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lb, pound

Often used in the same context:
granite, marble, bricks, limestone, stonework, masonry, sandstone, ashlar, flagstone, pebbles, terracotta, concrete, soapstone, rocks, henge, dolmen, lintels, alabaster, fieldstone, menhir, uncarved, quarrier, megaliths, coquina, bluestone, pediment, tufa, slab, flint, palisade, tumulus, dovecote, terra cotta, fireclay, travertine, brickwork, sepulchers, basalt, tile, cairn, tombstone, potsherds, crenellations, quatrefoil, pavers, chisel, stela, motte, carvings, bas relief, kerbstone, postholes, monument, caryatids, quartzite, onyx marble, volcanic rock, metopes, purbeck stone, apadana, stele, boulders, stonecutter, midden, obelisk, pilaster, scagliola, newel post, inscriptions, sundial, firebrick, masons, battlement, corbel, cinder block, quoins, stony, verdigris, nephrite, broch, gravestone, wood, patination, gothic arch, trowel, cartouches, ironwork, bones, pictish, teakwood, ancient, wrought iron, friezes, romanesque architecture, hillfort, stupa, creosoted, walls, parquetry, finials, metamorphic rock, plaster, stones, ftone, pebble, rock, flagstones, glass, headstone, mat, slabs, brick, coral, lump, marbles, mortar, bamboo, cotta, stuccoed, bronze, ruined, stucco, cyclopean, sculptured, decorated, demolished, hewn, jade, wooden, dilapidated, dismantled, erected, plastered, quadrangular

More specific:
achondrite, aphanite, ashlar, bedrock, blarney stone, boulder, bowlder, cabochon, calculus, caliche, capstone, chondrite, claystone, conglomerate, coping stone, cornerstone, crushed rock, crystal, dolomite, emery rock, emery stone, fieldstone, foundation stone, gravel, gravestone, greisen, grindstone, headstone, hearthstone, igneous rock, impost, lava, limestone, magma, marble, metamorphic rock, millstone, monolith, opaque gem, outcrop, outcropping, paving stone, pebble, petrifaction, pudding stone, pumice, pumice stone, quartzite, road metal, rock outcrop, sedimentary rock, shingling, sill, springer, stela, stele, stepping stone, stretcher, tombstone, tor, transparent gem, wall rock, whetstone

Appears in the definition of:
., abrading stone, alchemist, ashlar, blarney stone, block, breaker, breakwater, bronze age, bulwark, burhinidae, burhinus, buttress, buttressing, caaba, cabalistic, cameo, capstone, carven, carving, champollion, charadrii, cherry, cherry stone, cherry tree, chip, chronic pyelonephritis, clinker, clinker brick, cobble, cobblestone, cold chisel, collet, coolly, copestone, coping stone, corbel, cornerstone, crown gall, crushed, curbstone, cutter, david, detritus, diaglyph, doorsill, doorstep, dressed, dripstone, drove, drove chisel, dry-stone wall, dry wall, dry walling, duck, ducks and drakes, embankment, eolith, eolithic, eolithic age, epilithic, epipaleolithic, eriobotrya japonica, family burhinidae, fieldstone, flag, flagstone, flint, fossilisation, fossilization, foundation stone, gem, genus burhinus, genus menippe, genus sison, get, gorgon, grain, graniteware, grave, gravestone, grindstone, groin, ground, groyne, gummosis, hand ax, hand axe, headstone, hearthstone, herm, hoodmold, hoodmould, hopscotch, image, impermeable, impost, inlay, insensate, insentient, intaglio, jackson, japanese medlar, japanese plum, jean francois champollion, jetty, jewel, kaaba, kerbstone, kernel, lapidarian, lapidify, lapis lazuli, lazuli, ledgeman, lithic, lithograph, lithography, lithograph machine, lithomancy, lithotomy, livinga, loquat, loquat tree, macadam, mason, masonry, meat, megalith, megalithic structure, menippe, mesolithic, mesolithic age, milepost, milestone, mole, monolith, mosaic, muller, mullioned, neolith, neolithic, neolithic age, nephrotomy, new stone age, obelisk, palaeolithic, paleolith, paleolithic, paleolithic age, pass, pave, paving stone, peach pit, pestle, petrifaction, petrification, petrified, petrify, petrous, pit, plum, plum tree, polished, ponderous, pound, pounder, precede, precious stone, quarry, quarrying, quern, raggedly, rebate, revet, rhodonite, rosetta stone, rough-cut, rough-hew, roughhewn, rustic, rusticate, salivary calculus, sapphire, sarcophagus, scrape, sculpt, sculpture, seawall, secondary, sett, set chisel, set in stone, shim, sialolith, sison, skip, spall, spawl, sphinx, springer, stela, stele, stepping stone, stone-cold, stone-dead, stonecutter, stoneless, stonelike, stonemason, stonewall jackson, stonework, stone age, stone breaker, stone pit, stretcher, suborder charadrii, tablet, tarmac, tarmacadam, tessellated, tessera, thomas j. jackson, thomas jackson, thomas jonathan jackson, thomas young, threshold, throw, tip, tombstone, touch, trench, truss, unabashed, undressed, unhewn, unturned, urolith, vault, voussoir, washington monument, whetstone, womanlike, work, young

Part of:
hail, jewellery, jewelry, quarter

More general:
avoirdupois unit, building material, crystal, ice, kill, material, natural object, remove, seed, stuff, take, take away, water ice

chromatic, colored, gem, gemstone, hailstone, lapidate, pit, rock

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— Nouns for stone: cold, blind, dead, walls, cutters, benches, mansion, steps, ground, throwing, more...

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