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agreements, clauses, deal, parameters, regards, definitions, stipulations, conditions, context, criteria, contract, provisos, covenants, relation, principle, guidelines, accords, yardstick, circumstances, obligations, commitments, rules, maximum, percentages, renegotiation, geographics, equals, pacts, calculation, timeframe, framework, estimation, subject, constraints, dynamics, fluidness, nutshell, equation, restrictive covenant, hypothec, batna, irrevocability, timelines, minimum, categories, divisibility, arrangement, amount, conditionality, modalities, absolute, respect, verbiage, confidentiality agreement, finiteness, summum bonum, forfaiting, extent, norms, requirements, comparison, unitisation, commitment letter, standpoint, provisions, benchmarks, metrics, words, concepts, specifications, considerations, limitations, dimensions, standards, givens, factoring, headings, nash equilibrium, imperatives, tradeoff, guarantees, cando, catchwords, variable interest rate, means, matters, negotiation, particulars, contrast, pricing, testatrix, aspects, spatiality, consequence, precedents, cerate, generalities, differentiations, with, limits, situation, what, terras, reasons, fundamentals, grounds, prescriptions, sense, arguments, justifications, principles, rationales, desiderata, guaranties, precepts, affirmations, axioms, conceptions, connotation, meaning

More specific:
asking price, bid price, closing price, factory price, purchase price, selling price

Appears in the definition of:
., abstractly, acceptance, additive, adjuratory, admonish, agree, almighty, altogether, anthropocentricity, anthropocentrism, apophatic, apophatism, apperceive, armistice, around the bend, arrhenius theory of dissociation, asdic, ass, attic, at oddsp, authorized shares, authorized stock, balmy, bargain, bargainer, bargaining, barker, barmy, based, bats, batty, bay window, beak, bean, bedlam, beef, beloved, bill of lading, binary, binomial, bird, birthday suit, block, boche, bolshie, bonce, bonkers, booby hatch, boodle, bow-wow, breach of warranty, bread, bridal, brolly, buddy-buddy, buggy, bull, butch, cabbage, cakehole, capital stock, capitualtion, cease-fire, chaffer, chick, chinaman, chink, chopper, chow, chuck, chummy, clams, clobber, color, colour, complementary, complex, concatenate, conciliate, concretely, concrete representation, concretism, conditional, conflicting, contend, contradictory, contrary, contrastive, converge, converse, conversely, coordination compound, cop, cope, copper, corporation, countenance, cracked, crackers, crap, craziness, crazy house, creator, criterion, cryptic, cube, cuckoo's nest, daft, daftness, dame, deal, dear, dearest, definable, demythologisation, demythologization, determine, developmental age, dick, dicker, dickhead, dictated, digitally, dike, dinero, dirt, discourage, divine, doggie, doggy, doll, dome, dope, dotty, dough, duds, dyke, dynamism, dyslogistic, earthnut, eats, echo sounder, educated, equal, espousal, evaluative, executor, fag, fairy, familiar, family myxophyceae, family schizophyceae, far-out, far cry, fiddling, field theory, fifth crusade, first degree, fix, flakiness, foggy bottom, footling, founded, fraternise, fraternize, free port, fruity, funny farm, funny house, fuzz, game theory, gamp, gelt, genomics, get by, gloss, glossary, gob, godhead, god almighty, goober, goober pea, gordian knot, grapple, gravidation, gravidity, gravidness, greaser, gripe, groundnut, grub, guinea, haggle, half-pint, hand job, harmonic progression, haywire, heir, hereunder, heritor, higgle, high-flown, historical school, holdout, hole, honey, honker, hooter, host, hostage, huckster, hun, hydrostatic head, hymie, iconology, ill-defined, indenture, indirect discourse, inheritor, injun, insaneness, interchangeably, jacking off, jam, jehovah, jerk-off, jerking off, jerry, kale, kettle of fish, kick, kike, kinky, kisser, kitty, kitty-cat, kookie, kooky, kraut, krauthead, legion, lettuce, light time, lilliputian, linear, little, lockout, loco, lolly, loony, loony bin, loopy, loot, lord, love, loved one, low-down, lucre, lunacy, ma, madhouse, madness, maker, make do, make out, make up, mama, mamma, mammy, manage, marxist, mater, maw, mechanism, mechanistic, mess, metaphoric, metaphorical, metric capacity unit, metric linear unit, mickey mouse, military capability, military posture, military strength, mom, momma, mommy, money, monish, monkey nut, moolah, most-favored-nation, motion study, muddle, mug, multinomial, mum, mummy, mysterious, mythicise, mythicize, myxophyceae, nance, naturalism, naturalist, nearby, negociate, negotiate, negotiation, negritude, neo-darwinism, niggling, noggin, nominal, noninterchangeable, nonlinear, noodle, nookie, nooky, nozzle, nuthouse, nuts, nutty, nut house, offbeat, opportunity cost, oxymoron, palaetiology, paletiology, pansy, parametric, parole, parol evidence rule, patch up, peanut, pearly, pecker, pee, peeing, peewee, peg, pelf, penman, performance bond, peter, petty, phiz, physiognomy, picayune, pickle, piddling, piece of tail, piffling, pig, pin, pinko, piss, pissing, poetiser, poetizer, polynomial, pooch, poof, poop, poove, posture, pot, potbelly, potomac, pouf, power series, pricing, principle, probationary, provisional, provisionary, psychologically, purchase agreement, purchase contract, puss, pussy, pussycat, putz, quantisation, quantization, queen, queer, quirky, quits, rabble, ragtag, ragtag and bobtail, rationale, raw, real, reconcile, red, redskin, reductionism, red man, referent, regionalism, renegociate, renegotiate, rhymer, rhymester, riffraff, round the bend, runt, sanatorium, schizophyceae, schnoz, schnozzle, scratch, scratch race, screw, scribbler, scribe, second power, sesquipedalian, settle, severance agreement, shaft, shag, sheeny, shekels, shite, shrimp, shtup, sigeh, simoleons, skirt, slit, smiler, snake pit, snatch, snoot, snout, sob, sonar, soup-strainer, specific performance, spick, spik, square, square off, square up, squawk, standard, standard of life, standard of living, starkly, stick, strength, stuff, sugar, superficiality, surety, surety bond, syncategorematic, synonymously, taco, talk terms, tentative, term, theory of dissociation, theory of electrolytic dissociation, theory of games, the skinny, the trots, thickp, thing, third power, threads, time-and-motion study, time-motion study, time and motion study, time study, togs, tool, toothbrush, tosser, tout, tram, tramcar, trap, trivial, truce, truncate, tummy, turd, twat, uncertain, uneducated, unexpressed, unidimensional, valence, valency, versifier, visage, wacky, wampum, wank, wanker, warn, way-out, waybill, wench, , whacky, whoreson, work study, yap

More general:
cost, position, status

damage, footing, price

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— Adjectives for terms: general, such, own, technical, real, equal, friendly, absolute, practical, economic, simple, more...

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