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abrupt, unexpected, inexplicable, precipitous, consequent, dramatic, inevitable, unexplained, startling, unexplainable, momentary, untimely, impending, gradual, wham, rapid, abnormal, strange, unpredicted, drastic, uncontrollable, sharp, grand mal, shocking, imminent, unavoidable, surprising, massive, precipitious, unforeseen, jarring, huge, inexorable, unanticipated, following, swift, when, unnatural, instantaneous, unplanned, stunned, panicky, hasty, scared, ineluctable, uncharacteristic, domino effect, immanent, hypovolemic shock, cataclysmic, spontaneous, evitable, whoosh, apparent, petit mal, after, mysterious, precipitate, feigned, accidental, unusual, tragic, whammo, synchronistic, subsequent, premature, unforeseeable, induced, rash, meteoric, mad, palpitating, miraculous, dumfounded, catastrophic, explainable, prompt, unpremeditated, unceremonious, dizzying, big, natural, knee jerk, spiral, tizzies, freakish, resultant, preordained, crazy, unprecedented, alarming, twitch, tidal wave, arrhythmic, puzzled, peculiar, noticeable, unfathomable, quick, heat prostration, easeful, due, blushes, dawns, amber, crown, dawn, dream, dreams, emerald, imaginings, meteor, pearl, pearls, rainbows, roses, smiles, trails, yonder, abode, acacias, alcove, fudden, eventual, concomitant, slight, speedy, wrenching, vertiginous, commensurate

Appears in the definition of:
., abrupt, acute brain disorder, acute organic brain syndrome, adams-stokes syndrome, alarmed, alienating, anticlimactic, anticlimactical, anxiety attack, apoplexy, atrioventricular block, attack, avalanche, bang, bear down, black out, blast, blasting, blip, blowout, blush, bolt, bonanza, boom, boom town, brainstorm, brainwave, break, break down, bring up, brisance, bunce, burst, burst out, bust, call, caprice, capriciousness, cascade, cataclysm, catastrophe, cave in, cerebrovascular accident, charge, chill, cinderella, clampdown, clap, closeness, collapse, collide with, consciousness, convulsion, convulsive, coruscation, cot death, cough, coughing, countercoup, coup, coup d'etat, crack, cracking, crash, crib death, crime wave, cry, cushion, cva, damp, dart, deada, debacle, debris storm, debris surge, decalescence, dip, discharge, disconnected, dodge, downfall, drop, ejaculator, emergency, emergency medicine, emphatic, encainide, enkaid, erratic, eruption, exclamatory, exigency, explosion, explosive, explosive device, fall, fiasco, fickle, fit, flame, flare, flare-up, flash, flashflood, flashing, flash flood, flecainide, flinch, flit, flush, foray, forge, free fall, freshet, fulminant, furor, furore, glottal catch, glottal plosive, glottal stop, godsend, gold rush, gravy, gush, gusty, hammer, heart attack, heart block, hit, holler, hollo, hot flash, ictus, immobilize, impinge on, implosion, impulse, infant death, insight, insolation, inspiration, irritation, irruption, jar, jerk, jerker, jet, jolt, jounce, jump, kick, knock, laryngismus, leap, lightning arrester, loud noise, magnetic storm, manna from heaven, maraud, mercurial, moro reflex, narcolepsy, onslaught, outbreak, outburst, outpouring, overthrow, pall, pang, panic, panic attack, paroxysm, paroxysmal, pass out, periodic apnea of the newborn, peripeteia, peripetia, peripety, pinch, pique, plump, puff, putsch, puzzle, quantum jump, quantum leap, quicksilvera, quite, raid, raptus, raptus hemorrhagicus, recognition, release, road to damascus, ruinous, run into, rupture, rush, sally forth, sally out, salvo, satori, scare, school phobia, scream, seizure, sharp, shock, shock absorber, shoot, shout, shout out, shower, sids, siriasis, slam-bang, slap-bang, snap, solar flare, sound, spasm, spate, spike arrester, spike suppressor, spill, spirt, spout, sprain, spurt, squall, squirt, stab, stall, start, startle, startled, startle reaction, startle reflex, startle response, startling, sting, stinging, stokes-adams syndrome, streak, strike, stroke, subsidence, sudden infant death syndrome, sunstroke, sure, surge, surge protector, surge suppressor, surprise, switcheroo, takeover, tambocor, temper, thermic fever, thrill, tickle, transfiguration, transfiguration of jesus, transient, tug, tumble, tumultuous disturbance, twinge, twitch, twitching, unexpected, unpredictability, unseasonable, upsurge, urge incontinence, vanishing, vellication, vibrate, volatile, volcanic eruption, waterhouse-friderichsen syndrome, whim, wince, windfall, wrench, yank, yanker, yell, zonk out

abrupt, explosive, sharp, unexpected, unforeseen

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