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Often used in the same context:
two, three, four, another, five, seven, eleven, nine, none, each, the, handful, every, twenty, thirty, that, all, thirteen, thing, fourteen, sixteen, nineteen, this, those, seventeen, tenth, dozen, fifth, fifty, third, second, eighty, nobody, fifteen, wackiest, top, shiftiest, than, some, whackiest, feistiest, eighteen, number, twelve, instance, day, imaginable, hundred, time, daftest, ninety, person, among, them, for, plus, lone, wiliest, multiple, couple, big, kookiest, main, sixth, ninths, where, why, but, cockiest, key, history, funkiest, exception, healthiest, sauve qui peut, thousandth, goriest, seventieth, common denominator, somebody, sweatiest, statistic, gazillion, fourth, unlike, scrawniest, half, corniest, cheesiest, chunkiest, kind, creepiest, both, anybody, nation, gustiest, grumpiest, seventh, brawniest, shadiest, bossiest, unkindest, ones, viz, con, something, ex, cf, commercial, ibid, pre, question, see, claim, com, game, group, lie, long, ques, \u00ab, argument, six, eight, few, lew, rive, several, ten, more'n, tew

More specific:
monad, monas, singleton

Appears in the definition of:
., aberration, about-face, abroad, accept, acclaim, accountable, acquire, act, act on, address, adopt, afield, alter, ambition, animadvert, ante, apostatise, apostatize, applaud, apportion, apprehensive, arise, arrogate, aside, ask over, ask round, assert, assign, assimilate, assume, attack, attest, attorn, at leisure, autograph, au fond, avail, away, back, backslide, backstroke, backtrack, bald, bamboozle, barge, basically, bat, bath, bathe, beam, bear, bearing, beat, begrudge, belly-flop, bend, bequeath, betray, beware, bleed, blow, blunder, board, borrow, bosom, bow, bow down, brain, break, break away, break down, breathe, brood, brush up, bull, bundle, bunk, bushwhack, buy at, careen, carriage, carry, carry-the can, carry on, carve, caste, catch one's breath, catholic, center, centre, cerebrate, certify, change, charm, cheat, cheat on, check in, check out, chin, chin up, civil liberty, claim, clap, clean, cleanse, clear the throat, clench, click, climb, cling to, clock in, clock off, clock on, clock out, close, closeness, clutch, co-opt, coarsen, cogitate, cold-cream, come, come around, come home, come out, come out of the closet, come round, command, commute, complaisant, comprehend, concentrate, concert, condescend, condole, confabulate, conk out, connive at, conquer, conscience, consolidate, constitutionalize, contemplate, contentment, continue, contract out, control, countermine, countersign, cover, craze, cream, create by mental act, create mentally, croak, croquet, cross-file, cross one's eyes, crouch, crush, cuckold, curl, curl up, cut, cut in, dander, dandle, dawdle, dawn, deal, dear, debut, declare, decompress, defalcate, deign, demonstrate, dependable, derive, descant, descend, desexualise, desexualize, destruct, determinant, develop, diddle, difficulty, dip, discharge, discomfit, discompose, disconcert, discretion, dish the dirt, disinvest, dismiss, disowning, disownment, divaricate, divest, divvy up, domicile, domiciliate, don, dope, double back, do the honors, do well, drawl, draw away, draw in, duel, dwell, earn, eat up, edge in, edge up, elbow, elope, embezzle, embrace, emigrate, encompass, endogamy, endorse, enjoy, envision, envy, escape, espouse, essentially, ethnocentric, ethnocentrism, evict, evidence, exert, exhaust, expatriate, expiate, exploit, expose, express emotion, express feelings, extend, extol, exude, face the music, fake, fall, fall apart, fall in, fall into place, fancy, feather one's nest, feed, feel, fiddle, figure, file, find, find oneself, finger-paint, finish, firm up, first language, fluff, fly the coop, focus, fold, force out, fork, formal, freak, freak out, frequent, fritter, fritter away, frown, fumble, fume, fundamentally, furrow, gain, gargle, garner, gentile, gerrymander, get across, get back, get down, get hold of, get into, get off, get one's lumps, get through, get up, give, glorify, glower, gnarl, go, goldbrick, gossip, go on, go to pieces, grade, graduate, grate, grieve, grind, grit, groom, gross out, grouch, grumble, gyrate, hackles, had best, hair coloring, ham, ham it up, hang, harbor, harbour, harmonize, hawk, head, head for the hills, heighten, hemorrhage, henna, hightail it, hinayana, hog, hold, hold close, hold firm, hold one's own, hold tight, hold up, holographic, holographical, home, home-school, honeymoon, hoodwink, horn in, horripilate, hump, hunch, hunch forward, hunch over, hunker, hunker down, identity crisis, image, impious, incline, incognito, indignity, indorse, inflect, influence, inhabit, initial, ink, inmarriage, inmarry, innermost, inner resources, inscribe, interest, interestingness, interlard, intermarriage, intersperse, introject, introspect, introversion, intrude into, invite, inwardness, in essence, in her own right, in his own right, in its own right, in one's own right, itemize, jostle, judicious, keel, keep, keep in line, keep note, key, kneel, knuckle, lam, lance, lapse, lave, lay aside, lay claim, lead by the nose, leave, leave behind, leisurely, let go, let go of, liege, lift, limber up, line, linger, liquidize, live, live out, look, look away, look back, look backward, look out, look to, loosen up, lose, lose it, lour, lower, luck it, luck through, lurch, madden, major, make, make hay, make up, malversate, manicure, manifest, manipulate, manipulation, map, mark, maternal, maternal language, mature, meddle with, medicine, mind, misappropriate, misdo, modulate, moon, mop, mortify, mother tongue, move, move out, mow, muffle, murmur, muscle, muscle into, music, mutter, namedrop, neaten, necessary, nous, observe, obstacle, occur, of one's own, omphaloskepsis, openness, opine, oppress, orient, orientate, out, outbid, outpoint, outscore, outstay, overact, overexert, overplay, overstay, pack, pare, part, pass, pastime, paternal, patronise, patronize, peculate, pedicure, penetrate, people, peter out, pick, picture, piddle, piddle away, play, play false, play it by ear, plume, ply, pocket, poke into, polish off, political liberty, pooch, pooch out, poop out, populate, pore, portion out, posture, pout, practice bundling, preen, prim, proceed, profess, project, prostitute, prove oneself, psyche, publish, pull, pull one's weight, pull the wool over someone's eyes, punch in, punch out, purse, pursuit, push forward, put forward, put on, pyramid, rack, raise, rat, ratiocinative, re-examine, reassess, recall, receive, recuperate, reduce, reek, reel, reevaluate, refine, refresh, regiment, register, rein, rein in, relax, release, relinquish, remain firm, remember oneself, report, repress, reside, responsibility, responsibleness, rest, retain, rethink, retire, retirement, retrench, review, rinse, rise, rivet, room, root, rub along, rule, run, run away, run down, run off, run out, sandbag, save, save up, saw logs, saw wood, say, scarper, scold, score, scrape along, scrape by, scratch along, screw up, scrunch, scrunch up, scuffle, second, secretiveness, see, seem, seize, self, self-determination, self-expression, sell, sell out, sell up, send in, separate, serve, settle, settle down, set forth, set up, shack, shake, shamble, share, sharpen, shed blood, shift, shirk, shop, shop at, shoulder, shoulder in, shower, shrink from, shrug, shuffle, sign, sign in, sink in, skydive, sky dive, sleepwalk, slick, slip, slip on, slip one's mind, slow down, smack, smile, snap, sneeze, snooker, snore, snow, sociability, sociableness, somnambulate, sorrow, sound off, spat, speak up, specialize, spin, spin around, spirit, split, sponsor, sprawl, squat, squeak by, squeeze by, squinch, squint, stack, stagger, stand, stand fast, stand firm, stand pat, stand up, stare, steady down, step, stick, stink, stoop, stretch, stretch out, strip, stub, subdue, subscribe, sulk, sun, sunbathe, superscribe, suppress, sure, surfeit, surge, swag, sweep up, swing, take, take a breather, take a joke, take hold, take in, take one's lumps, take over, take root, take to the woods, take up, talc, tantra, tantrism, tap, tease, tempt, tergiversate, think, think about, think of, thrust ahead, tip, tippytoe, tiptoe, tithe, tone, top out, toy, trace, trade, transport, travel back and forth, trifle, trustworthy, turn, turn back, turn tail, turn to, unbend, uncover, undercut, undersell, undress, uninterestingness, unlearn, unleash, unman, unseat, unsex, unsocial, untune, unwind, uppishness, uppityness, uprise, upset, upstage, use, usher out, usurp, uxoriousness, vary, vegetate, visualise, visualize, vote, walk, wander, wanton, wanton away, warm up, wash, wash up, watch, watch out, wear, welcome, wend, wet, whirl, will, win, wink at, withers, work, wrench, wring, write, zoom in

More general:
digit, unit

1, ace, ane, cardinal, combined, extraordinary, i, incomparable, indefinite, matchless, nonpareil, one and only, peerless, same, single, uncomparable, unitary, united, unity, unmatchable, unmatched, unrivaled, unrivalled, unspecified

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— Nouns for one: half, third, years, fifth, tenth, quarter, way, room, act, days, more...

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