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., abattoir, access, acreage, aesthetically, agglutination, airplane mechanics, alfresco, andrew jackson downing, annex, annexe, apartment building, apartment house, apse, apsis, architecturally, architectural ornament, asbestos abatement, ashlar, atrium, attic fan, auto mechanics, aviary, backstairs, back door, back entrance, bagnio, balcony, ban, bank, bank building, barn, baroque, barrack, basilica, bathhouse, bathing machine, battlemented, bawdyhouse, beacon hill, bearing wall, befouled, belfry, bird sanctuary, block, bluestone, bombastically, bordello, bowling alley, boy scouts of america, brain coral, breeze block, brick, bricklayer, bricks and mortar, brothel, build, builder, building complex, building department, building permit, building supply house, building supply store, buildup, bullfinch, burglar, burglary, butchery, buttress, buttressing, caaba, campanile, capaciousness, capitol, capitol building, capitol hill, capstone, carriage house, casino, casino-hotel, castellated, castle, castled, cathedral, cathouse, catwalk, cement, center, central heating, centre, chalk line, chancellery, chapterhouse, charles bullfinch, charnel, charnel house, chicken coop, chimney, cinder block, circulating library, citronwood, city hall, cladding, clamor, clangor, clear, clinker block, club, clubhouse, coach house, colloquially, commodiousness, complex, compound, concourse, concrete, concrete jungle, condemn, condemnation, construction, construction worker, constructor, consulate, consume, conventicle, coop, copestone, coping stone, corner, cornerstone, corner post, courthouse, crawlspace, crawl space, creep, crenelated, crenellated, crown, curtilage, customhouse, customshouse, dacrydium franklinii, damp-proof course, damp course, day school, dead room, debris storm, debris surge, dedicate, dedication, deface, degree day, demolish, demolishing, deoxyadenosine monophosphate, deoxycytidine monophosphate, deoxyguanosine monophosphate, deoxythymidine monophosphate, design, develop, developed, diplomatic building, domestic terrorism, door, doorway, dorm, dormitory, downing, downstair, downstairs, drip loop, drydock, dry dock, dry walling, dumbwaiter, eating house, eating place, electrostatic generator, electrostatic machine, elevator, elevator shaft, ell, embassy, emergency exit, erecting, erection, esthetically, extension, exterior, exterior door, facade, face, facelift, face lift, face lifting, facility, facing, fallen, farm building, feedlot, fencing, fencing material, fenestration, fieldstone, field house, firetrap, firewall, fire escape, first floor, flag, floor, flooring, floor plan, food elevator, forecourt, fouled, foundation stone, foursquare, framework, french window, fright, frighten, frontage, frontal, front door, front entrance, furnace room, gadgeteer, gallery, gambling casino, gambling den, gambling hell, gambling house, gaming house, gangway, garage, gas fitting, gazebo, gin mill, glasshouse, glorify, government building, graving dock, greenhouse, grounds, ground floor, ground level, ground plan, grow over, gut, hall, hall of fame, hard hat, harpulla, harpullia cupanioides, headstone, healthcare facility, health facility, heat, heating, heating plant, heating system, heat pump, hencoop, henhouse, high-rise, horse barn, hotel, hotel-casino, house, houses of parliament, house of god, house of ill repute, house of prayer, house of prostitution, house of worship, huon pine, ijsselmeer, independence hall, indoora, indoors, infrequently, inside, insidea, installation, institution, instruct, intercom, intercommunication system, interior, interior door, interphone, isometrics, isometric exercise, janitor, japan, just as, kaaba, keep up, key, keystone, ladies' room, lagarostrobus franklinii, lancewood, land area, lath and plaster, lean-to tent, lending library, level, leveling, library, lift, lightning conductor, lightning rod, lincoln memorial, litter-basket, litterbin, litter basket, loggia, lost-and-found, lumber, mangrove, mantle, marble, marcus ulpius traianus, mechanic's lien, medical building, meetinghouse, mews, militarise, militarize, ministry, morale builder, morgue, mortuary, moving in, multilevel, nest, nester, nihon, nippon, nipr, noah, nrti, nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, nursery, oast house, observatory, occupancy, occupation, office, office block, office building, offset, operation, opium den, outbuilding, outdoors, outside, outside door, out of doors, overlay, overlayer, packinghouse, parvis, penetrate, pentagon, penthouse, peristyle, picturesquely, place of worship, planetarium, plant department, plat, plumbery, plumbing, plumbing fixture, plumbing system, porch, porte-cochere, portico, pothouse, powderize, powder room, preassemble, prefabricate, prefabrication, presbytery, pressure dome, proportion, pub, public house, quarrying, quoin, radiant heating, rathole, razing, rebuilding, reek, reface, renter, repair, residence hall, restaurant, rest house, reverberate, revolutionary proletarian initiative nuclei, revolutionary proletarian nucleus, rhizophora mangle, ribbon development, rink, riser, riser main, riser pipe, riser pipeline, roman building, romulus, roof, roofing material, roof garden, room, roominess, room access, rotunda, roundhouse, ruin, run, saloon, sandarac, sandblast, scaffold, school, schoolhouse, screen, screen door, set, set-back, setoff, shaft, shake, shambles, sheathing, shingle, shoebox, shooting gallery, shore, side door, side entrance, siding, signal box, skating rink, skeleton, sketch, skyscraper, slaughterhouse, snapline, snap line, soffit, soil bank, space, spaciousness, spire, sporting house, sports arena, spring vetch, squat, stable, staff, stalls, statehouse, steeple, step out, sticks and stone, stone, storey, storied, story, stretcher, structural member, student residence, student union, studio, stunt, subdivider, summerhouse, sumptuously, surrender, sway, sweat equity, taking possession, taphouse, tap house, tavern, tearing down, telco building, telecom hotel, tenant, theater, theatre, the hill, threshold, timber, tower, tower block, town hall, traffic control, trajan, treasury, turret, undeveloped, upheaval, uplift, upstair, upstairs, upthrow, upthrust, vague, van de graaff generator, veneer, ventilating system, ventilation, ventilation shaft, ventilation system, veranda, verandah, verger, vespid, vespid wasp, vetch, vicia sativa, volary, voussoir, walk-through, walk-up, walk-up apartment, washhouse, wattle and daub, well, white house, whorehouse, wimshurst machine, window, window screen, wing, yard

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