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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to their:   (1806 results)

Often used in the same context:
they, themselves, thier, theirs, them, our, its, your, his, the, those, these, her, both, en masse, all, whose, selves, some, husbands, ourselves, without, while, yourselves, reputations, pair, wardrobes, individual, each, droves, newfound, spouses, mammies, ones, landladies, statuses, histories, need, with, wallets, two, must, noses, can, aren, eir, laundresses, vaunting, posteriors, childrens, fret, for, keisters, wives, oftentimes, slavelike, pocketfuls, destinies, vice versa, chests, necks, fathers, should, owners, guardians, offsprings, bellies, whitings, stomachs, customize, dehorn, dividual, pocketbooks, bicker, regardless, psyches, grumble, chins, granters, yours, possessions, ingenuities, educations, peoples, breadwinners, napes, pasts, consciences, coughers, inheritability, minds, swapping, loth, sonship, careers, preferences, propensity, beards, home, patriarchic, preen, asses, about, just, that, there, this, was, which, 's, 0, 1, 3sg, above, abroad, acp, again, alls, peculiar, ical, probable, proper, tial, twofold, denotative, distinctive, dual, thb, changed, emblematic, improper, ita, tical, undetermined, ambivalent, analogical, beneficial

Appears in the definition of:
., abduct, abnegate, abnormal, aboard, aboveboard, academic freedom, accidental, accompanied, adapid, adapid group, adhere, adjudicate, adrenal, adscript, adscripted, adversative conjunction, adviser, aerodynamics, aeromechanics, affirmative action, affusion, african, afrikaans, afrikaner, afro-asian, agal, agent, agent bank, agglutination, agree, agreed, aid, air defense, aliphatic compound, allegiance, allochthonous, aloof, alpine, alpine lift, alstroemeria, alto relievo, alto rilievo, amberboa, american dream, amerind, amerindic, anabolic steroid, anaclitic depression, analysis, analytic thinking, andean, angiology, anglo-jewish, anglo-saxon, announced, anomic, answerable, antagonistic, anthill, anthurium, anti-virus program, antibacterial, antibacterial drug, anticipation, apiarist, apiculturist, apostolic, apostolical, appeal, aramaean, aramean, arbitration, archaeologist, archaeology, archeologist, archeology, architecture, arduous, armenia, armpit, arthur compton, arthur holly compton, articles of confederation, ashcan school, asian, asiatic, ask, askance, asp, assault, astronaut, attestant, attestator, attestor, attractive nuisance, authorizer, autobiographer, autochthonous, autoclave, autoinjector, avail, avert, avowedly, azalea, babel, babyminder, babysitting, baby minder, baby sitting, baccalaureate, back, backroom, bactericide, badly, bahamian, bail, bakke decision, balkan, ballistic, ballot box, baltic, bamboo fern, band, bandeau, banded, bankrupt, bank run, bantu, barbarous, barbershop, barber chair, basifixed, bastardization, battle of fontenoy, battle of marathon, battle of minden, battle of sempatch, battle of st mihiel, bawler, beam, bean, beano, bean plant, beef, beef cattle, beekeeper, begonia, below the belt, best, billy buttons, binary, binary star, bind, bingo, bioengineering, biometric authentication, biometric identification, bionomics, biopiracy, biotechnology, bird, bird's nest, birder, birdwatch, bird of jove, bird watcher, birth, black disease, blade, blend, block, blog, bloomsbury group, bluster, boarder, bombie, bomb out, bond, bone age, book bag, book of ezekiel, boot sale, borscht circuit, bottom, bounty, bra, brassica oleracea, brassiere, breadwinner, broadtail, brother, browallia, brunfelsia, brutal, buddy, builder, bush violet, bustle, butcherbird, buying, bye, cabbage, caffein, caffeine, caladium, calcination, calendula, caliphate, caller, calliandra, callistephus chinensis, callously, calorie chart, cambrian, camp, candytuft, canna generalis, canna lily, cape hatteras, cape primrose, caracul, carbon-14 dating, carbon dating, card, cardiopulmonary, cardiorespiratory, carelessly, carlsbad caverns, carrot, carthaginian, car boot sale, car train, case, castanopsis, casual, catamount, catechism, cat and mouse, cat and rat, cenobitic, cenobitical, cerebromeningitis, ceremonious, chabad, chabad-lubavitch, change, chantlike, chap, charge, chasidic, chassidic, cheat, check, cheiranthus, chemical property, chemical science, chemistry, chess, chess game, chief joseph, china aster, chinese, chintzily, chip, chlorhexidine, chlorophyceae, chop shop, christian church, chronology, chum, church, chylomicron, cinquefoil, citrus, citrus tree, civil defense, claim, clamor, clannishly, class chlorophyceae, class gasteropoda, class gastropoda, class list, claw, cleanly, climatology, closeness, cloud, coca, cockney, codariocalyx motorius, codetalker, codiaeum variegatum, coenobitic, coenobitical, collateral fraud, colony, color, color circle, color wheel, colour, columnea, come into, commercialize, communist manifesto, community service, company, compensatory spending, composition, composure, compton, concentrated, conceptual, concord, concordance, condolence, coneflower, confidence, confirm, congratulation, coniogramme japonica, conjoined twin, conjugal family, consociate, constituency, constrictor, construction, contrast, contrive, converso, cookhouse, cooperation, copartnership, coptic, copulative conjunction, copy, core, correspond, corrigenda, corrupting, cosmonaut, cossack, cottage industry, cotton, cottonweed, cotton wool, cover, cox-2, crabapple, crab apple, crackerjack, crack of doom, crane, credit analyst, credit union, criminal law, critter sitter, crony, cronyism, croton, crown jewel, cruel, culmination, cultivated cabbage, cultivated crab apple, cultivated plant, cure, cyclops, cytolysis, czech, czechoslovakian, d'oyly carte, dado, dairy cattle, dairy cow, daisy-bush, daisybush, daisy bush, daisy chain, dalbergia, dark, day of judgement, day of judgment, day of reckoning, debut, decisively, declared, decorator, defalcator, defector, defense technical information center, deficit spending, defoliant, dehumanisation, dehumanization, democracy, demographer, demographist, demyelination, deportation, deracinate, descriptive linguistics, deserted, deserter, deservedly, designer, desmodium gyrans, desmodium motorium, destination, detective story, detergent builder, determinist, detribalisation, detribalise, detribalization, detribalize, development, devotion, devout, dialectic, dialysis, die, digital subscriber line, dillenia, direct, direct action, disa, discipline, disclosed, disdainful, disgruntle, disheartened, dishonor, dishonour, disinvest, disjunctive conjunction, dismantling, disorder, disorderliness, displace, dissolve, distinguishable, distomatosis, distribution, distributively, diving duck, do-it-yourself, do-si-do, doctor, doctor of the church, document, dogfight, dolomite alps, dombeya, donated, doomed, doomsday, doubleton, double star, douglas moore, draw, dress, drive-in, drive in, drop, drumbeat, dsl, dtic, durability, dutch, eagle, earner, earnings, ebionite, ecclesiasticism, echo, ecologist, ecology, economics, economic science, economy, ecosystem, eden, educationally, edwin hubble, edwin powell hubble, egotistic, egotistical, egyptian, egyptian cobra, eight, electrochemical series, electromotive force series, electromotive series, electron optics, elegantly, embezzler, embryonic stem-cell research, emolument, encephalomeningitis, end, endocrinal, endocrine, endocrinology, end of the world, entangled, envious, environmental science, epacris, episcia, equal-area map projection, equal-area projection, equally, equanimity, eremitic, eremitical, ergonomics, erysimum, erythrocytolysin, erythrolysin, escalade, ethnology, ethologist, ethology, euro, euronithopod, euronithopoda, evacuate, evade, evidenced, evisceration, exacerbation, exacting, exceed, exclusive, exercise, exile, exocrine, expansiveness, expatriation, expect, explain, exploded, exposure, extended family, extortion, extralegal, extrinsic fraud, eye candy, ezechiel, ezekiel, facial profiling, factually, fair hearing, fall, falter, fantan, fan mail, faq, fatalist, fealty, federal job safety law, federal protective service, federal reserve bank, fell, female mammal, fend, feria, ferromagnetism, fervent, field, field trial, fierce, file transfer protocol, finder's fee, fire, fireside, firewood, fit, fitness, five-finger, flack, flack catcher, flagship, flak, flak catcher, flame-out, flat-footed, floppy, floppy disk, flowering cherry, flowering hazel, foiled, folksong, folk ballad, folk song, follow, fontenoy, foreclose, foreperson, formal logic, formicary, formosan, formulary, form class, forsythia, fort lauderdale, fps, frantic, frantically, fratricide, freesia, freeze-drying, free fall, friendliness, frolic, frolicsome, frozen, ftp, fuchsia, full employment, functional genomics, funeral-residence, funeral chapel, funeral church, funeral home, funeral parlor, funeral parlour, furthermore, gallfly, galumph, ganoin, ganoine, garden of eden, garden pink, gasteropoda, gastropoda, gazania, gender, genetic counseling, gene linkage, genital system, genitourinary, genomics, genus ageratum, genus amberboa, genus ammobium, genus aster, genus brunfelsia, genus campanula, genus castanopsis, genus cheiranthus, genus coleus, genus coreopsis, genus cosmos, genus dalbergia, genus erysimum, genus hibiscus, genus lavatera, genus logania, genus mammillaria, genus mimosa, genus photinia, genus pilea, genus ratibida, genus rhizoctinia, genus rubia, genus seriphidium, genus syngonium, genus xylomelum, geometric mean, germanic, germination, gibe, gig, gillyflower, gill net, gin, gin rummy, girondist, gladiatorial, gliricidia, gloatingly, gluttonous, go-slow, good-by, good-bye, governed, government-in-exile, granulocytic leukemia, grass, gratitude, gravitation, gravitational interaction, gravitational theory, grayback, green, greens, grimm, grotesquely, ground, ground cherry, group practice, gu, guest night, guinea flower, guinea gold vine, gulp, gun, gunboat diplomacy, gunman, gynura aurantiaca, h.m.s. bounty, habit, haemoglobin, haemolysin, hag, hagfish, hairnet, hair slide, halma, handball, hanoverian, hard-pressed, hardenbergia comnptoniana, harmony, hasidic, hassidic, hatpin, hayastan, hb, header, headquarters, headshake, health, health profession, heavy, heighten, hemoglobin, hemolysin, herbicide, hero worship, hibernate, hickey, hide, high-energy physics, higher criticism, high energy physics, high relief, hittite, ho-hum, hobbyist, holdout, holism, holistic theory, hollow, home-school, homebound, home front, home loan bank, honours list, hoot, hope, horsehair wig, horseradish peroxidase, hour, house decorator, hovea, howling, hubble, hubble's law, hubble law, hurt, husk tomato, hymn, ice, iconology, idealism, identity verification, ignorantly, immediacy, immigrant class, impiously, impossible, impregnably, imprison, improvement, inc, inca, incan, incipiency, incline, income bracket, income tax bracket, inconsiderable, inconvertibility, incur, indefinite, indeterminably, indian, indigence, indoctrinate, indulgent, industrial union, inequitably, inessential, infection, inherit, inka, inoculate, insistence, insolvent, instigator, instruct, insufferable, integrate, intelligence, intelligence quotient, interior decorator, interior designer, internationalism, intoned, introject, introjection, introvert, investment adviser, investment advisor, inwardness, in arrears, in order, iq, iraqi national congress, ironweed, irreverently, isinglass, islam, islamism, jack, jaeger, jafnea semitosta, jakob grimm, jakob ludwig karl grimm, japanese, jawfish, jealousy, jewel orchid, jewish, jibe, jimdandy, jimhickey, job, johnny, johnny reb, joseph, joyride, judaic, judaical, judgement day, judgment day, judicial admission, juvenile, karakul, kazakhstani, kechuan, keep, keno, kid, kidnap, kidnapping, kind, kingdom protoctista, kiss, knock rummy, knot, knowingness, koel, kohl, kohleria, konstantin sergeevich alekseev, konstantin sergeyevich stanislavsky, konstantin stanislavsky, kurd, kurdish, labor, laborer, laboriously, labor movement, labourer, lament, lamentable, lancastrian, languidly, lark, last day, last judgement, last judgment, laterally, latin-american, latitude, lavatera, law of effect, law of gravitation, lead bank, leafy vegetable, leary, legal age, legislate, leopard's-bane, leopardbane, leopard plant, let drive, leucothoe, liberate, life-support system, limnology, line, linear perspective, lined, line item, linkage, liquid measure, liquid unit, literalism, liver rot, loan collection, lobster-backed, local option, locate, lockdown, logania, looking, loot, loss, lost-and-found, lotto, lousy, love, lovebird, love bite, loyalist, lubavitch, lubavitch movement, lucky dip, lungless salamander, lunisolar, lynx, lyophilisation, lyophilization, madrasa, magnolia, mahogany, mahogany tree, majority, malingerer, mall, manchurian, mandaean, mandean, manual laborer, manx, marathon, march, marigold, markup language, marlin, marrano, marriage, marrow, marrow squash, martyr, mason wasp, match, materia medica, mathematical logic, matricide, maxillaria, meeting, megabucks, membership, mendeleev's law, meningoencephalitis, mercenary, meritocracy, mesoamerican, metric space, mica, michelson-morley experiment, microbiology, milcher, milch cow, military, militia, milk, milker, milk cow, minden, minder, mineralogy, misfit, mock, mod, mode, modern, modified, mohammadanism, mohammedanism, molech, molecular biology, moloch, molter, mongol, mongolian, moore, moulter, mouse's nest, mouse nest, mouthbreeder, muhammadanism, muscle, musketry, muslimism, mutiny, mutuality, myelocytic leukemia, naja haje, name, narcissistic, nationalism, national oceanic and atmospheric administration, native american, natural philosophy, nazarene, nereus, nest, nest egg, newton's law of gravitation, newton's theory of gravitation, nidus, nimby, nipponese, noaa, nobble, noctambulist, nominalism, nondepository financial institution, nonparametric statistics, nonproliferation center, northern alliance, north american, north korean, nova scotia, now, nowadays, npc, nuclear family, number, obedience, object-oriented database, obnubilate, obscenely, obstruction, occupational safety and health act, old boy network, old maid, old maid flower, old testament, open secret, open shop, order, ornithopoda, ostensible, outrage, outspoken, outstanding, outstay, out of focus, overboard, overlap, overthrow, pac, paeony, pal, parallel, paramedical, pareve, parliament, particle physics, part of speech, parve, paternalism, pathetic, pathos, patricide, pattern, payroll, paysheet, pay claim, peace process, peculator, peloton, penal code, pent-up, pentecostal, peony, peperomia, perambulating, periodic law, periosteum, person, personate, personnel carrier, perspective, peter ilich tchaikovsky, peter tchaikovsky, petrology, pet sitter, pet sitting, pflp, pharmaceutical chemist, pharmacological medicine, pharmacologist, pharmacology, pharmacopeia, philemon, philosophical, phlomis, phlox, phonebook, phone book, phonics, photinia, phrase book, physical science, physics, picture, pikeblenny, pilea, pillar, pink, pistol shrimp, plasma, platform, platonism, play, plethodont, poach, poetic license, political action committee, political economy, political prisoner, polling booth, polling place, polling station, popular front for the liberation of palestine, population profile, population scientist, populism, pork, pork barrel, portmanteau, portmanteau word, possession, possessive, potter wasp, pouter, pouter pigeon, power politics, practice, praise, prayer mat, prayer rug, predestinarian, predestinationist, prehensile, prelim, preliminary exam, preliminary examination, preparation, presidio, presumptuousness, pretend, prevailing party, price bracket, priestcraft, prime interest rate, principle, prisoner's base, procreate, procrustes, prodigal, product, production, profiling, prohibition, projective device, projective technique, projective test, property settlement, proportional representation, propositional calculus, propositional logic, proteolysis, protoctista, provincial, proxy, psychophysics, psychopomp, psychrometer, puffing, pump priming, punching bag, punic, pure mathematics, purgatory, purim, purple pea, purple velvet plant, pushcart, pyotr ilych tchaikovsky, pyotr tchaikovsky, qibla, quark, quebecois, quechuan, quest, questioningly, quota, rabbinic, rabbinical, racon, radar beacon, radiocarbon dating, rainy, rain shadow, rallying, rank, rape, ratibida, ravish, reach, reader, ready, realism, reason, reb, rebel, receptivity, recognition, record, red-coated, redcap, rededicate, redeploy, redouble, reductionism, reductive, referee, refined, relationship, relentlessness, remit, remove, renter, represent, representation, reproductive system, republic of armenia, repudiate, requirement, research, reserve bank, resolution, res gestae, retroflex, return, revamp, reviewer, rh-negative, rh-positive, richard d'oyly carte, riffle, right, riotous, rockrose, rock rose, roger brooke taney, roger taney, roller blade, roller skate, romani, romany, romulus, room decorator, rosin bag, rotate, roughshod, rout, rout out, royalty, royal velvet plant, rubia, rum, rummy, rumored, sack race, sag, saga, saint-mihiel, salad bar, sale, salinometer, sally, salvageable, salvation, satire, satisfaction, savage, savings account trust, savings bank trust, saxon, scarify, scene, school, scrambler, screener, scythian, seabag, searching, seashore mallow, seat, seating, sea lion, secondment, secret, secret service, security blanket, seed catalog, seed catalogue, selective amnesia, self-loving, sell, semaphore plant, sempatch, sensationalism, separated, sepsis, seriphidium, service club, settlement, sevens, sex, sexuality, seychellois, shad, shadow, shadower, shadow cabinet, shakeout, shamefacedly, shammer, shape, share, sheep rot, shema, sherpa, shipwreck, shirker, shirr, shooter, shopper, shot, shoulder pad, show, shrewd, shut up, siamese twin, sick, sidekick, sigeh, sikh, sinitic, siouan, siren, sixth form, size constancy, skin, skinhead, skulker, skycap, slacker, slang, slaughter, slave ship, sleep, sleepwalker, slime eels, small-minded, smilingly, smokescreen, smugly, snapping shrimp, snatch, snobbishly, snuggle, socialization, social psychology, soil bank, soldier of fortune, somali, somalian, somnambulist, son, sophisticate, sortie, southpaw, south american, so as to, spacing, spare, speaker identification, spearfish, special interest, splay, sporozoite, sporting, sprain, spread, spur, spurious, spurious correlation, squash, squash vine, ss, staff, stalinization, stalwart, stampede, standard, stanislavsky, starting, statistical distribution, stem-cell research, step to the fore, steriliser, sterilizer, steroidal, stinkhorn, stipulation, stock, stole, stomp, stop, stopover, storm, straightedge, strappado, streaker, stream, stretch, stretching, strip, strip-search, stripe, stripes, strip search, structure, sturgeon, style, st mihiel, suave, subject, sublime, suborder euronithopoda, suborder ornithopoda, substantia alba, subtraction, such that, suitable, sunken, superpose, supporter, survivalist, suspend, suspense account, sustainment, swazi, swordfish, sword of damocles, symbolic logic, sympathetic, synchronic linguistics, synchronization, synchronous, synergism, synergy, syngonium, system, systematist, t-bar, t-bar lift, tabernacle, tag, tahitian, tail, tail-flower, tailflower, taiwanese, talker identification, tally, taney, tangle, tattoo, taxonomer, taxonomist, taxonomy, tax bracket, tchaikovsky, teacher-student relation, tease, telegraph plant, teleology, telephone book, telephone directory, terrace, terrorist cell, testament, teutonic, theoretical, theory of gravitation, theory of gravity, tibetan, tie, timothy francis leary, timothy leary, tim leary, tinker, tinkerer, token money, top, topicality, totem, totipotency, totten trust, tower of babel, town, toxicologist, trade union movement, transport, transportation, trapper, travel time, treasure, trial balance, tribology, trill, truculently, true vampire bat, trumpet, trust, trustee account, trust account, turreae, twist, umbrageous, unacceptable, unalienable, unashamed, under, under-the-table, undisturbed, undoer, uniate, uniate church, uniat church, unilateralism, united front, united states secret service, unrefined, unresponsive, unsaddle, unscrupulous, unselfishness, unsufferable, unsung, untoward, unweaned, uproot, up to their necks, urgency, ursinia, usher, usss, us secret service, vacuum, vague, valence, valency, vampire bat, vegetable marrow, vegetate, vegetation, veil, velvet plant, verbatim, verbena, vernonia, vertical union, vervain, very low density lipoprotein, vicious, villager, violate, virginal, visiting nurse, visored, vldl, vociferate, volition, volleyball, volleyball game, volume, volumetric analysis, wage claim, wage earner, walk-through, walking delegate, wary, wash, washout, weakened, weakness, weapons carrier, weaver, weaverbird, weaver finch, web log, wedding pictures, weedkiller, weed killer, weight, weighting, well, welsh, western australia coral pea, wheel, white man's burden, white matter, white pages, wildcat strike, wilhelm grimm, wilhelm karl grimm, will, windtalker, winter hazel, witch-hunter, witness, wordbook, word class, word of mouth, worst, worthlessness, xiphias gladius, xylomelum, yellow squash, yeomanry, zinnia, zodiac, zoological

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