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those, people, them, bystanders, persons, relatives, peers, individuals, colleagues, whom, contemporaries, compatriots, comrades, classmates, passersby, employees, associates, coworkers, who, members, countrymen, followers, unfortunates, everyone, nephews, anyone, they, staffers, friends, nieces, onlookers, companions, subordinates, loyalists, human beings, locals, activists, things, survivors, might, victims, ones, defendants, dozens, ilk, warmheartedness, children, teammates, innocents, passers, acolytes, neighbors, detractors, families, supporters, folks, townspeople, signers, accomplices, landsmen, faiths, themselves, participants, anybody, someone, sympathizers, him, instances, brethren, youths, residents, mortals, nonconformists, souls, acquaintances, cohorts, groups, theological virtues, among, disciples, siblings, multitudes, oneself, codefendants, unwept, observers, some, believers, dissenters, foreigners, competitors, teenagers, fellows, outsiders, everybody, players, soldiers, shipmates, students, villagers, grandchildren, leaders, hundreds, none, somebody, ex, nothing, addressees, con, kinds, sorts, ways, anything, foreign, makes, natural, pre, re, else, he, proportioned, hers, illustrations, remarks, when, birdlike, ble, bronzed, but, chested, chiseled, demoniac, devilish, dignified, emaciated, establishment, ever, from

Appears in the definition of:
., abnegation, abstract, adapid, adapid group, add, advance, affectedness, airs, alarmist, allele, alone, alonep, altruism, altruistic, anaclisis, analogy, ancestry, angiospermae, anthophyta, antisocial, apart, apartp, appellation, appellative, approach, arch, arouser, arriviste, aside, asocial, associate, association, attending, attention, attentiveness, authority, autism, bad person, battle of ypres, beggar-my-neighbor policy, beggar-my-neighbor strategy, beggar-my-neighbour policy, beggar-my-neighbour strategy, beguiler, benevolent, berzelius, best, bigoted, blend, blustery, boddhisatva, bodhisattva, bossy, bottom feeder, buffoon, bullying, bumper car, busybody, cabbage, cagey, cagy, canny, caring, carrier, car pool, case-by-case, caste, catch, cavalier, certainty, chain reaction, charades, charisma, charitable, charmer, chemical reaction, chosen, cilioflagellata, civil, civility, class angiospermae, class cycadopsida, class ginkgopsida, class gnetopsida, class gymnospermae, class pinopsida, class taxopsida, clever, closing off, clown, coauthor, coldheartedness, collaborator, combine, commander, commiseration, communicator, compassion, compete, complaisance, complaisant, compliance, compliancy, compliant, conceal, condescending, conservative jew, considerate, considerateness, consideration, constraint, contend, contribution, control, cooperative, cooperator, copepod, copepod crustacean, cosignatory, creature, criticize, cut-up, cutpurse, cycadophyta, cycadophytina, cycadopsida, cynic, cynical, dance of death, danse macabre, dare, deal, dealing, debaucher, deference, delegate, delusions of persecution, denial, denomination, dependent, deputy, derivation, designation, destitute, detached, detention, deterrent example, devilment, devilry, deviltry, different, dinoflagellata, dip, diplomat, discouraged, discourtesy, discuss, disequilibrium, dish the dirt, disposition, distinguished, distrust, distrustfulness, division anthophyta, division gymnospermophyta, division magnoliophyta, dodgem, donation, duality, early bird, echolalia, edition, ego, egocentric, egoist, egotism, egotistic, egotistical, emancipator, eminent, emulous, enfant terrible, entirely, entry, example, exclusive, exclusively, exempt, exhibitioner, exhibitor, expedience, extraversive, extroversive, extroverted, face, family, family thelypteridaceae, farm out, fat, fatness, faultfinder, favored, favoritea, favouritea, feeler, fellow feeling, filch, filiation, first, first battle of ypres, foremost, forthcoming, four-card monte, fraternisation, fraternization, freehearted, freeloader, frontmost, gauge, gender role, generally, ginkgophyta, ginkgophytina, ginkgopsida, gloriously, gnetophyta, gnetophytina, gnetopsida, good, gossip, gossiper, gossipmonger, grace, great, gregarious, guard ship, guide, guiding light, gymnospermae, gymnospermophyta, hardhearted, hardheartedness, hash out, hatemonger, head, head and shoulders above, heartlessness, hepadnavirus, herrenvolk, high, high-handed, higher rank, higher status, hoaxer, hold back, hold in, honor system, hook, hooliganism, horror, humaneness, immune carrier, impoverished, inattentiveness, inclination, inconsiderate, inconsiderateness, inconsideration, incubus, independence, independency, independently, indifferent, indigent, individual, individually, infantile autism, inhumaneness, inhumanity, insider, interact, interlocutor, interlope, interposition, investment adviser, investment advisor, involvement, in common, in general, in particular, in the main, isolate, isolated, isolation, item-by-item, jackstraws, jactitation, job, joint author, jons jakob berzelius, keep apart, keep in line, keep to oneself, kibitzer, killjoy, kin, kinsperson, know-all, know-it-all, laboriously, landlord, last, latin cross, lead, leader, leading astray, leading light, leading off, lemuroidea, leper, lesson, lift, lineage, live, lofty, lonea, lonelya, loner, lonesomea, lone hand, lone wolf, lord, luminary, lustrous, magnoliophyta, magpie, malevolence, malevolent, malice, malicious, maliciousness, malicious mischief, malignity, manipulate, manipulative, manumitter, marriage broker, martyr operation, master, master race, matcher, matchmaker, meddler, mediate, merry andrew, middleman, minister, misanthropic, misanthropical, mischief, mischief-making, mischievousness, missionary, mistress, mistrust, molester, monologue, monopolisation, monopolization, monte, moonstone, mother hen, mujahidin, narcissistic personality, nationalist, nationalistic, nature, necessitous, needy, negotiant, negotiator, newsmonger, nobble, nosey-parker, nosy-parker, notability, notable, nouveau-riche, object lesson, obliging, obligingness, obstructer, obstructionist, obstructor, offence, offense, offensive activity, omomyid, omomyid group, one by one, only, onlya, on an individual basis, opportunism, oppressor, order cilioflagellata, order dinoflagellata, original, ostentatious, outbid, outgoing, outperform, outrank, outsell, outshine, outstanding, outwear, overlord, overture, ownership, pack rat, pander, panderer, pardner, part-owner, partial verdict, participation, particulara, particularly, partner, party pooper, parvenu, passiveness, passivity, pathos, patronising, patronizing, peeper, peeping tom, personal appeal, personal magnetism, pet, pickpocket, pilfer, pimp, pinch, pinchgut, pinophytina, pinopsida, pity, pivot, pivot man, polemic, polemicist, polemist, polite, politeness, polygene, portmanteau, portmanteau word, pose, possessive, posture, poverty-stricken, practical joker, prance, prankster, pre-eminently, pre-emption, precede, predaceous, predacious, predatory, predominance, predomination, preeminently, preemption, preferred, premier, premiere, pretentious, privacy, privateness, procure, prodigally, prosimii, puppet, purloin, race, racialist, racist, rain-in-the-face, rank, ranking, rascality, ravisher, reaction, registrant, representative, resister, resolution, responsive, ring containment, rivalrous, roadhog, road hog, roguery, roguishness, round, rouser, ruffle, rumormonger, rumourmonger, russia, ruth, sacrifice operation, sadism, sadist, sandbag, sashay, scapegoat, scattering, scavenger, seclude, seclusion, secret, section, secure, seducer, seemliness, segment, segregate, segregated, self-abnegation, self-assertion, self-consciousness, self-denial, self-importance, self-interest, self-renunciation, self-seeking, self-sufficient, self-sufficing, self-sustaining, selfishness, selfless, selflessness, selling agent, sell out, semipermeable membrane, send around, seniority, senior status, sensitiveness, sensitivity, separated, separately, separation, sequester, sequestrate, services, service agency, service bureau, service firm, set-apart, set apart, severally, sharing, shenanigan, shill, shop talk, shower, shrinking violet, shy person, single-handed, singly, smooch, snarf, sneak, snog, snoop, snooper, soaring, sociable, social, socialise, sociality, socialize, social phobia, social psychology, softness, solea, solely, solitary, solitarya, soviet union, specifically, speechwriter, spillikins, spite, spitefulness, spoilsport, spoon, sprinkle, sprinkling, standard of measurement, step, stingy, stonyhearted, stool pigeon, stooper, strut, subcontract, subdivision cycadophyta, subdivision cycadophytina, subdivision ginkgophytina, subdivision gnetophytina, subdivision pinophytina, subdivision taxophytina, subject, subjection, subjugation, submission, submissive, submitter, suborder lemuroidea, suborder prosimii, suicide mission, superiority, supremacist, surrogate, survivor guilt, swagger, sweep under the rug, swipe, sympathy, synthetically, tact, tactful, tactfulness, tactless, tag, talk over, taxophytina, taxopsida, telepathize, tempter, tendency, thelypteridaceae, thoughtfulness, thoughtless, thoughtlessness, three-card monte, thwarter, tolerance, tolerant, tolerate, tool, top, topper, tour guide, towering, transference, treater, tricker, trickster, troll, trust, trustfulness, trustingness, uncaring, uncomfortableness, uncompassionate, underseller, undiplomatic, undivided, uneasiness, unfeeling, unfrequented, ungenerous, unintegrated, union of soviet socialist republics, unseemliness, unselfishness, untactful, unthinking, upstart, usher, ussr, vandalism, variant, variation, variety, venom, version, very reverend, victimiser, victimizer, vie, violator, voyeur, voyeurism, waker, warner, wave-particle duality, wet blanket, wheeler, wheel horse, whipping boy, withdraw, world-class, wrongful, ypres, zany

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