Words and phrases whose definition contains cell:   (436 results)

., acanthocyte, acantholysis, acanthosis, acaryote, acceptor rna, achromatin, achromatinic, acrosome, action potential, active transport, agonist, akaryocyte, akaryote, al-tawhid, alpha-adrenergic receptor, alpha-adrenoceptor, alpha receptor, alveolate, al tawhid, ameloblast, amitosis, amitotic, amphidiploid, anaplasia, anode, apocrine, apoptosis, apposition, archespore, archesporium, aster, astrocyte, autoregulation, auxesis, auxiliary cell, axon, axone, bedless, beta-adrenergic receptor, beta-adrenoceptor, beta cell, beta receptor, bioflavinoid, blastocyte, blastomere, bone-forming cell, bone cell, brain cell, bromeosin, bullpen, cadmium cell, calcium-channel blocker, calcium blocker, cambium, cancer, cancer cell, caspase-mediated cell death, catenulate, cathode, cavitied, cd4 cell, cd4 t cell, cd8 cell, cd8 t cell, cell-free, cell-like, cellular division, cell division, cell membrane, cell nucleus, cell organ, cell phone, cell wall, centriole, chemotaxis, chitin, chlorophyta, chromatin, chromatinic, chromatin granule, chromosome, cilial, ciliary, ciliate, ciliated protozoan, ciliophoran, cilium, citrin, clark cell, clark standard cell, clon, clone, cloning, clostridia, clostridium, coccobacillus, colony, coltan, columbite-tantalite, columnar cell, columnar epithelial cell, cone, cone cell, cooler, correlation table, crenation, crenature, crenel, crenelle, cuboidal cell, cuboidal epithelial cell, cyclosis, cytokinesis, cytokinetic, cytokinin, cytolytic, cytomembrane, cytophotometer, cytophotometry, cytoplasm, cytoplast, cytoskeleton, cytotoxic t cell, daughter cell, dendrite, deoxyribonucleic acid, desoxyribonucleic acid, detention cell, detention centre, diatom, differentiation, diploid, divine unity, division chlorophyta, dna, dry cell, dungeon, eccrine, egg cell, electrolytic cell, embryonic cell, endomycetales, endoplasm, endospore, enucleate, eosin, erythroblast, erythrocyte, eubacteria, eubacterium, extracellular, exudation, facility, faveolate, fertilized ovum, fibroblast, fission, flagellated cell, floater, folacin, folate, folic acid, formative cell, fuel cell, galvani, galvanic, galvanic cell, gametangium, gamete, gametocyte, ganglion, glial cell, goblet cell, gray matter, gray substance, grey matter, grey substance, ground substance, growth factor, guardroom, gustatory cell, hair cell, haploid, haploidic, helper cell, helper t cell, heteroploid, histone, hold, homunculus, honeycombed, htlv-1, human t-cell leukemia virus-1, hyaloplasm, hybridoma, hydremia, hypobasidium, ian wilmut, inclusion, informational rna, intelligence cell, intracellular, intracellular fluid, intussusception, islands of langerhans, isles of langerhans, islets of langerhans, karyokinesis, karyokinetic, karyolymph, karyolysis, karyon, karyoplasm, karyotype, keep, kerr cell, killer cell, killer t cell, kinin, labrocyte, lead-acid accumulator, lead-acid battery, leclanche cell, leptosporangiate, leptosporangium, leucopenia, leukopenia, leydig's cell, leydig cell, lignified, lignin, linin, living substance, lorenz oken, lorenz okenfuss, luigi galvani, lymphocyte, lymphokine, lymph cell, lysozyme, m. j. schleiden, macrocyte, malignant neoplastic disease, mastocyte, mast cell, matthias schleiden, mature, megakaryocyte, megaloblast, megalocyte, meiosis, melanoblast, melanocyte, mercury cell, merozoite, messenger rna, metabolic process, metabolism, metastasis, microcyte, microgliacyte, microscope, miosis, mitosis, monoploid, mosaicism, mother cell, mrna, muramidase, muscae volitantes, musca volitans, muscle cell, muscle fiber, muscle fibre, mycoplasma, myenteric plexus, myonecrosis, neoplastic cell, nerve cell, nerve fiber, nerve fibre, neuroblast, neurogliacyte, neuroglial cell, neuron, nickel-iron accumulator, nickel-iron battery, nrna, nuclear, nuclear rna, nuclear transplantation, nucleole, nucleolus, nucleoplasm, nucleus, oat cell carcinoma, oken, okenfuss, oligodendrocyte, one-celled, operational cell, order endomycetales, organelle, osteoblast, osteoclast, osteocyte, ovule, ovum, oxidative phosphorylation, panic, parenchyma, parthenote, passive transport, phagocyte, photovoltaic cell, pilus, pitted, plasmablast, plasmacyte, plasma cell, plasma membrane, plexus myentericus, polar body, polyploid, preformation, prickle cell, primary cell, programmed cell death, protoplasm, pteroylglutamic acid, pteroylmonoglutamic acid, purkinje cell, pycnosis, pyknosis, radical cell, rbc, reagin, reduction division, red blood cell, replicate, replication, respiratory quotient, resting potential, reticulocyte, retinal cone, retinal rod, ribonucleic acid, ribosome, rna, rod, rod cell, root hair, scallop, scavenger cell, schleiden, schwann, schwann cell, scnt, second-hand speech, secondary cell, secretion, secretory, selenium cell, semipermeable membrane, sickle cell, siderocyte, single-celled, sleeper cell, small cell carcinoma, solar cell, soluble rna, somatic cell, somatic cell nuclear transfer, somatic cell nuclear transplantation, sperm, spermatozoan, spermatozoon, sperm cell, spherocyte, spindle, spore mother cell, spots, squamous cell, stainability, stainable, standard cell, stem cell, storage cell, streaming, striated muscle cell, striated muscle fiber, substantia grisea, superinfect, sweatbox, syncytium, tank, target cell, taste cell, template rna, terrorist cell, theodor schwann, theory of preformation, totipotence, totipotency, tracheid, transduction, transfer rna, transform, transformation, transport, transudation, triploid, trisomy, trna, true bacteria, tumor virus, turgor, unicellular, vacuolate, vacuolated, vacuole, vegetative cell, velban, vinblastine, virino, vitamin bc, vitamin m, vitamin p, voltaic cell, weston cell, wet cell, wilmut, woody, zonal, zygote

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