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Often used in the same context:
pointers, juncture, arc, outset, pont, midpoint, halftime, midway, treys, tipping, moment, threes, charity stripe, goal, stripe, efg, stanza, level, deadeye, buzzer, shots, end, lead, tenths, blank, time, guard, percentage, game, buzzer beater, deuce, intermission, contention, stretch, bucket, footer, bottom, fallaway, beginning, slam dunk, score, standpoint, layup, mark, bluffy, timeout, moot, way, spurt, nadir, minutes, half, subjectiveness, datum, zenith, jumper, chance, basket, quarters, possessions, figure, decimal, makable, view, start, cajou, conclusion, guess, seconds, angle, surmise, plateau, stoppable, minus, sprew, flatout, attempts, rebounding, perspective, breakpoint, bounds, bridgeable, key, close, fibonacci, sharpshooting, inflexion, punctuation mark, gimmie, turnovers, miscue, fastbreak, stat, right, break, fouls, height, floater, viewpoint, one, thousandths, socred, points, distinction, ques, prerequisite, problem, difficulty, precondition, question, desideratum, purpose, impetus, qualification, respects, aim, aspect, category, caveat, clue, consideration, criterion, multipoint, modified, standard, arithmetical, integer, integral, parameter, parametric, data, laplacian, quasistatic, trigonometric, coefficient, convenient, factorial, lagrangian, numerical, reliable, rounding, static

More specific:
abutment, acme, acuminate, address, agenda item, arrival time, arrowhead, augur, auspicate, barb, beginning, bellybutton, betoken, blind spot, bode, bottom line, canalize, cardinal compass point, celestial point, center, centre, channel, climax, close, commencement, conclusion, conn, corner, crinion, crossing, crux, crux of the matter, cusp, date, deadline, departure time, destination, diamond point, distance, dock, east by north, east by south, east northeast, east southeast, ebn, ebs, elevation, end, ending, end point, ene, ese, extent, finale, finger, finis, finish, first, focal point, focus, forecast, foreshadow, foretell, fovea, fovea centralis, full term, geographical point, geographic point, goal, head, height, hilum, home in, incidental, instant, intersection, intersection point, inventory item, kickoff, last, limit, limit point, line item, mark, match point, mcburney's point, midair, middle, midpoint, midterm, military position, minute, minutia, moment, navel, navigate, nbe, nbw, ne, nebe, nebn, news item, nidus, nne, nnw, nooks and crannies, nook and cranny, nor'-east, nor'-nor'-east, nor'-nor'-west, nor'-west, northeast, northeast by east, northeast by north, northwest, northwest by north, northwest by west, north by east, north by west, north northeast, north northwest, nw, nwbn, nwbw, offset, omen, omphalos, omphalus, optic disc, origin, outset, park, peak, phase, phase angle, pike, pilot, pinnacle, pinpoint, place, plane, point of accumulation, point of intersection, point out, point the way, portend, position, predict, prefigure, presage, prognosticate, quickening, rallying point, range in, reflect, regard, respect, resultant, root, sbe, sbw, se, sebe, sebs, second, set point, sheer, show the way, signalize, sou'-east, sou'-sou'-east, sou'-sou'-west, sou'-west, source, southeast, southeast by east, southeast by south, southwest, southwest by south, southwest by west, south by east, south by west, south southeast, south southwest, spearhead, spot, sse, ssw, standard of life, standard of living, stand out, starboard, start, starting time, state of the art, stopping point, summit, superlative, suspension point, sw, swbs, swbw, talking point, technicality, term, terminus, then, time of arrival, time of departure, top, topographic point, trichion, trifle, triviality, ultimacy, ultimateness, umbilicus, vanishing point, wbn, wbs, west by north, west by south, west northwest, west southwest, widow's peak, wnw, wsw, zero in

Appears in the definition of:
., 401-k, 401-k plan, about-face, abseil, abseiler, abutment, acadia national park, acanthion, acme, acromial process, acromion, acuate, acumen, acuminate, acuminate leaf, acute, acuteness, advantage, affaire d'honneur, affricate, affricate consonant, affricative, afield, alpenstock, alveolar point, analogy, anastigmat, anastigmatic, angle of incidence, angle of reflection, angle of refraction, antapex, antifreeze, antinode, apex, apex of the sun's way, aphelion, apoapsis, apogee, arctic circle, arduous, arnold, articulatio, articulation, ascending node, assorted, asterion, astigmatism, astigmia, as yet, atopognosia, atopognosis, attain, attracter, attractor, auriculare, auricular point, autoclave, autumnal equinox, backbreaking, ballpen, ballpoint, ballpoint pen, barb, base, basic, begin, being, belemnite, benchmark, bench mark, benedict arnold, besides, biro, blear, blear-eyed, bleary, bleary-eyed, blind spot, block, bluejack oak, bluntness, boil, boiling point, bottom line, bottom out, bound off, braille, braze, breast drill, bregma, bring, bring back, broada, bureau of intelligence and research, burin, burned, burnt, but then, by, call attention, camera angle, cape of good hope, cape york, cartesian coordinate, cartesian coordinate system, case study, catch up, catch up with, cavil, celestial latitude, celestial point, celsius scale, center, centered, center bit, center of gravity, center of mass, centigrade scale, centralised, centralisinga, centralized, centralizinga, central scotoma, centre, centred, centre bit, centre of gravity, centre of mass, centrosymmetric, cf, chaotic attractor, chinese checkers, chinese chequers, chokepoint, circle, circulate, climax, climb, climbing, clincher, close, coincident, coinciding, come, compactly, complexion, concession, concord, condylion, cone, cone shape, confer, conical projection, conic projection, conjoined twin, conoid, contention, continuously, converge, converging lens, conversion, convert, convex lens, corner, coronion, crazy bone, crest, crinion, crisis, crisp, crispness, criterion, critical, criticality, critical point, criticise, criticize, cross, cross-index, crossing, crossroads, crowd, crown, crux, crux of the matter, culminate, culmination, curate cycloid, current unit, cursor, curt, curvature, curve, curved shape, cusp, cycle on, cycloid, dacryon, date, date of reference, day, dead-ona, deadline, death valley, dec, decentralisinga, decentralizinga, decimal system of classification, decisive, decisive factor, declination, delta iron, deltoid, departure time, descartes, descending node, device, dewey decimal classification, dewey decimal system, diamond point, diction, dictum, die, digressive, direct, direction, discursive, dissertation, distal, distance, divergence, divergency, diversion, diversionary attack, doctrine of analogy, double fault, draw, drift, drill, driveshaft, drive home, dropkick, dry point, duel, due east, due north, due south, due west, dull, dullness, dulness, east, east by north, east by south, east northeast, east southeast, ebn, ebs, elementary geometry, element of a cone, elevation, ellipse, elongate, empale, empty, end, ending, end point, ene, entomion, enunciation, epicenter, epicentre, epicycloid, epoch, equidistant, era, error, ese, ethically, euclidean geometry, eutectic, eutectoid steel, event, excursive, extend, extent, extreme, extreme point, extremity, extremum, eyre, face, fahrenheit scale, failing, falchion, far, fatwa, federal emergency management agency, fema, fiducial, field intensity, field line, field strength, financially, fireman's ax, fireman's axe, fishgig, fitp, fixate, fixed-point notation, fixed-point number, fixed-point representation system, fizgig, flashpoint, flash point, float, floating-point notation, floating-point number, floating-point operation, floating-point representation system, flood tide, flop, focal, focal point, focus, focused, focussed, folsom culture, footcandle, forthright, forthrightly, freeze, freezing mixture, front, fulla, full term, funny bone, furnace lining, fusible metal, gag line, game, geographical point, geographic point, get, get to, gig, glabella, glow, glowing, gnathion, go, goatee, gonion, go up, ground zero, grueling, gruelling, guadalupe mountains national park, ha, halfway, happy, hard, harmonic motion, harpoon, hastate, have, heat of condensation, heat of fusion, heat of solidification, heat of vaporisation, heat of vaporization, heavy, here, heretofore, high point, hilum, hit, hitherto, hold, hollow, home, home in, hotspot, hot spot, hour angle, hub, huygens' principle of superposition, hydrostatic head, hyperbolic geometry, hypocycloid, hypsometer, icepick, ice pick, ignoratio elenchi, impale, impertinent, incidence angle, indirect fire, inferior, inion, inquisitorial, inr, instant, instantaneous sound pressure, intercept, international scale, intersect, intersection, intersection point, introductory, in any case, in extremis, in the middle, in the midst, jape, john napier, joint, jugale, jugal point, jumper, jumping-off point, jump shot, juncture, june 21, keen, keenness, kick, kirchhoff's laws, knife, knock, laborious, laconic, lake eyre, lambda, lance, lanceolate leaf, landmark, last gasp, laugh line, lead, lightning conductor, lightning rod, limit, line, line of force, line roulette, linoleum cutter, linoleum knife, linstock, lm, loadstar, location, locus, lodestar, long whist, look, lorentz force, low-water mark, lumen, machine, make, make a point, make sure, make up, mark, mastoidale, match point, maximation, maximisation, maximization, maximum, mcburney's point, measure, meeting, meniscus, mesophyron, mess jacket, metacenter, metacentre, metopion, michelson-morley experiment, midair, middle, midmost, midpoint, midsummer, military position, minimum, minute, miscellaneous, mixed, moment, monkey jacket, montmartre, moribund, motley, mounting, mouth, move, nadir, nailhead, napier, nasion, navel, navel point, nbe, nbw, ne, nebe, nebn, needlelike, neoconservativism, nib, nibbed, nidus, nne, nnw, node, nombril, nomination, noncritical, nonproliferation center, nor'-east, nor'-nor'-east, nor'-nor'-west, nor'-west, north, northeast, northeast by east, northeast by north, northwest, northwest by north, northwest by west, north by east, north by west, north northeast, north northwest, north pole, now, npc, nw, nwbn, nwbw, obelion, obiter dictum, observed fire, obtuseness, occlusive, on one hand, on the one hand, on the other hand, ophryon, optic disc, optic disk, orbitale, orbital motion, orbital point, orbital rotation, orient, orientate, oriflamme, origin, originate, out, outermost, outmost, over, overexploitation, overheated, oversimplification, overuse, overutilisation, overutilization, palm-shaped, palmate, palmate leaf, parabolic geometry, paracentral scotoma, pass, past, peak, pen, pencil, pen nib, periapsis, perigee, perihelion, permit, perpendicular, perseveration, persuasiveness, phase, phase angle, philosophiser, philosophizer, pick apart, piece of writing, pike, pinpoint, place, plainspoken, plosive, plosive consonant, plosive speech sound, plumb line, pogonion, point-blank, pointed, pointedness, pointer, pointless, point man, point of apoapsis, point of departure, point of intersection, point of periapsis, point of view, point out, point system, polar coordinate, policy change, position, potential unit, preexist, pressure cooker, pressure point, pricking, primedp, principle of superposition, prolate cycloid, prostheon, prosthion, proximal, pseudocolus fusiformis, psychically, pterion, pulley, pulley-block, punch line, punctilio, punctum, punishing, pylon, quercus incana, quibble, quiddity, radially symmetrical, radiance, radiatinga, radius of curvature, radius vector, rally, rallying point, rambling, range in, rankine scale, ray, reach, refill, refractory, refractory-lined, regard, registered, rene descartes, represent, rescript, respect, resultant, return, reversal, ripe, rise, road to damascus, roof peak, roulette, round-trip light time, royal casino, rtlt, run, russian roulette, safety pin, sbe, sbw, scald, scale, sclerometer, se, sebe, sebs, second, second moment, see, see also, server, setp, setter, set point, sharp, sharp-pointed, sharpen, sharpened, sharpness, shell jacket, short, short and sweetp, short whist, show time, siamese twin, side-to-side, signalise, signalize, signalman, simmer, simple machine, skip, soft glass, solar apex, solid angle, sou'-east, sou'-sou'-east, sou'-sou'-west, sou'-west, sound pressure, south, southeast, southeast by east, southeast by south, southwest, southwest by south, southwest by west, south by east, south by west, south pole, south southeast, south southwest, so far, spade bit, spade casino, spear, spear-point, spearhead, spearhead-shaped, spearpoint, sphere, spike, spiked, spinning top, spiral, spire, spot, spot-weld, spot weld, spring, sse, ssw, standard, standing wave, star, starting, starting point, starting post, star drill, stationary wave, steeple, stem, stephanion, steriliser, sterilizer, stick, sticking point, stigmatic, stigmatism, stinky squid, stop, stopping point, stop consonant, storm center, straight line, strange attractor, streamline flow, strength, succinctly, summer solstice, summit, sundrya, surmount, sw, swbs, swbw, sweptback, swing, symphysion, synoptic, synoptical, synovial membrane, synovium, tack, tag line, take back, talking point, tangency, tangent, tangent plane, taper, tapered, tapering, target, teetotum, teleport, telethermometer, term, terminal point, terminus ad quem, terminus a quo, terse, then again, thesis, threshold, thus far, til now, time of departure, tip, toilsome, tongue-fish, tonguefish, top, topographic point, top off, top out, tottering, touchstone, transfix, translate, transverse process, triangulation, trichion, true anomaly, truncate, truncated, turbulent flow, turkey oak, umbel, unclear, undeviating, unfashionably, unfocused, unfocussed, unicuspid, uniformity, uniformness, unobserved fire, unpointed, unpointedness, unswerving, until now, up to now, vacuous, vanishing point, vantage point, vernal equinox, vertex, volte-face, way, wbn, wbs, weakness, well-chosen, west, west by north, west by south, west northwest, west southwest, whirligig, whist, widow's peak, wing tip, winter solstice, wnw, woodscrew, writing, written material, wsw, yet, zenith, zero, zero in

Part of:
alpenstock, arrow, arrowhead, awl, blade, brand, cone, cone shape, conoid, distributer, distributor, electrical distributor, em, icepick, ice pick, knife, list, listing, needle, pen, pencil, pica, pica em, pin, pointer, score, steel, sword

More general:
aim, amount of time, apprise, apprize, be, bushel, change form, change shape, characteristic, command, component, component part, constituent, contact, control, convexity, convex shape, deform, direct, direction, disc, disk, doctor, electric outlet, electric receptacle, element, end, fact, factor, fix, foreland, furbish up, gunpoint, gun muzzle, headland, import, inform, ingredient, instruct, lie, linear unit, location, mark, meaning, mend, muzzle, object, objective, outlet, part, period, period of time, portion, promontory, punctuation, punctuation mark, relevance, relevancy, repair, restore, sail, saucer, significance, signification, state, take, take aim, tangency, taper, target, tell, time period, touch on, train, unit, unit of measurement, wall plug, wall socket

aim, bespeak, betoken, breaker point, charge, compass point, degree, detail, direct, distributor point, dot, full point, full stop, guide, gunpoint, head, indicate, item, level, luff, maneuver, manouevre, orient, peak, period, place, point in time, pointedness, power point, repoint, sharpen, show, signal, spot, stage, steer, stop, taper, target, tip

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