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Words and phrases whose definition contains after:   (1373 results)

., 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 2d, 2nd, 30th, 31st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, abel, abraham's bosom, abronia villosa, absorption, acclaim, ace inhibitor, acquired immunity, acquired taste, actually, ad, adenium multiflorum, adenium obesum, adulthood, advantage, aeneid, after-hours, after-shave, after-shave lotion, afterbirth, afterdamp, aftereffect, afterglow, afterimage, afterlife, afterpains, afterpiece, aftersensation, aftershock, afterworld, after all, after a fashion, after hours, agalactia, agalactosis, agave americana, aggeus, agrippina, agrippina the younger, al-rashid trust, alcoholize, aleksandr feodorovich kerensky, alendronate, ali, alien absconder, alimony, almoner, alveolitis, americanize, american agave, amnio, amniocentesis, ananias, angiocardiogram, angiogram, angiography, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, anglicise, anno domini, anticlimactic, anticlimax, applaud, appropriate, apres-ski, aragon, archetypal, archetypical, arduous, argyle, argyll, arminianism, arrive, arthrogram, arthrography, ascend, ascension, ascension day, ascension of christ, ascension of the lord, ascertain, assibilate, assimilation, athens, athinai, atlantic salmon, atopic allergy, atopy, at length, augustine, augustine of hippo, available, ayah, a level, baby-boom generation, babyminder, baby boom, baby minder, back-to-back, bagasse, bail, balance, ballottement, barbary coast, bargain, base, bathrobe, bath mat, bath powder, bath towel, battle of wake, battle of wake island, beach towel, beaujolais, beethoven, belated, ben gurion, bequeath, best, bevin, birth, bite, bizonal, blast, blastodermic vesicle, blastula, blimp, blocadren, blowback, blueback salmon, blush wine, body lotion, boiling point, bolivia, bombay, boo, book of ezra, book of haggai, book of joshua, book of lamentations, book of nehemiah, book of ruth, book of zachariah, bosom of abraham, bounce, bound off, boxing day, brainchild, breach of trust with fraudulent intent, breakdown, breathe, brigham young, bring, brown, bunker mentality, burr, butt, byzantine architecture, byzantine empire, byzantium, cackle, cackly, caduceus, caesura, cain, calais, call, call-back, calm, calm down, canonize, canterbury tales, capital of greece, capture, carom, carpetbagger, carrier, carry, carry-forward, carry-over, cartridge ejector, cash out, cassava, catch, catch on, catch up, cavell, chain-smoke, change, charge of quarters, charles vii, chase, chaser, chase after, check, checkmate, child support, chill out, china, chinook, chinook salmon, chip, chisholm trail, cholangiography, christ's resurrection, chronological sequence, chronological succession, church, cicatrise, cicatrize, cigarette butt, cigar butt, cinder, circumcision, claiming race, clap, class gasteromycetes, class gastromycetes, claudius, claudius i, clean, clear, climb, clinker, clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin, cloud, coachwhip, cocoa powder, coffee grounds, cogitation, cognovit judgement, cognovit judgment, coherent, coherently, coke, colon, colonel blimp, colostrum, colpocystocele, column, combust, come after, come into, come through, commit, common market, complacent, completed, compulsively, computer keyboard, concede, concentrate, conciliation, conclude, conclusion, condition, confession of judgement, confession of judgment, confidence, congee, conquer, consecutive, consecutive operation, consternate, constitutionalize, constructivism, consubstantiation, contact, conte alessandro giuseppe antonio anastasio volta, conte alessandro volta, continental, continental congress, continue, contrive, convalescence, convalescent, conversion, convert, convey, cool, cool it, cool off, coprinus atramentarius, cordial, corpus christi, cotter pin, cottonseed cake, cotton cake, cotton on, countersign, count alessandro volta, cracklings, craniometry, cremains, creon, crisis, curfew, cystocele, dark, david ben gurion, david grun, day, day-after-day, daylight, daytime, dazedly, deactivate, dead metaphor, deal, decentralize, decide, decision, deducted, deep freeze, degage, degenerative arthritis, degenerative joint disease, delayed-action, delayed allergy, delouse, deposit account, derecognize, desert rose, desert sand verbena, deserve, dessert wine, details, detention, determination, determine, deutschland, development, devise, dialog box, diastolic pressure, dien bien phu, difference, dilatation and curettage, dilation and curettage, dink, disavow, discerp, discontinue, dismiss, disposable, disposable income, dissolve, divorce, dog, donor card, don juan, don quixote, dormancy, dottle, double blind, double dribble, downcast, draw up, dred scott, dressed ore, drive, drop, dropkick, drop shot, dry socket, dump, dusting powder, d and c, earth up, ease, easter, eastern roman empire, east india company, ec, echo, eclampsia, edith cavell, edith louisa cavell, eec, effortlessness, egress, eighteenth, eighth, either, ejector, ekbom syndrome, elastic, elasticity, election day, eleventh, elysian fields, elysium, emersion, empty, enalapril, encaustic, encephalography, end, endgame, end game, enrico fermi, epanalepsis, epigenesis, epilating wax, epiphany, epiphany of our lord, epsilon toxin, ergonovine, ergotrate maleate, ernest bevin, erosion, erupt, escrow, esq, esquire, ethelred, ethelred ii, ethelred the unready, ether, eu, europe, european community, european economic community, european recovery program, european union, evacuate, evaporite, event, eventually, evict, evil, exchange, exclamation mark, exclamation point, excogitate, expendable, expired, extra point, eye bank, ezra, fail, fallout, fall from grace, fast break, fat embolism, federal republic of germany, federate, felt, fend, fentanyl, fermi, fertile period, fertile phase, fetch, fifteenth, fifth, finally, final decision, final judgment, find, finder, finding, find out, finished, firm, fit, five nations, fix, fixed up, flare up, floss, follow, following, follow through, foremilk, forge, formatted capacity, formulate, fosamax, found, fouquieria splendens, fourteenth, fourth, fragmentation, francis scott key, francoise d'aubigne, frazzle, frederick william, frederico garcia lorca, free, freshen, frg, frozen metaphor, fugue, full point, full stop, functional, function call, futile, gadabout, gal, galactosemia, garcia lorca, garibaldi, gasteromycetes, gastritis, gastromycetes, gazump, gehenna, germany, get, get it, get onto, get through, get wise, give chase, glance, go, goal-kick, golden parachute, golden years, gordian knot, go after, go back, grace cup, gradual, graduate student, grad student, gram's method, gram's procedure, gram's stain, gram method, gram stain, grandfather clause, grappa, greek capital, ground, ground stroke, guided, gully, gulp, habilitate, haggai, half volley, hamamelis virginiana, hangover, harlequin, harrison, haul up, heaving, heliac, heliacal, help, hereafter, hereupon, hesitation, hideously, high-level radioactive waste, hijacking, hindsight, hindu calendar, hirohito, hiss, holdover, holy ghost, holy spirit, honeymoon, honorably, hosni mubarak, humiliation, hurt, huston, hyperpnea, idealize, igor fyodorovich stravinsky, igor stravinsky, imago, immaterial, immediate, immediate allergy, immediate memory, immortality, immovable bandage, impala lily, improvise, inclusion body myositis, independence, indian mutiny, indiscreetly, indulgence, industrial workers of the world, inflation, informed consent, inherit, initial, inky-cap mushroom, inky cap, install, instrumental conditioning, intravenous pyelogram, inundate, invent, inversion, involution, in the end, in the final analysis, in the last analysis, in the long run, iroquois league, irritate, iseult, ishmael, ivp, iww, jacob's staff, jacobite, jan, january, january 6, jell, john brown, john henry, john huston, joshua, josip broz, josue, jumpsuit, jump suit, junta, keep, kerensky, key, keypad, kick, kickoff, kid, king charles spaniel, king salmon, kudu lily, lactogenic hormone, lag b'omer, lam, lamentations, landfall, landing, land up, languedoc-roussillon, last, last laugh, latchkey child, latch on, late, law of diminishing returns, lay waste to, lazarus, league of iroquois, league of nations, leave, leave behind, leftover, legionnaires' disease, less than, lest, let up, liberalize, lifeless, limitation, lion, liqueur, liqueur glass, liquid diet, lisinopril, live, liveborn, liveborn infant, living will, logger, lorca, lothario, ludwig van beethoven, luteal phase, luteotropin, lymphangiogram, lymphangiography, lymphography, madame de maintenon, madame tussaud, magi, maintenance, maintenon, main street, maitreya, make it, makin, malt, manage, mandate, mandatory, manioc, marc, marcus cocceius nerva, marie grosholtz, marie tussaud, marquise de maintenon, marshall plan, marshal tito, mate, maturity, medical social worker, mental strain, metempsychosis, mexican war, michinomiya hirohito, mikvah, militarize, military junta, millimeter of mercury, minder, minos, miranda rule, mizen, mizenmast, mizzen, mizzenmast, mm hg, mock azalia, modern jazz, monition, monocarpic, moonlight, morning-after pill, mount pinatubo, mount saint helens, mount st. helens, mourn, mt. st. helens, mubarak, mumbai, mushroom, mushroom-shaped cloud, mushroom cloud, musical chairs, mustache, myelography, myotonia, nail hole, name part, nap, nationalist china, neem cake, nehemiah, neither, neonatal, neo jazz, nerva, nest, nestorianism, nestorius, net, nett, net estate, nevil shute, nevil shute norway, new, new jazz, new testament, nidicolous, nidifugous, night, nightrider, nighttime, night rider, nihil, nineteenth, ninth, nixon, nondisposable, north vietnam, noticeable, nucleolar organiser, nucleolar organizer, nucleolus organiser, nucleolus organizer, ocotillo, oddment, odysseus, odyssey, old prussian, olympian, olympic god, omphalocele, onchorynchus nerka, onchorynchus tshawtscha, oocyte, ootid, operate, oppression, osman i, osteoarthritis, othman i, ottoman, ottoman dynasty, oust, out of service, ovule, painlessly, palimony, panel, panting, pantingly, paradise, paraph, parliamentary agent, parole, part, party, patroclus, pension account, pension plan, pentecost, perceptible, perinatal, period, permanent magnet, perseverate, peter pan, pflp, phantom limb, phase iii, phase iii clinical trial, phosphorescence, piece-dye, pinatubo, pink wine, plain sailing, plate rack, plato's academy, pleven, plevna, ploddingly, plunder, pm, point, point after, polling day, pop, popularity, popular front for the liberation of palestine, port, postexilic, postgraduate, posthumous, posthumously, posthumous birth, posthypnotic amnesia, posthypnotic suggestion, postmature infant, postmeridian, postmillennial, postmortal, postmortem, postnatal, postnuptial, postoperative, postoperatively, postpartum, postpose, postposition, postpositive, postscript, postwar, post meridiem, pousse-cafe, practiced, practised, pravachol, pravastatin, precipitate, premature, premature ejaculation, president harrison, president nixon, president william henry harrison, prim, prinivil, proactive, process of monition, prolactin, promote, pronucleus, prototypal, prototypic, prototypical, prox, proximo, ps, psychogenic fugue, ptolemy i, puddle, pull round, pull through, pull up, pyelography, quaternary, quellung, quellung reaction, quinnat salmon, quintessence, radical, radioactive dust, radioactive waste, rally, re-afforest, re-assume, re-examine, readjust, readmit, realign, rearm, rearmament, reassemble, rebirth, rebound, rebuild, recapture, reception, reclassify, recommence, reconciled, reconsecrate, reconstruction, reconstruction period, recount, recover, recoveredp, recovering, recovery, recovery room, recrudescence, recuperate, recuperation, recycle, redirect examination, reduce, reduplicate, red salmon, reexamination, reflate, reflation, reforest, refractory period, regain, regroup, regrow, regulation, regurgitate, regurgitation, reincarnate, reinstall, relax, relaxation, relaxation behavior, relaxation time, relearn, relict, relief, relocation, remain, remainder, remember, remember oneself, remnant, remount, renew, reorganise, reorganization, reorganize, reorient, reorientate, repaint, reparation, replace, replication, report out, reprocess, reproduce, republic of bolivia, republic of china, republish, reseal, resell, reset, resettlement, resid, residency, residual, residual clay, residual oil, residual soil, residuary, residue, residuum, resile, resilience, resiliency, resolve, respire, rest, restless legs, restless legs syndrome, restructure, resurrection, resurrection of christ, resuspension, retainer, retake, retire, retirement account, retirement plan, retirement program, retirement savings account, retirement savings plan, retreat, retroactively, retrofit, return, reusable, reuse, revenant, reverberation, revisit, revive, richard m. nixon, richard milhous nixon, richard nixon, right, rigor mortis, riot act, rivet, robert falcon scott, robert scott, romanesque, romanesque architecture, romulus, root, root word, rose, rose wine, rough cut, round, roundel, rubberneck, ruin, rumination, rush, ruth, sa, sack, sacrifice, saddle-sore, safe period, sahib, saint augustine, salmo salar, sanguinary, sapphic, sashay, scalawag, scallywag, schenectady, school, scott, scramble, scrap, sea-poose, sea-purse, sea-puss, season, sea purse, sea puss, second, second wind, secretory phase, seeker, seize, self-sealing, sennacherib, sense of the meeting, separate, sepoy mutiny, sequence, sequential operation, serial operation, seriatim, series, serve, service, set, settle down, seventeenth, seventh, seventh crusade, shade, shanghai, sharp, sharply, shelter, shibah, shiva, shivah, shock, short-term memory, shower, shute, sic, siege of vicksburg, simmer down, simvastatin, sinking, sixteenth, sixth, six nations, skip, sleep, sleep over, small hours, smash, snap, snowshoe, soap film, soar, sober, sober up, social lion, sockeye, sockeye salmon, sought, sound reflection, south vietnam, so far, spare, spat, spatchcock, special olympics, spell, spendable, split, splitsville, spore, square one, squawky, st. augustine, stagger, stalinize, static line, static magnet, stay, stem, stent, stentor, stillborn infant, stm, stop, storm troops, stover, stravinsky, stretch mark, strike, stub, stud, stud poker, stump, sturmarbeiteilung, subdivided, sublimaze, subnormal, succeedinga, succession, successiveness, superfetation, surrender, survive, suture, tactical warning, tag, tail, taiwan, take-home, take-home pay, take a bow, take back, take home, take out, tarawa, tarawa-makin, tardy, tartarus, tartufe, tartuffe, tarzan, task, taxpaying, telomerase, tend, tenth, tenure, terminable, terminate, tertiary, testamentary trust, tet, thalidomide, theme, thereupon, therewith, thermoplastic, the great elector, the sailor king, thickly, third, thirster, thirsty, thirteenth, thirtieth, thirty-first, three kings' day, through, throwawayp, tiberius, tiberius claudius drusus nero germanicus, tiberius claudius nero caesar augustus, tie dye, time deposit, time deposit account, timolol, title role, tito, toilet powder, tomorrow, torr, tough, tour, track, trail, transmigrate, transmigration, transplantation, treaty of versailles, tree stump, trinity sunday, tristan, tristram, trojan war, troll, trophoblast, trouble, tumble, turn, turn in, tussaud, twelfth, twelfth day, twentieth, twenty-eighth, twenty-fifth, twenty-first, twenty-fourth, twenty-ninth, twenty-second, twenty-seventh, twenty-sixth, twenty-third, twig, twist, twisting, type iv allergic reaction, type i allergic reaction, ultimately, umbilical hernia, undertow, undomesticated, unguided, unpunctual, unsettled, upbeat, urbanize, urinate, used, usurp, vandyke, vandyke beard, van beethoven, vasotec, vasovasostomy, vegetate, ventricular aneurysm, vicksburg, vine cactus, virginian witch hazel, vital capacity, volta, vomit, vx gas, wahabi, wahhabi, walk, wander, wandering, waning, war dance, washing-up, washout, waste, waste paper, weaken, weariness, wedding night, wedding reception, well, westernize, western empire, western roman empire, west germany, whit-tuesday, whitmonday, whitsunday, whitsun monday, whitsun tuesday, will, william henry harrison, william iv, wise men, with that, wordnet, work, yet, yorktown, young, zacharias, zechariah, zestril, zocor, zodiacal light

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