hyperpyrexia, icily, impetigo, imprint, inattentiveness, inclusion body encephalitis, independently, indulgent, infant school, infect, innocents' day, instill, intellectually, intervene, issue, jabbering, jean piaget, juggle, jumpers, jungle gym, junior school, juvenile, juvenile court, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile wart, kawasaki disease, kenneth grahame, kibbutz, kiddie porn, kiddy porn, kindergarten, klein, kriss kringle, kwashiorkor, latitude, lead, learn, learning disability, learning disorder, lewis, lewis carroll, librate, light-haired, lilith, linguistically, lollipop lady, lollipop woman, longitudinally, lord's resistance army, loud, louisa may alcott, lyman frank brown, major, marasmus, marbles, maria montesorri, mask, maternalism, maternal language, matron, measles, megacolon, mek, melanie klein, merry-go-round, methylphenidate, midnight, milk tooth, milne, minor, misbehave, mischievousness, misopedia, mko, mock, molech, molestation, molluscum contagiosum, moloch, montessori, morbilli, mother, motherliness, mother tongue, mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome, mud puddle, muffled, mujahidin-e khalq organization, mycoplasmal pneumonia, nanny, naughtiness, neglect, nephroblastoma, night-light, night terror, noma, nonmusical, norm, nourish, nuclear family, nurse, nursemaid, nursery rhyme, nursery school, obedience, object, orff, orthopaedist, orthopedist, osteogenic sarcoma, osteosarcoma, otitis media, outfitted, paddle, paediatric, paediatrics, paedophile, pain, pamper, pantie, panty, para, paracosm, parainfluenza virus, parity, parous, paying attention, pediatric, pediatrics, pediatric medicine, pedodontist, pedophile, peekaboo, people, people's mujahidin of iran, perish, permit, petting zoo, phenylalanine, photograph, piaget, pinata, pinworm, piping, pitiable, pityriasis alba, plague, plastic, play, playful, playground, playhouse, playroom, playsuit, play therapy, porringer, possessive, post office, pot-trained, potty-trained, potty chair, potty seat, pour, praise, preadolescent, precious, preoccupied, preschool, preteen, primary atypical pneumonia, primary school, primary tooth, primitivism, prisoner's base, prissily, protropin, pseudorubella, quad, quadruplet, quin, quint, quintuplet, rather, ready, reason, reclamation, red bone marrow, red marrow, regard, regiment, regularly, relationship, remove, respiratory syncytial virus, responsive, reverend dodgson, revolutionary united front, reye's syndrome, rheumatic fever, ridiculous, ring-a-rosy, ring-around-a-rosy, ring-around-the-rosy, ritalin, ritualize, romper, rompers, romper suit, roseola infantilis, roseola infantum, roundabout, rubeola, ruf, rumpus room, safety, safe and sound, sag, saint nick, saint vitus dance, sanctum, sanctum sanctorum, sandbox, sandman, sandpile, santa claus, scanty, scarlatina, scarlet fever, scatter, school, school bus, school crossing, schuller-christian disease, scid, sclerosing leukoencephalitis, scruffy, scuffer, secrete, seesaw, self-supporting, separate, severe combined immunodeficiency, severe combined immunodeficiency disease, share, shelby silverstein, shell out, shel silverstein, shiver, shoe, shut up, silence, silly, silverstein, sire, sitter, sleepers, sleepily, sleepover, slide, slightly, small, smart, snakes and ladders, snap, snuggle, socialization, socialize, social work, soft, somber, spacing, spasmodic laryngitis, special education, splash around, spock, sprue, squint, sspe, st. nick, st. vitus dance, stay, step-in, still's disease, stir, straight and narrow, street, street child, subacute inclusion body encephalitis, subacute sclerosing leukoencephalitis, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, subdued, subvert, summer camp, support, swell, sydenham's chorea, tardy, task, tawse, tease, teeter-totter, teeterboard, tend, theodor seuss geisel, think of, thirsty, threadworm, thrill, tilting board, tlc, toddle, toilet-trained, torment, toy business, toy industry, trace, trading card, transfer, treasure, trick or treat, trimming, troop, tropical sprue, trounce, uncontrollable, uncorrected, under, underfed, underfoot, undernourish, undoer, unenthusiastically, unhurried, unicef, united nations children's fund, united nations international children's emergency fund, unkindly, unneurotic, unsuitable, unweaned, valine, van bogaert encephalitis, vocal, wading pool, walter de la mare, walter john de la mare, warn, water wings, well, well-behaved, well behaved, wendy house, whirligig, whoop, wilms' tumor, wilms tumour, without fear, wrestle, x-linked scid, x-scid, zero tolerance

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