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crepuscular, diurnal, anting, coati, passerine, arboreal, cicada killer, moonlit, wolflike, swamp sparrow, antennal, insectivorous, amorous, vernal, gray jay, furtive, carrion crow, carnivorous, pileated, scarlet tanager, foodless, hummingbird moth, mouselike, gray catbird, melanistic, migratory, sleepless, wolf spider, herbivorous, luna moth, canis latrans, spruce grouse, wakeful, firefly, narcoleptic, columba livia, proboscis monkey, vagrant, undomesticated, ungulate, summer tanager, cedar waxwing, hallucinatory, feral, chitter, rufous, reed warbler, periodical cicada, vampiric, tiger moth, tufted puffin, rem sleep, pine warbler, hawkmoth, predacious, nrem sleep, taloned, ghostly, indigo bunting, estrous, hooved, owlet, carpenter bee, wood thrush, pineal, mistle thrush, brown hyena, ectothermic, insomniac, brown creeper, meadow vole, phantasmagoric, cimex lectularius, dickcissel, ratlike, sparrow hawk, noisome, hoot owl, photic, arctic fox, northern harrier, antisocial, lanternfish, honey buzzard, photoperiodic, striped hyena, unnameable, hypnotic, premonitory, startle reflex, vesper sparrow, rattus rattus, ruffed grouse, noisy, bower bird, meadow pipit, tobacco hornworm, tympanic, unsociable, catbird, marsh wren, poltergeist, cruisers, deer, departs, disappearing, express, hare, horsemen, kicks, moons, paces, parries, passing, reindeer, ski, snipe, surety, swift, 19th, 1s, \u00a3, predatory, nighttime, daytime, nightly, omnivorous, aquatic, exertional, gregarious, paroxysmal, dwelling, eating, marauding, predaceous

Appears in the definition of:
aardvark, acanthocereus, adam's apple, anteater, ant bear, aotus trivirgatus, aplodontia rufa, apodemus sylvaticus, apteryx, araujia sericofera, arizona elegans, armadillo, asiatic flying squirrel, avahi laniger, aye-aye, bartonia, bat, belle de nuit, bird of minerva, bird of night, bittern, bufo speciosus, bullbat, burhinus oedicnemus, bushbaby, bush baby, canis aureus, caprimulgid, caprimulgus vociferus, centipede, cereus, chiropteran, cockroach, coffee rose, colugo, crape jasmine, crepe gardenia, crepe jasmine, cruel plant, dasyurid, dasyurid marsupial, daubentonia madagascariensis, douroucouli, east indian rosebay, erinaceus europaeus, erinaceus europeaeus, european wood mouse, family lorisidae, family strigidae, felis pardalis, fieldmouse, field mouse, firefly, flying cat, flying lemur, flying opossum, flying phalanger, flying squirrel, galago, gecko, genus acanthocereus, genus cereus, genus harrisia, genus oenothera, glaucomys volans, glossy snake, goatsucker, guacharo, harrisia, hedgehog, honey badger, hooter, hyaena, hyena, hypsiglena torquata, insectivore, ipomoea alba, jackal, jerusalem cricket, kiwi, lightning bug, lorisidae, lowland burrowing treefrog, luscinia megarhynchos, mandibular gland, maple-leaved bayur, mayeng, mellivora capensis, mentzelia lindleyi, moonflower, mosquito hawk, moth, mountain beaver, musk hog, nero's crown, nighthawk, nightingale, nightjar, night heron, night lizard, night raven, night snake, noctuid, noctuid moth, northern casque-headed frog, ocelot, oenothera, oilbird, omomyid, omomyid group, opossum, orycteropus afer, owl, owlet moth, panther cat, peccary, pinwheel flower, pocket mouse, possum, prosimian, pternohyla fodiens, pterospermum acerifolium, raccoon, racoon, ratel, roach, sand cricket, sewellel, southern flying squirrel, squirrelfish, steatornis caripensis, stenopelmatus fuscus, stone curlew, strigidae, submandibular gland, submandibular salivary gland, submaxillary gland, submaxillary salivary gland, sweeper, tabernaemontana divaricate, tapir, tarsier, texas toad, thick-knee, typical jerboa, wet dream, whippoorwill, woolly indris


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