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Often used in the same context:
stress, scrutiny, tension, strain, burden, duress, onus, cosh, disadvantage, nervousness, friction, criticism, temptation, heat, pain, anxiety, prodding, demands, microscope, stranglehold, challenge, pressure cooker, influence, squeeze, discomfort, overinflation, grip, chokehold, siege, threat, uncertainty, restrictions, pushback, buckling, flak, frustration, misery, dampener, urgency, risk, intensity, expectation, quandary, brakes, backlash, strength, workload, jitters, discouragement, burdon, clout, hostility, embarrassment, isolation, onslaught, constraints, unease, momentum, clamps, uneasiness, seige, sway, weakness, danger, anxiousness, brinkmanship, damper, instability, reluctance, blockade, consternation, stiffening, hesitancy, barrage, opprobrium, trouble, compulsion, humiliation, wilt, shoulders, negativity, exertion, headache, jitteriness, leeway, shame, yoke, disquiet, thiazide, defense, emphasis, disappointment, firepower, blame, angst, bombardment, resistence, wariness, speculation, concern, shock, adversity, pressures, concentration, suction, gradient, overpressure, humidity, stiffness, inflow, leverage, compressibility, pres, saturation, torque, turbulence, attenuation, bending, current, highpressure, lowpressure, temperature, condensing, coolant, vapor, compressor, cooling, nozzle, discharge, expansion, intake, pressurized, displacement, exhaust, gas, pressurised, vapour, calorimetric

More specific:
air pressure, atmospheric pressure, blood pressure, bludgeon, bring oneself, chironomus, compressing, compression, corpuscular-radiation pressure, decompressing, decompression, dragoon, drive, genus chironomus, head, hydrostatic head, instantaneous sound pressure, oil pressure, osmotic pressure, radiation pressure, railroad, sound pressure, squeeze for, steamroller, suction, terrorize, vapor pressure, vapour pressure

Appears in the definition of:
., abjure, abutment, acoustic radiation pressure, acupressure, adh, aerodontalgia, aeroembolism, airline, airlock, air compressor, air current, air embolism, air hole, air hose, air lock, air pocket, air pressure, air thermometer, aldomet, algid, algometer, algometry, all right, alpha methyl dopa, aneroid, aneroid barometer, anticyclone, anticyclonic, antidiuretic hormone, antihypertensive, antihypertensive drug, arm-twisting, arterial pressure, artesian, artesian well, atm, atmosphere, atmospheric pressure, auditory tube, augment, avogadro's hypothesis, avogadro's law, ban, bar, barograph, barometer, barometric, barometrical, barometric pressure, baroreceptor, barye, bar absolute, bedsore, belt, bends, biofeedback, blackjack, blackmail, blast wave, blood pressure, bottled gas, bow, boyle's law, brake disk, breakableness, bren, bren gun, british thermal unit, brocaded, browning automatic rifle, bruise, btu, buckle, build, bulk modulus, burst, busted, caisson disease, callosity, callus, calorie, carry, cephalhematoma, cephalohematoma, charles's law, chiropractic, chlorthalidone, choroid plexus, clavus, coaster brake, coefficient of expansion, coerce, compartment pressure, compressed, compressed air, compressed gas, compressing, compression, compression bandage, condensation trail, confess, contrail, corn, corpuscular-radiation pressure, cranial, crith, critical, crush, current of air, cyclonal, cyclone, cyclonic, cyclonical, cymograph, dalton's law, dalton's law of partial pressures, decompress, decompressing, decompression, decompression sickness, decubitus ulcer, depression, depressurise, depressurize, detector, diastolic pressure, diet, disinvest, distend, distension, distention, drive, driven, droop, ease off, ease up, effusion, elastic bandage, embossed, embossment, endways, enthalpy, escape, escape cock, escape valve, espresso, espresso maker, essential hypertension, eustachian tube, expansivity, explode, explosion, expulsion, extrusion, feeling, felted, firm, flag, flowing, fluid, force, force pump, forswear, full nelson, g-jo, gas, gas constant, gas embolism, gas pressure, gas thermometer, gay-lussac, gay-lussac's law, give way, glaucoma, glibness, glottal catch, glottal plosive, glottal stop, gram calorie, guanabenz, gunite, haber-bosch process, haber process, hair trigger, hale, hard, hardness, head, heat content, heat of transformation, heave, henry's law, high, high-pressure, high blood pressure, high pressure, homeostatically, hospitalize, hydraulically, hydraulic system, hydrocracking, hydrostatic, hydrostatic head, hygroton, hyperbaric chamber, hyperpiesia, hyperpiesis, hypertension, hypertensive, hypertonic, hypertonicity, hypotension, hypotensive, hypotonic, hypotonicity, hytrin, idiot light, illogically, impelled, impelling, impress, imprint, injection, instantaneous sound pressure, intraocular pressure, intraventricular, iron lung, isobar, isosmotic, isosmotic solution, isotonic, isotonic solution, jack, japanese stranglehold, joseph louis gay-lussac, karate, kilocalorie, kilogram calorie, kymograph, labetalol, labetalol hydrochloride, large calorie, latent heat, lateral line, lateral line organ, law of partial pressures, law of volumes, leakey, let up, lift, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid, live steam, low, low-pressure, low pressure, macrocephaly, malleability, manometer, mariotte's law, maximum, mechanical press, megacephaly, megalocephaly, mercury barometer, metamorphic rock, metamorphism, methyldopa, microbar, micturition reflex, millibar, millimeter of mercury, mm hg, myringotomy, neon induction lamp, neon lamp, neon tube, nerve compression, nitrogen narcosis, nonrigid, normodyne, normotensive, nutritionist's calorie, oil pressure, orthostatic hypotension, osmoreceptor, osmotic, osmotic pressure, outside, overpressure, o ring, pa, papilledema, pascal, pascal's law, pascal's law of fluid pressures, piezoelectricity, piezoelectric effect, piezo effect, pitot-static tube, pitot tube, pitressin, plantar wart, plasticity, plenum, plexus choroideus, plosion, pocket, polygraph, portal hypertension, postural hypotension, pounds per square inch, press, pressing, pressor, pressure-cook, pressure-wash, pressure gage, pressure gauge, pressure point, pressure sensation, pressure sore, pressurise, pressurised, pressurize, pressurized, prostaglandin, psi, pump, puncture, radiation pressure, raised, ratchet screwdriver, reaction turbine, reason, recant, regulator, relent, relief valve, relieve, renin, resile, retaining wall, retract, revolver, revolving door, richard erskine leakey, richard leakey, rub, ruptured, rusha, rushed, safety valve, sag, semirigid, sensing element, sensor, serum albumin, shiatsu, shock wave, shrive, silence, sintered, siphon, skin perceptiveness, small calorie, soften, softness, solid, somatosense, somesthesia, sound pressure, spacesuit, sphygmomanometer, spiral ratchet screwdriver, spondylolisthesis, squeal, squeeze, stabilize, standard atmosphere, standard pressure, standing press, static tube, steamroll, steamroller, stillson wrench, storm center, storm centre, stp, stress incontinence, suction, supercharge, superincumbent, support hose, support stocking, swag, syphon, systolic pressure, tactile sensation, tactility, tactual sensation, tensimeter, terazosin, thalidone, toggle joint, tonometer, torr, total heat, touch, touch perception, touch sensation, tourniquet, traction, trandate, transpiration, trip, tripper, truss, turgor, turn up the heat, turn up the pressure, unbrainwashed, unbreakableness, universal gas constant, vacuum gage, vacuum gauge, vapor pressure, vapour pressure, vasoconstrictive, vasoconstrictor, vasopressin, vasopressor, venous pressure, warp, watercannon, water cannon, weakness, weatherglass, welding, white-coat hypertension, wind, wytensin, yield, yielding, yield up

More general:
act upon, feeling, force, influence, physical phenomenon, push, pushing, somaesthesia, somatesthesia, somatic sensation, somesthesia, urgency

blackjack, blackmail, coerce, force, force per unit area, imperativeness, insistence, insistency, press, pressing, pressure sensation

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— Nouns for pressure: cylinder, steam, system, ventilation, flow, systems, area, head, engine, turbine, gas, more...

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